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The Apprentice Final Episode – What To Expect


The Apprentice concludes on Monday night with a 90 minute episode where Mark Bouris will hire one of the contestants to be his Business Development Manager for a year at Yellow Brick Road on a six figure salary.

The final three are Gavin McInnes, Heather Williams, and Andrew Morello.

The episode starts with an intimate dinner with Mark Bouris so he can get to know them a little better. 

Someone is  fired following the dinner with the two remaining candidates to face the final challenge. 

In the last challenge the final two project managers choosing their ultimate choose their teams from the previous contestants.

 The challenge is to create an identity and a marketing campaign for a new men’s fragrance. Each team has to name their fragrance, design the bottle, make a TV commercial, create a print ad, and then launch the product in front of 100 people.

Mark Bouris has filmed two endings to the show, and he will tell Channel Nine which ending to show.

Mark Bouris has said he is hoping for a second series when he was talking to TV Tonight. He also said that there were parts of the franchise they had to follow, like using the iconic phrase “your fired”. He thought that wasn’t very Australian. Maybe he thought “Your boned” would be more appropriate.

Personally I think Channel Nine should go for another season, and put it on at 8.30pm, this might take it to the magic million mark.

The Apprentice Australia finale on Monday 23 November at 9.30pm.

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1 CG { 11.21.09 at 6:49 am }

If this is the format, I predict Gavin is gone after the dinner. The dinner will confirm Gavin is full of himself and devoid of any personality and limited business sense. This will leave Heather and Morello in the final (which Carmen implied in her interview with RR). Obviously they filmed two versions. If Bouris isn’t making his decision until now – after the series has screened- then I say Morello for the win. If the decision was made a while ago and Bouris has concerns about cries of sexism then Heather could get the call. Either way, a very weak and uninspiring final three.

2 Reality Raver { 11.21.09 at 8:38 am }

It would have been interesting if Mary-Ann had made the final two with her pregnancy, and whether that would had impacted on Bouris’s decision.

Sheesh CG didn’t even realise I had a spoiler on my blog. Your right though.

3 sourkraut { 11.30.09 at 2:01 pm }

If the selection of the winner for season 1 was going to be typical, count me out for season 2