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Reality Tidbits – Brian McFadden, Toby Moulton, and Scott Baio

Brian McFadden Cops A Blast From His Ex Kerry Katona About The Kids

Football Superstar host Brian McFadden has copped a blast from his ex-wife about not spending enough time with his kids. In an article in Woman’s Day she apparently said to News Of The World “If he loves his kids so much, why does he live 10,000 miles away?”.

Brian on the other hand has said “Kerry has made things very difficult for me,” when he has tried to spend time with his daughters.

I don’t know who to believe, however I am sure it is not black and white.

Toby Moulton May Be Seen At Carols By Candlelight

Australian Idol contestant Toby Moulton has managed to garner a heap of publicity by quitting the show. And in this Adelaide Now has an article where he says he has had offers to sing at Christmas carol evenings. He also reveals how he almost walked out of the audition.

Simon Cowell The Highest Paid Man On TV

Washington Post says that the American Idol judge Simon Cowell is the highest paid male entertainer on TV. They said he earned $75 million last year. Donald Trump was second, and Ryan Searest third.

Interview With Taylor From The Rachel Zoe Project

Rachel Zoe’s right hand girl Taylor has jumped ship and is heading out on her own. Fab Sugar has an interview with her, however she does not elaborate on what she is going to do. Considering she did a lot of styling for Rachel, then maybe she will start out as a cheaper version of Rachel Zoe?

Miss Jay From Next Top Model Releases a Book and Says He Has A Child

NY Daily News reveals that Miss Jay is a ‘father’ to a young boy. He and his then partner donated sperm to a woman, but biologically it ended up being his ex-partner’s. He does have a hands on role. He has also released a book called “Follow the Model”.

Cat Deeley Currently Filming Two SYTYCD’s At Once

Cat Deeley is struggling with jetlag as she flies between LA and the UK weekly to film each countries So You Think You Can Dance. (Source UK Press)

Chachi (Scott Baio) Has His Own Reality TV Show

Scott Baio, he will always be Chachi to me, has his own reality TV show it is called Scott Baio is 45 and Single. Great another dysfunctional male, just what we need. The premise of the show is Scott Baio finds himself in the middle of a mid-life crisis wondering why he’s still single and unable to settle down. So a life coach is brought in.

It will screen on W on Saturday nights at 7.30pm from November 28th. (Source: TV Tonight)


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1 Injera { 11.14.09 at 4:21 pm }

The Scott Baio show looks foul, but it’s obviously been successful. There’s a second season. I won’t put the full title in, as it’s a total spoiler for the first season (although I doubt “spoiler” is quite the right word…).

Will miss Taylor on RZ. As much as she’s been annoying me with the constant whining, it provides a contrast to Brad’s adolescent playing.