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Celebrity Masterchef – The Final’s Format


Tonight on Channel Ten the  Celebrity Masterchef  semi-finals start and it will be a different format from the heats. This will be a good thing. They will be more like the challenges we saw in the original show this year.

All six of the semi-finalists will be competing tonight with one eliminated each week until the finale where the final three will compete.

The First semi will see the return of the Mystery Box challenge. The box will have lamb backstrap, potato, coffee, orange, spinach and chocolate. The winner will get to choose the core ingredient for the Christmas themed invention test, and a cooking partner.

The second semi will see the contestants taken out to work at lunch service at Altitude at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel. They’ll each be in charge of one dish on the set menu, and will not only face the judges but also the customer as well.

The third semi will see the return of Zumbo, Adriano Zumbo, to create a croquembouche challenge that’s said to be harder than the one we saw in the original series. If you only watch one episode of this celebrity series this is the one to watch.

The finale will see the final three fight it out for the prize of $50,000 for the charity of their choice. They will be put through their paces with a taste test, invention test, and a pressure test.

The semi finalists are Rachael Finch, Michelle Bridges, Kirk Pengillly, Eamon Sullivan, Alex Lloyd and Simon Katich.

The semis start on Channel Ten at 7.30pm tonight.

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1 Culinary Boner { 11.11.09 at 12:40 pm }

these so-called celebs are B-O-R-I-N-G…they have been a millstone around the neck of this show and are slowly strangling it…bring on the “real” amateurs asap please

2 CG { 11.13.09 at 11:29 pm }

did they announce at start of celebrity MC that the “prize” was $50K for charity…or is this a recent announcement?

3 Reality Raver { 11.13.09 at 11:40 pm }

I am not sure, it is the first time I had heard of it but I have not been taking that much notice of the show.

I presume it has always been there, so it looks like the celebs are being charitable. No mention of appearance fees.