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Beauty And The Geek – Beauties Say Corin Is “A Cool Geek”

Corin Storkey

In the latest edition of TV Week there is an article saying Corin is not a fake.

This is what the article said:

Two of the beauties have leapt to Corin’s defence after rumours surfaced that he is a “fake geek”. 

“I know there is the whole cliche of a geek who is a virgin and is a computer nerd,” Emma says, “but Corin is a synthetic organic chemist and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and he just knows how to teach you things. I know that he has a child and he’s had previous relationships, but Corin is struggling when it comes to relationships now so he really needed help and support.

“He’s still the biggest geek I’ve met!”

Adds Hadassah: “Corin definitely has an awkward, nerdy side to him. he’s just different to the typical geek. He’s a cool gee. He’s extremely, extremely intelligent and he’s good at sports. He has a way with talking to people as well, so he’s really lucky.”

Both girls say Corin was up-front about his past relationships and his child.

“He and I knew a fair bit about each other, so I actually knew that he had previous girlfriends,” Hadassah says.

Corin says he’s just being himself on the show. While he considers himself a geek, he isn’t insulted by people saying he’s not.

“When people do say that, it is, in a way, a bit flattering to think that they don’t believe you’re as socially awkward as other people do,” he says.

I would have thought being a cool geek was an oxymoron.

In other geek news Hadassah say’s she has a special relationship with Toby.

Again in the TV Week it says that Toby and Hadassah have been hanging out “heaps and heaps” now that filming has finished.

“I’m actually teaching him how to drive – he’s got three cars and he flies a small plane, but he doesn’t have his drive’s licence,” Hadassah explains. “And he loves going out at the moment, but he doesn’t have any music on his iPod- as he said, he’s a musical caveman – so I’ve made CDs for him. I make him listen to them at home, then when we go out, he knows the songs so we can dance.”

She adds that when they do go out, Toby gets lots of attention from girls – but she hasn’t seen him pick any up yet.

“He just has a nice dance with them and chats with them,” she says. “I’m actually giving his room a makeover at the moment. He only has a single bed, so we’re getting him some new furniture and a CD player. That way, when he does take a girl on a date it’s all ready to go.”

Hadassah says her long-term boyfriend doesn’t mind her spending time with Toby. “He’s used to me having lots of guy friends.”