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Where Are They Now From Reality Shows Long Forgotten

TV Week have kindly done an article on a Where are they now – reality TV stars, and some of the shows that are in the article I had forgotten or perhaps repressed here is what some of these contestants from the schlockier end of the reality TV spectrum are doing….


Chantelle Barry (Season 1):

After eight years plugging away in LA, Chantelle Barry has finally hit the big time, scoring major roles in film and TV. A highlight was appearing in five episodes of teen drama 90210 as Nina, which she says was “definitely a dream”.

“It’s such a young, energetic cast,” she says. “it’s kind of like being back at high school, except you’re getting paid!”

On top of that, Chantelle, who was dropped from the original line-up of girl band Bardot in controversial circumstance, has just released her debut album, Simple Things. “I’ve been writing songs since I was 18,” she says. “it’s a collection of stories from my life.”

Living in LA, it’s no surprise that Chantelle recently bumped into another high-profile ex-Bardot member, Sophie Monk. “We were both shopping at The Grove. It was like time really hadn’t passed, even though it’s been 10 years!”

Belinda Chapple (Season 1):

Belinda recently left Germany to work in music and as a stylist. “These days I cross over between fashion and music,” she says. She and the other Bardot girls recently caught up – minus Sophie Monk. “None of us stay in contact with Sophie,” she says.

Anna Belperio (Season 2):

After Scandal’Us broke up, Anna returned to Adelaide and opened a singing academy. She’s also in a trio called Pearl. “We specialise in wedding ceremonies and pre-dinner gigs,” she says.

Ladette to Lady (Season 1):

Skye Harper:

Skye’s fairytale romance with upper-crust British bachelor Leuan Walker ended with a drunken phone call. The couple, who met in the UK during filming for the show, had been dating long-distance for four months.

“I called him when I was drunk and broke up with him and regret it,” Skye reveals. “I liked someone else and told him – I thought I’d just try to be truthful, I was silly I shouldn’t have,”

But Skye did not stay single for long. She met a new man and has moved from Brisbane to Wagga Wagga to be with him. “He’s really nice. He’s my little country boy boyfriend.”

She’s also begun a hairdressing apprenticeship there. “I thought I’d try to get in touch with my feminine side,” she says. She’s still a ladette at heart, however as she proved when she caught up with some of the other girls from the show recently. “We had a big pub crawl for Bianca’s [Stevens] birthday –  we hired a bus and had alcohol on the bus… It was so fun!” she says.

The X Factor:


The five members of Random reunited in October this year to perform at a fundraiser for the Samoa tsunami. “Four of the guys in the group are Samoan,” Xy Latu says. “So we got back together for that one show.”

After winning  The X Factor in 2005, Random put out an album and two singles, but later split up. As Xy explains, “WE all wanted to do different things and there were other personal issues that needed to be taken care of.” All five are now either performing or producing. “I did a collaboration with Beat Kamp, a song called ‘Rap Game’, Xy says. And he has some other good news to report: “I just recently got engaged. It was a big moment in my life.”

Rock Star: Supernova:

Toby Rand:

Melbourne singer Toby and his band Juke Kartel are living the rock star lifestyle in their new home of LA.

“Right now, our days are all about writing, recording and rehearsing music, and also working on any avenues to get to the top,” Toby says. “There are so many incredible people that we’re meeting and befriending. We’ve been playing shows with artists such as Ozzy [Osbourne], Fergie, Marilyn Manson and Slash. This is the city where we can realise our dreams.”

Toby is currently single. “You have to be very careful in the dating circuit over here!” he explains”I’ll be in Australia over Christmas, so perhaps I’ll find a girl and bring her back to LA. Who knows?”

Yasmin’s Getting Married:

It looks like Yasmin finally is getting married! Back in 2006, the 29-year-old recruitment manager became Australia’s high-profile single when Network Ten launched Yasmin’s Getting Married. The idea was to find Yasmin her perfect man and get the couple walking up the aisle within two months, but the show was axed after less than a week, due to poor ratings.

But happily, Yasmin has found her perfect man all by herself. “I finally snagged a lovely builder called Daniel Stubbs,” she reveals to TV WEEK. “Dan and I live together and have been in a serious relationship for over 18 months. I’m very happy and confident he is the one.”

So is that wedding bells we can hear? “I certainly hope so, as I really do want to get married!” she admits.

The Mole:

Petrina Edge (Season 4)

Wehn Petrina agree to be “the mole” on The Mole In Paradise, she was 24 adn just starting her acting career. Since then she’s been spending time on the other side of the camera, working for George Miller’s production companies on movies such as the Oscar-winning Happy Feet.

She’s also working on a movie of her own. “I started developing a feature film script with somebody else and we received some funding from the Australian Film Commission,” she says.

Although it’s more than six years since she did the show, Petrina still gets called”The Mole” by kids in her neighbourhood – “It’s not very flattering but you’ve got to have a laugh.”

Shaun Faulkner (Season 4):

With his $104,000 winnings, Shaun installed air conditioning in his grandad’s home and bought a house. He’s fulfilled his dream of learning to tattoo and now wants to get into acting, after being an extra in Charlie & Boots. “I had a blast doing that,” he says.

Australian Princess:

Wendy Slack-Smith (Season 1):

Four years after farm girl Wendy came runner-up in the first season of Australian Princess, she jokes that she still has a connection to royalty. “I’m the cook on a cattle station about the size of a small European country – called Buckingham Downs!” she laughs.

The station is in north-west Queensland, close to the Northern Territory border. “We’re fairly isolated,” she explains. “It’s about a five-hour round trip to go to the shops.”

Wendy’s partner is the manager of the station and they have a little girl, who is 18 months old. She says Australian Princess is like a “really nice distant memory”.

“It was so much fun, like a paid holiday,” she adds.

Kylie Booby (Season 2):
Princess winner Kylie has moved back to Newcastle and opened a hair and beauty salon. “I really like owning a business,” she reports. She’s now Kylie Molloy, after marrying Peter Molloy early last year – with Princess’s Stephanie Jenkinson and Amanda Lavis as bridesmaids.

The Resort:

Aaron Lord:

The former AFL footballer admits to being a “a little scarred from the whole reality TV experience”, but his career certainly did not suffer. He went on to become the sports attache at the Australian Embassy in Paris and senior adviser to the Victorian sports minister.

Tabetha Whitby:

The 2004 series about 15 young people renovating a Fiji holiday resort was a ratings disaster. But Tabetha, now a mum to two kids under two – TJ and Dash – hasn’t been put off Fiji. “I’ve actually just booked to go back to the same place and stay there for New Year’s Eve!” she says.


1 sourkraut { 12.03.09 at 2:03 pm }

Please please please bring back “the mole”. It was my absolute favourite

2 Reality Raver { 12.04.09 at 10:12 pm }

I have never seen The Mole.

3 Injera { 12.05.09 at 11:10 am }

Scandal’Us! I’d totally forgotten about them… hilarious.

And I’m devastated that Kylie Booby took her husband’s name.

4 sourkraut { 12.05.09 at 1:23 pm }

I am shocked. It actually showed part of the countryside and also gave audience participation trying to pick whodunnit.
Problem was too many spoilers on web sites and on some occasions it was too obvious. I actually picked it twice out of 4 series so it must have been easy