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The Amazing Race – There Are No More Alliances

It was down to the final four racing from Finland to Prague, and they are all pretty strong competitors any of them could take out of $1 million.

Quote of the night goes to Brian, husband of Erika, when he said that they were such an nice team. Now I know it is the way they edit people but she appears to be just awful.

The highlights from her tonight was when she was doing the Roadblock none of which she is too successful at she always complains that Brian should have done it. Anyway they got lucky and it was a non-elimination round.

I think those gay brothers must have some bad karma coming to them, however in those same circumstances (top three position at stake) I may have done the same thing.

There was much debate in how household on which detour to do the fast (kayaks)  or the slow (the ropes) – I said ropes as at least there was an end point, partner thought kayak would not be that hard, I think that proved to be incorrect, and the boys would have twice as much co-ordination then us.

I liked the fact the roadblock gave teams the opportunity to catch up and over take, however I was disappointed when Erika and Brian came in last on the mat that it was a non-elimination round.

At this stage I am not sure who is going to win, however Cheyne and Megan have not put a foot wrong all series. However in my heart I would like the Globetrotters to win.


1 sourkraut { 12.03.09 at 1:57 pm }

I liked the globetrotters but now dislike them for their over the top aggression and cheating. RR as you say hope Karma kicks in, but in my cynical view of the world it rarely does!!!!!!!!
Last two episodes were BORING.
The concept that a race such as this can be won or lost on pure arse, such as finding clues in “stacks” of haystacks and MINIATURE violins under hundreds of seats turns me right off. And talk about brainless. the man said MINI fiddle not a bloody double bass or some of the other huge instruments these idiots hopefully (hopelessly) brought down for mr ho hos inspection (he should have had a white beard and red suit.
Hope Megan and Shayne win, but bet they dont.

2 Wurstsemmel { 12.04.09 at 9:12 pm }

Don’t want to knit pick but Estonia not Finland.

What Ive noticed of late is that challenges are getting repetitive – we’ve seen them before. There used to be a lot more excitement to the challenges…surely they could have thought up something more imaginative for that beautiful theatre setting.

Still had the Yank abroad momentvwhen one of my team – Sam and Dan – thought Prague was a country where they speak Spanish.

3 Reality Raver { 12.04.09 at 10:11 pm }

Wurstsemmel – please nit pick – I was being lazy I kind of realised that I was wrong but couldn’t be bothered double checking. I think it has been that sort of season on The Amazing Race. I still enjoy it, and I think the challenges are much better than the previous season, but a lot are not that challenging.

I have to confess Sourkraut I don’t mind the challenges that means the lead can change. I hate the ones that the first team that gets there is the first one to leave.

They need more people with personality.

4 sourkraut { 12.05.09 at 1:16 pm }

The challenges depending on luck are fine in the way you say, but my impression was the fastest persons win the race, with a little bit of competence thrown in. I would much rather see challenges that allowed a more expansive look at the country they are in. Can’t think of any at the moment though, but listening to the clown singing opera over and over and over and over (get the pitcha?) really had me diving for the mute button. (not that I dislike opera, as a good sour kraut i don’t dislike it, but once is enough already)

5 sourkraut { 12.05.09 at 1:19 pm }

PS RR you should enter the next one with Injera or Wurstsemmel and give us all the inside Gen (but you’ll have to dye your hair blonde first so i could Barrack (not going to use the American word!) for you)

6 Wurstsemmel { 12.05.09 at 2:55 pm }

Nitpicked my knitpicked! :)

I don’t think I’d be up for it Sourkraut. 1 ) I’d want to be stuck in the pitstop with Phil. 2) I haven’t mastered the art of yelling at non-English speaking people louder to get them to understand me 3) I don’t expect the inhabitants of every country on Earth to speak Spanish if they MUST speak a foreign language and 4) I’m not a cheer leader/cocktail waitress/lawyer or other common combination.

7 Reality Raver { 12.05.09 at 8:49 pm }

Sourkrauty and Wurstsemmel – would love to go on the show, however because of co-ordination issues I probably would not get very far. Also I would probably make Erika look like Mother Theresa.

8 sourkraut { 12.05.09 at 10:51 pm }

You could go on as politeness person. That would be a totally new approach for the show, and who knows it might be the key to success. Anyhoo yanklish is not so difficult to master, such say everything 3 times like a mantra
You could not possibly be less coordinated than some of the clods we have seen recently!