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The Amazing Race – The Season With The Weirdest Pitstop Finishes Ever?

Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle from The Amazing Race 15

Firstly apologies for not getting this blog post up last night, but I was exhausted.

Regardless of whether you are enjoying this season as much as the other you have to admit this has been the season where you just cannot pick what will happen at the pitstop.

Last week, Mika refused to go down waterslide letting the Globetrotters to get past and avoid elimination. Also Maria and Tiffany were like cat’s with nine lives as twice previously they had finished last at the pitstop. Once in Japan when it was a non-elimination round, and the other time in Cambodia when Zev and Justin lost their passports so could not continue on in the race.

But finally their luck ran out they were unable to complete either of the detour challenges even though they had plenty of time to do it. They first attempted the dance challenge but were unable to hit the hammer hard enough to hit the bell, then they went to do the golf, but gave up on that pretty easily. Then it was back to the dancing, and after nearly 80 hits they were getting nowhere. Maria did not even look like she was trying. Then it was back to the golf, by this stage they were completely knackered.

But maybe their elimination was karma for kind of cheating in the bell counting challenge where the gay brothers gave them the number.

It is unfortunate they hit these obstacles as this would have seen Erika and Brian eliminated. Oh my god does anyone like this woman? She shrieks and nags her husband Brian, and then when she is doing challenge extremely badly she starts sulking and says “Brian should have done this challenge”. Then when she finally completes it she is haranguing him as they walk in the clogs to the detour.  Hello they would not be this far behind if she could pay attention to detail.

Also she is hysterical when she finds out she has a 30 minute time penalty for not following the instructions of riding a bike to the detour. I wonder if she would have been so tolerant with Brian if he had completely fucked up the bell counting roadblock. I doubt it.

Oh and a special shout out to the father and son team who stopped the dancing challenge because they had to eat a herring. That is postively gourmet compared to some of the disgusting things they have to eat in previous seasons. Cows lips anyone?

Here is an elimination interview with Maria and Tiffany on Reality Wanted.

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1 Wurstsemmel { 11.20.09 at 4:37 pm }

This episode reminded me of that song ‘The Gambler’…’got to know when towalk away. know when to run’ or something like that – not my cup of tea but so apt for this gambling pair.

These two just seemed to give up quite early. With that mindset, they weren’t going to get anywhere. Quite disappointing really because, RR, like you, I would have liked to see the back of Miss America. Though she does have her uses…in terms of nagging and husbands, I seem positively saintly :)

Pickled herrings…piece of cake compared to some of the offerings previously or on Survivor. I still have a nasty flashback from one of the early Survivor series where someone bit a cockroach and it spurted everywhere.

Dan and Sam and the ‘Trotters were fabulous in their Dutch outfits. Lots of fun.

2 Wurstsemmel { 11.20.09 at 4:41 pm }

PS Are Michelle and Tiffany a couple? I keep getting that sense but I think it’s just friendship.

3 Reality Raver { 11.20.09 at 8:33 pm }

Wurstsemmel good point about Erika making us look not so high maintenance.

No Michelle and Tiffany are just friends.

4 sourkraut { 11.21.09 at 11:06 am }

Pretty boring episode in a pretty boring country. They should have had a roadblock to make them plant tulips and then wait and watch them grow!
I felt sorry for the poker girls, that hammer thing can actually be quite hard for a less strong peroffspring. and the stupid golf would have driven me to distraction as well! Apart from rather watching tulips grow than watching golf anyway!
Agree with your comments about the miss Harpy america. I suppose the divorce comes through after the show, or does she have him by the jatz crackers by having got him to stupidly sign over all his property to her? (probably not that that would make much diff to the settlement over in the good ol u s of a anyway)
Anyway GO the Globe trotters, keep me amused and happy and God speed.