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Celebrity Rehab – The Patients Are Procreating

I am starting to work out why Dr Drew Pinsky decided to continue his foray into reality TV with a new show Sex Rehab With Dr Drew..

Two of his previous patients have managed to get pregnant since being on his reality show Celebrity Rehab. Clearly the way to fill in the lack of drugs and alcohol is to shag. Gary Busey from Season 2 is going to be a father in a couple of months. Dlisted gives his unique view on this scenario. Anyone who saw Busey on the show would be vaguely bemused/concerned about him becoming a father.

Also Season 1 participant Jessica Sierra of American Idol fame has also had a baby. Jessica who did relapse since being on the show. She has now been sober two years. (Source: Reality TV World.)

Celebrity Rehab which I was scathing about when I first heard about the premise, has proven to be compulsive viewing on Saturday night’s on Arena TV. It is quite moving and most episodes I am grabbing the tissues. And yes it is always the parents fault.

Amber Smith the lovely model/actress from season two will also seen on Sex Rehab. Hopefully Arena will screen the show.

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1 Injera { 12.14.09 at 5:21 pm }

I’ve been meaning to check this out so will put it in the planner. It did look like a train wreck from the ads, but it sounds as though there’s some merit in it (not that “train wreck” is necessarily a bad thing…!).