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Rachel Zoe – I love Paris in the springtime

Previously, on the Rachel Zoe project: Taylor was, if not disgruntled, then lacking a certain gruntlement; Brad took his dog to the canine spa; and Rachel felt sick, but decided that she didn’t want to see a doctor.  Perhaps she doesn’t have insurance…?

Taylor returns to the studio.  “What’s happened?” asks Brad.  Rachel is really, really sick,” says Taylor.  “Yes, but exactly what’s happened?”  Brad tries to get some clarification, but Taylor just keeps brushing him off with “she’s really sick”.  “Will we have to wheel her around to fittings?”  asks Brad.  “She might just die,” is Taylor’s response.  If Taylor really thinks Rachel’s seriously ill, she should have taken her to the hospital.

Rodger has done just that – he’s taken Rachel to a medical centre.  She describes her symptoms to a woman in a white coat.  It boils down to feeling dizzy and nauseous, so maybe PinkPatentMaryJane’s diagnosis (eat already) is apt.  “The thing I hate most about going to the doctor, is… everything.”  She even freaks out about having her temperature taken with one of those little  ear probes.

“I think you’ve got vertigo.”  Shock on both Rachel and Rodger’s faces.  Did they think the doctor said ebola?  Um, no – they just don’t know what vertigo is.  The doc explains it and I think she realises that saying it could be resolved really quickly doesn’t fit in with the drama these people require, so she does let them know that it can go on for ever.  Now, I’m not saying that vertigo isn’t hideous; I’m just really surprised that they haven’t seem to have heard of it.

“I’m being punished,” is Rachel’s verdict. Um, what?  She thinks the Doctor’s prescription – decrease the stress – is the one thing she can’t do.

Rachel phones the studio to give Brad and Taylor the news.  Taylor obviously has never heard of vertigo either, but I think Brad has – he screws up his nose in disappointment, then tries to clarify whether it’s a “designer form – like Vertizoe?”.  At least Rachel’s able to reassure them that she’s not going to die.  She’s not exactly taking a positive view, though – she seems resigned to the fact that it will be a chronic condition.

We see Rachel at home in a bathrobe and she says she’s able to relax in the knowledge that Brad and Taylor are holding the fort.  We cut to Brad, who is whingeing about the workload at “camp Zoe”.  He pops into a number of shops to pull shoes and accessories.

Doctor’s orders don’t mean much to Rachel – she’s taking a meeting with Christos, the owner of a vintage store.  She’s ready to part with some of her 25 year collection, but she “wants to tell a story with it” and to raise some money for a cancer charity.  Christos suggests an exhibition, with merchandise.  Merchandise!  Of course.  It could be classy, and QVC.  It seems to be going well, until Rachel asks how many pieces he would suggest.  “Oh, four to five hundred,” he says, casually.  “What?!” screams Rachel.  Now, this doesn’t seem to be the quiet time the doctor ordered.  Apparently she had 50-60 pieces in mind.  They do a quick audit of her jewellery and she concedes that she probably has about 1000 pieces.  It’s going to be a “process”.

Rachel’s sister has brought her kids and some old pictures over so they can put photographic evidence with the jewellery for the “exhibition”.  “This should never be seen again!” exclaims Rachel, over a photograph that she then shows to the camera.  Way to hide the evidence, RZ.  We see a few pics of Mom Zoe who would “go out shopping with literally 50 pieces of jewellery on”.  “I’m trying hard to be a little less of a workaholic and spend time with family,” says Rachel, completely missing the fact that this is a completely new project she’s taken on in her so called “down time”.

She heads into the studio to make sure that Brad and Taylor have Paris fashion week under control and tells them that they will both be going.  Taylor says she’s excited, but we all know that she’ll get there and bitch about how she’d be getting so much more work done back in LA.  Brad’s excitement is genuine; Taylor is doing quite a good job at bobbing up and down in a sincere way.  Could it be sincere?  Perhaps – she and Brad are getting along like a house on fire, with Taylor even offering to help Brad out with Annie’s forthcoming events.  This is what going to Paris does to people!

“Babe!”  Rachel’s call to Rodger is plaintive.  She’s discovered that she has three jobs on while they’re all going to be in Paris.  Oh, noes!  Rodger interviews that Rachel’s a “people pleaser” and we all know what that means: pleases no-one.  She can’t face letting either Taylor or Brad down, so decides to send an email and let them sort it out in a cage fight.  She’s hoping that Brad will see that Taylor deserves it, and do the honourable thing.

Back in the studio, Brad’s being all snippy and wants to discuss the email with Taylor later.  Taylor interviews that she thinks Rachel wants Brad to “step up and stay behind”, which shows that she actually does know how Rachel works.  Taylor calls Rachel, does the whole “how are you” thing and then gets Rachel to say that she wants Brad to stay behind.  That’s more ammo for Taylor, but really?  Rachel’s the boss and should be the boss here.

Taylor tries to raise it with Brad and he – sensibly – says that he’ll do what Rachel wants him to do.  “She’s the boss!”  Taylor now sets it up as though it’s a “test”; that Rachel’s done it on purpose to see if Brad will man up and give up on the Paris trip.  He’s understandably pissed off and calls Rachel.  He wants to talk to her face to face and when he asks her if she’s got time for that, she says “to be honest, I don’t” and hangs up.  He’s devastated.

Rachel and Rodger are at the fundraiser and she’s overwhelmed by the exhibition, particularly the photo montage.  She even sells her lucky Rodger-catching necklace!  “Penny Reeves – actress” is admiring some of the pieces and seems thrilled to have La Zoe there to provide styling advice as well.  The woman from the cancer foundation is really happy to have Rachel’s support, and Rachel is very generous, offering further help.

Brad comes into the studio to learn that Rachel’s emailed Taylor to make the decision on Paris.  This is because she “doesn’t like conflict”.  Rachel’s a generous donor, but a hideous boss.  Taylor tells Brad that he should go to Paris.  He’s not as grateful as she is expecting, since he senses a trap.  And so he should – is does seem as though she’s being extremely generous, but she’ll be a total martyr about it later on.  Look, I think that Brad is right to feel pissed off with Rachel, but I’m a bit surprised that he so willingly accepts the trip from Taylor.

Marisa and Rachel are using Bing (product placement!) on their laptops to search for flights and they are interrupted by Brad who arrives for a meeting.  He tells Rachel how he feels and she tells him that he wasn’t set up.  She explains her thinking, and… she totally set him up!  The whole “great to see Taylor excited about something” line is pathetic.  But – “Paris will be there next year,” she concedes.  “What would you do if the tectonic plates shifted and Paris did actually go somewhere?”  Oh, Brad!

Next week: Paris!

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1 Reality Raver { 11.12.09 at 8:21 pm }

Thanks for doing the recap. I just watched the show today.
Yes I think Rachel’s management style was appalling. But I also thought that Brad should have automatically stepped down. Taylor has been their longer and is more senior. I cannot believe he threw such a tanty about the whole thing. If my work is not good enough etc etc.

If I had been Taylor I would have shafted him and gone. I would have thought it would have been easy for RAchel to say sorry Brad but Taylor has been with me longer.

I am finding Brad a bit of a prima donna this season.

I wonder why Rachel hates going to the doctor, probably because they tell her she is extremely underweight. Did you notice the doctors hair was so full of hairspray it did not move?

Also what does Rodger do? He seems to be able to be with Rachel at whim, I note he is going to Paris.
Have you used Bing as a search engine? Is it any different from Google?