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Ten Most Outrageous Moments Of Reality TV Of The Decade

Unfortunately I piked out of doing  a decade in review of reality TV, as I just don’t have the corporate knowledge of the last ten years. However other people were not quite as gun shy.

Here is a list from the US from Reporter which outlines their top 10 outrageous reality TV moments of the decade.

There are obviously some shows on it that I have never heard of or seen, however the near domestic violence incident between Johnathan and Victoria on The Amazing Race does, as does the Johnny Fairplay “dead grandmother” manoeuvre.

One YouTube video that I found particularly disturbing to watch was an excerpt from The Surreal Life  where Mini-Me urinated into a corner. That was the least excruciating part of the scene, it was more the fact that the producers allowed a person the size of a toddler to drink so much alcohol where they must of risked him either dying of alcohol poisoning or choking on his own vomit. On the plus side I did not realise that little Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) had such a fit looking body.


1 Wurstsemmel { 01.04.10 at 6:58 am }

Yeah, don’t know of many of those shows. There wAs the turkey slapping incident on Big Brother, the model meltdown on ANTM where she stripped off her top for the judging panel…..

2 Reality Raver { 01.04.10 at 7:59 pm }

Wurstsemmel – missed the model meltdown on ANTM. Maybe the Cassi Van Den dungen wall punching incident would make the top ten Aussie list.

3 gogogarnetgirl { 01.05.10 at 9:44 pm }

Chook, I reckon Jonathon and Victoria would have NUTHIN on you and me navigating the transit lounge… as for moments, nothing was more shocking than the original Oz BB with Christina and Pete doing the dancing doona…