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Beauty And The Geek – Corin Storkey The New Alvin Purple?

Well if the rumours about Corin being a fake geek will be going into overdrive after tonight’s episode, where he definitely showed his smoothness with the LAYDEEE’S. That is something you cannot learn out of the white folders that are a staple in the geek house.

Also this episode they definitely played up the Emma and Corin “romance”. However Corin did say he had a connection with Emma, and then he said he had a connection with Hadassah. So he was covering his bases.

Toby said “Corin is open and charismatic.” Basically he is a player.

Neither of the beauty’s or the geeks appear to do cryptic crosswords as each week they cannot work out the clues on the table that are meant to signify their next challenge.

Any way the challenge was the girls would have to be tour guides and spend a night at a museum. Which I had thought meant they were sleeping over, but it was just the tours were happening at night. Hadassah was not too impressed about the museum part of the challenge. Just quietly I wouldn’t have been either after being told they were going to the Australian Museum, it must rank as one of the most boring museums in the world. There is one floor which is all rocks, thankfully they did not have to talk about those.

While they were studying Michelle was having trouble with words over three syllables, and Peter was trying to help her say antiquities it was almost like My Fair Lady. Unfortunately Peter did not burst into song. It  appears Peter has grown a beard since the makeover. Is this to replace some of the hair he got waxed last week? It diminishes his hotness.

The girls talked to tour groups in their normal ditzy but charming style. They made up dinosaur names and facts, which is kind of amusing, as most five year old boys who are obsessed with dino’s would know they were telling lies.

Michelle won the prize so that means her and Peter were safe from nominations this week. However I thought Hadassah should have won it for her boob thrust to try and get the stick insect onto the branch. That was hilarious.

Then I thought I was having a Big Brother flash back with the obligatory spa scene with girls in bikini’s and the house’s equivalent of Alvin Purple, Corin. Also I thought  a dancing doona scene was going to ensue but the camera’s in this houshold are much more discrete. But it must be said that Corin woke up in a bed with three girls. Which should have automatically seen him expelled from the house. Most ‘normal’ non-geek guys manage to get one girl into the sack but not three at once. This makes him an alpha male in normal society, and must give him god like status in a geek house.

This may explain why he was not nominated this week. AGAIN. Is he forming alliances with the other guys?

As Lisa said “Corin has come out of his shell, just a little bit too much.”

The geeks challenge was to dish out some love advice on Dr Feelgood’s program. Hopefully these were set up callers ala Kyle and Jackie O style.

Toby’s caller (a male) asked him how to take his relationship to the next level. Toby first clarified the question that it was about sex.Duh! And then mentions something about talking about it when you were going downtown. Obviously this is some new Gen Y slang I have not heard before.

Peter’s advice on romance was really bad, he thought food was good, and suggested banana’s. Maybe he thought this was to get her in the mood to go…..Downtown.

Jeremy stumbled over his is female facial hair a turnoff question? It was a difficult one as he did not want to cause offence but probably did anyway as he kept on pausing. So she would have know he was lying.

“She doesn’t sound hairy” said Hadassah who thinks these things can be told over the radio. Was she expecting a deeper voice?

Xenogene got the infidelity question and he handled it quite well, even though he was a bit long winded. But as he  hinted earlier his form is not great .”Any infatuations I developed are neutralised,” said Xenogene in Trekkie speak. However next week it looks like Xenogene is very infatuated with one of the beauties.

Corin’s question was about a love triangle. Corin said men are always attracted to other women. Dr Feelgood butted in at that point.

The winner who apparently gave advice that was outside the square was Peter. Therefore the Peter/ Michelle team controlled the nominations.

It was nomination time, and the camera men should get props for NOT getting any crotch shots as the girls walk down the stairs.

They nominated Emma and Jeremy, and Jenna and Toby (is that the fourth time?)

“It is not the end of Corin and Emma, in my mind.” said Emma, at this point I was starting to roll my eyes. Ok producers we get it Emma and Corin have the hots for each other.

It was neck and neck in the quiz with the boys, until Toby could not think of a second husband for Pamela Lee Anderson. In fact nor could  I and I live on a steady diet of NW Mag. And in the end Jenna and Toby were eliminated.

Jenna dressed in a micro micro mini exited the house looking  like she was ready to walk straight into a mens magazine shoot.

I was fortunate to have an interview with Toby Latcham today, I am still transcribing, but it should be up tomorrow. I did ask him about Corin and Emma, but unfortunately he was very diplomatic.

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1 Anon_sydney { 11.12.09 at 11:02 pm }

OMG the museum scenes were one of the funniest things ever.. i had tears in my eyes even all through the commercial.

Unfortunately… had to be ruined by the whole Corin and the bevy of beauties.. and then by Corin’s team not being put up for nomination! Is it obvious I don’t like Corin… i think he and Emma shouldn’t have been there to begin with.. he’s obviously a fake, and I honestly don’t think she had anything new to learn as she is obviously not academically challenged nor is unsociable with geeks in the first place(see her interview on the official website). Maybe Corin and Emma were planted by Channel 7 to have the ‘romance’?? that’s the only way i can see how she was included and so was he and oopsie.. coincidence.. they’re into each other….

2 Kyvyny { 11.13.09 at 12:52 am }

Each week seeing Corin still in the house is another disappointing turn out. It’s all Corin & Emma, Corin & Emma, Corin & Emma, blah, Corin & Emma, Corin & Emma, Corin & Emma, blah blah. Looks like this is the kind of “geek” Ch7 are hoping to attract for the next series. That is, no real geek need apply, just bring on your Clark Kent glasses, your player attitude and you’re in.

Why were they all the same kids in the tour? And has there been a redder ranga than that kid with the curls?

3 Shawn { 11.13.09 at 5:53 am }

Is it just me or was it really awkward between Toby and Jenna….fear that hand shake, while Emma and Jeremy are hugging each other.

Could cut the air with a knife!

4 Gillian { 11.13.09 at 9:01 am }

Corin makes me feel physically ill. Not only is he not a geek, he’s a player and why isn’t he getting nominated??? Do they not see him as a threat? I think it’s a travesty if his team wins the $100k. I thought Hadassah was hilarious when the stick insect was crawling on her breast and she was asked how long they live for and she replied, it depends on who is holding it! She seems to lack a little charisma for me but she’s very popular in the house so maybe it’s creative editing. Yes and Emma shouldn’t be there either. I wish these producers would get a clue. We can spot a plant in the house a mile away.

5 Reality Raver { 11.13.09 at 9:04 am }

Shawn – I did not notice the awkwardness from Toby and Jenna. I thought they appeared to genuinely like each other.

Kyvny – yes it was the same group – that kid must have been getting bored. I did like the way he became more sceptical as the talks went on.

Anon_Sydney – I was surprised Corin was not nominated. I would have been looking to get one of them out considering they won’t nominate each other. Obviously no one in the house saw the Survivor series with Rob and Amber in it.

6 Wurstsemmel { 11.13.09 at 9:08 am }

I thought Corin had been outed as a non-geek and had been booted out the house. Obviously not.

Still, very pleased to see the demise of Jenna. I think you’re on the money, RR, expect to see a Ralph spread shortly.

7 plays with squirrels { 11.13.09 at 10:23 am }

I can’t believe Corin/Lisa didn’t get nominated! Perhaps Peter/Michelle really like both teams and didn’t want to guarantee the elimination of one – still seems like a stupid decision on their part. And now I must suffer Corin/Emma for another week. I wouldn’t have had a problem if Corin made for a good villian- but the Emma/Hadassah shenanigans I just find really irritating. And I also don’t like how the “romance” is usurping all the show minutes, and how little airtime the rest of the house gets (especially Xenogene! Who is my favourite and who is now really, the only true geek left.) Also maybe its editing, but I find Hadassah dreadfully unappealing and don’t understand why Corin likes her so much (apart from the obvious). It’s partly her tan yes, but she also (to me at least) has as much charisma as a blank sheet of paper *and* she is often pretty horrible to Xenogene. However, I too found the museum insect scene hilarious and in that moment, I did find her endearing.

However I hate how orchestrated the show has become and it really depletes my enjoyment of the show. If Xenogene leaves next week, I’ll probably stop watching.

8 Kyvyny { 11.13.09 at 10:24 am }

There was a little awkwardness between Jenna and Toby at the elimination. They were shaking hands, Jenna saw the other team hug and then they both looked at each other before then going in for a hug. Kind of like when you meet someone, not sure if a handshake or a hug is in order and go for both.

9 Culinary Boner { 11.13.09 at 11:55 am }

have to agree with Squirrel’s comments regarding Xenogene being the only real geek left (and the only real talent)…this show is now so staged and forced that it is starting to bore the shit out of me… now that everyone knows Corin is not actually a geek*, the amount of airtime he is getting just shows how manipulated this program actually is

* FFS, he’s done (or doing) a uni degree in chemistry, since when does this make you geek? By this logic all uni qualified people – and I’m looking at you accountants and actuaries in particular, would be geeks. I’d accept him as a geek if he were an ‘organic organic chemist’ rather than the ‘synthetic organic chemist’ the show describes him as.
How long before his attention-seeking escalates to appearing in a sextape? Hopefully in a threessome with Warwick Capper –

10 Muzza { 11.13.09 at 3:48 pm }

I just wanna know what his secret is, maybe he is the next Alvin Purple. I think it makes for great tv anyways, it seems most people on here only come on to write negative comments. I for one love the show and everything involved in it. There are so many great personalities and characters all of which have pros and cons and i think it creates a great melting pot of entertainment. P.S how do you get three hot girls in a spa, lol.

11 Neil { 11.13.09 at 6:00 pm }

For me the “sweetness” of the original show was the transformation element. On many of the Amercian shows you really brought into the person and celebrated their transformation, no matter how small. However, knowing what we know of Corin, there is no buy in from my part and it is now simply a source of anger for me. Very short term thinking by 7, if they deliberately planted this fellow. I would be very reluctant to watch the next series if this is going to be the norm.

Maybe reality TV has turned the full circle. Originally real people replaced actors and scripts. Now actors and story lines are replacing real people.

I am yet to see the show, but I have noticed in earlier episodes when I though Hadassah was truly touched by the geeks. However I believe her desire to be with them only goes so far.

12 Jeb { 11.13.09 at 6:17 pm }

Just another take on the fake geek situation:

First off, Zenogen is the only geek on the show. The others are just young, shy etc. But as others have said, corin isn’t just a fake, he is a player. However I think he is a player despite his geekiness. Apparently he has done and is doing ok with the ladies – this we know. However we also know that he isn’t the best looking or sounding dude in the world. Its all confidence. So in this way could he not be thought of as a real life example of the geek made good? I know that the guy isn’t very likeable but its an interesting dynamic.

13 Reality Raver { 11.13.09 at 7:02 pm }

Wurstsemmel – I think the show is pre-recorded so it was probably all done and dusted by the time it came out that Corin was not a geek.

Plays with Squirrels – agree Xenogene needs more air time, as probably does Jeremy, I feel I hardly know him.

Kyvyny – Missed the uncomfortable hug moment between Jenna and Toby.

Culinary Boner – I am so not game to click on the Warwick Capper link.

Muzza – Maybe Corin has some secret Jedi mind tricks to get the girls in the spa.

Neil – I have not watched the US version of the show, but after seeing the Australian version I would now.

Jeb – Good point about Corin being a geek who made good.

14 Jessica { 11.15.09 at 5:16 pm }

Ok well we established that corin is a fake and him and emma are just basically on there for ratings. I think emma is a fake too and im pretty sure she dosnt like corin in anyway!!!! I was so devo last week becasue toby and jenna got off :(!! they were easily the best and i think it was just weird between jenna and toby because they have done it like 3 times before and are just totally over it. And jenna so did not look like she was going to a mens magazine shoot!!!!! she just didnt look like a nun like emma and her disgusting dress :S

15 Injera { 11.16.09 at 5:33 pm }

Have only just watched this episode – Toby’s matter-of-fact comment right at the beginning that Corin is “charismatic” really said it all. Charismatic geek is an oxymoron; I was so hoping that he’d be gone tonight.

Toby really does have quite a good voice for radio – if only the rumours about his political leanings were true, he’d have a career waiting for him! Unfortunately, I think they’re not and so he’ll have to go back to working full-time and studying three degrees at night.

It was a tough call to choose a winner from the Beauties – Michelle did (as Peter said) include some facts (whee! carnivores and herbivores!) but Hadassah was hilarious, and Jenna didn’t do too badly. Emma was the only one who really stank, relying on the giggle-squeal-giggle. Cannot believe Peter got the nod from Dr Feelgood for his banana suggestion… Xeno should’ve got it!

16 Shawn { 11.17.09 at 9:40 pm }

Kyvny – this was what I was talking about, they saw the other team hug and there seemed to be a bit of do I go for it, should I stand back, umm ummm, then enter the handshake.

Nothing against the contestents but yeah it was a bit wierd

17 Jessica { 11.17.09 at 9:50 pm }

haha yeah it was a bit wierd!!! yeah i love peter and all its just a bannana seriously who would do that :D! i think that xenogen should have one or toby! We didnt get to see all of michelles tour so it was hard to say she was the winner.. she did say some good facts but i wish they had shown a bit more of it!