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The Apprentice – Secrets From The House


This latest edition of TV Week has an interesting article about the ‘secrets’ from The Apprentice household.

Here is what they had to say about each other:

Who doesn’t get along?

According to Gavin, Heather and Sabrina “can’t stand each other”. “I think Heather pretends to respect me, but doesn’t really,” Sabrina discloses, while Heather says, “I’m the least close to Sabrina, because she’s quite private.”

Who are the biggest partiers?

“Gavin and Heather drink all the wine in the house,” Mary-Anne spills. “Sabrina and Morello don’t drink, while I only drink on occasion.”

Which contestants bough matching rings?

Morello and Sam have developed such a tight bromance that they’ve been jewellery shopping together. “We went and got matching rings from Tiffany & Co,” Morello laughs. “We jokingly told the woman in the shop that they were our promise rings!”

Who snores?

“Mary-Anne snores sometimes,” Sabrina says, “although it’s very soft.” “None of the guys snore!” Morello says proudly.

Who’s the moodiest?

“One minute Mary-Anne’s everyone’s friend, then the next she gets really,” Heather says. “Mary-Anne’s a bit of a roller coaster,” Morello seconds,”but in a good way.” Mary-Anne’s surprise pregnancy – might have something to do with this…

Who’s struggling?

Sam suffers OCD and his area in his bedroom must be kept tidy at all times. “It’s more in my personal space than in communal areas,” he explains. “Before he goes to bed, he has to make sure everything is straight,” Morello confirms.

Who’s the laziest?

“Morello’s always asking other people to do things for him,” Sabrina laughs. “I remember on the second or third day he asked me to do his washing for him, saying, ‘I just think you’ll be really  good at it!'”

Who’s the messiest?

“I’m by far the messiest person in the house – I’m out and proud about that! admits Mary-Anne, who adds that her clutter has “taken over about 90 per cent” of the room she’s sharing with Sabrina.

Who’s the favourite to win the competition?

“I think Heather might win,” Morello predicts. “She’s the dark horse and she’s shown a lot of initiative in the last weeks. She’s really shining.”

Don’t expect any household secrets from Mark Bouris anytime soon.

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1 Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella { 11.13.09 at 9:00 pm }

Thanks for spilling it! Love the Australian version. I can’t believe Morello asked Sabrina to do his laundry!