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Survivor Samoa – Funniest Two Episodes Ever?

Oh my God what is happening to me I was barracking for Laura NOT to win the immunity challenge in episode one tonight, so Russell’s plan to eliminate her would occur. Also I was laughing so hard when I saw Russell found the immunity idol for a second time without reading a clue.

Seriously are the other players so lazy or dumb that they just don’t wonder where Russell is or what he is up to? The camp cannot be that big as he was searching most of it.

Also there is no way I would go to Mick the doctor for a diagnosis. He has shown he is absolutely incapable of doing puzzles. He fumbled around on the first episode’s immunity challenge when it was his for the taking. I am not seeing much signs of intelligence from him or law student Jaison.

So it was game on in the tribal council, Russell’s side was now voting for Kelly, and the Galu tribe were gunning for Russell and weren’t they floored when he pulled out the immunity idol out of his pocket again and said “I ain’t finished playing just yet”. And there I was cheering him on.

I must say I thought the editing of the pulling out of the votes was a bit suss. We all know they place them in the bucket  in the order they want Jeff Probst to pull them out to create suspense. But the bucket was bought across, Russell pulled out the Idol, and then there were seven straight votes for him. So either Russell had worded up the producers he was going to use it, or they took the bucket away to rearrange the votes.

The looks on the Galu tribe faces were priceless, and Laura the Christian looked psychopathic. She said, “He just stirred up a whole lot of hell, that is what he did”.

It was one of the best tribal councils ever.  Russell was gloating saying “this must be my best piece of work ever”.

Episode two saw Galu being extremely peeved and bitter. Also I am starting to like Natalie a lot, she is definitely pulling her weight what with killing a rat, and swinging around in the reward challenge picking up those flags like she was from Cirque De Soleil.

The immunity idol was AGAIN coming back into play, and Russell thought if he could get the clue that he could fine it for a third time. Oh and yes he did. He saw the size of the rock of the mobile they were plugging endlessly on the show, and he went back and told his mates the size and shape and they all started looking.

Jaison started picking up rocks the size of golf balls (RR rolls eyes at him again), hello he told you it was at least 20 cm long.

Anyway Dave was tailing Russell to see if he was going to find it, however Russell shook him off and ran back to a place he had previously been, and there it was Russell had found his third immunity idol. I must confess at this point I was laughing my head off.

So then there were all sorts of wheeling and dealings prior to tribal council, with the Galu members deciding to vote Natalie out, and the Foa Foa tribe plus Shambo were going to vote for Laura. This was going to make it a five all draw.

At this stage Galu started to strategise, and as John implied this is always a negative thing. Monica was trying to throw John under a bus, and then they told John they were going to throw him under a bus. Which he was not happy with and said he was “not going to take a punch for Laura”, and this basically signed her death warrant.

The deal was in the event of a tied tribal council, there is another vote, and if the deadlock is not broken, there is a random draw of rocks to see who is eliminated. But it did not get that far, as Russell had sealed a deal with John that if it was tied he would switch his vote to Laura.

The look on Laura’s face was shock when she realised what had happened. And Dave and Monica looked like they had seen a ghost. Laura’s fire was snuffed out and Shambo and Russell were still in the game.

Here is an exit interview with Laura on Reality Wanted, and also here is one with Kelly also on Reality Wanted..


1 Survivor Samoa – Funniest Two Episodes Ever? | reality ravings | Reality Topics Blog { 01.05.10 at 11:20 pm }

[…] Lynn wrote an interesting post today&nbsp Here’s a quick excerpt &nbspOh my God what is happening to me I was barracking for Laura NOT to win the immunity challenge in episode one tonight, so Russell’s plan to eliminate her. […]

2 par3182 { 01.06.10 at 12:10 am }

I started off hating Russell (or, rather, the producers for making this season The Russell Show) but with the combination of his talent for Idol finding and the seeming lack of strategy from everyone else (except John) I’m grudgingly coming around.
All the emphasis on Russell makes this the first season of ‘Survivor’ where I’ve forgotten every person who got voted off before the merge. And I’m still not sure of the name of the pretty young guy on Galu and didn’t know Kelly’s name until I saw it written down tonight. I don’t think a survivor’s had this much love from the producers since Rupert.

3 themolk { 01.06.10 at 11:23 am }

Evil Russell rocks. Pure. Gold.

The interesting thing is that independent of the editing, Laura & the other Galu in “her tribe” really started to show their colours – comfortable; arrogant; aloof; playing the man, not the ball.

Evil Russell is awesome. Indeed he is getting the most producer love since Rupert, but it is well deserved. He has his agenda, & while he seemed misogynistic in the earlier eps, he has shown he’s here to “expose” the game & the people playing it – certainly the Galu tribe, while strong, have shown they do not have a strategic bone in their body. That Russell found 2 (count ’em) idols without a hint, & then forecasted there’d be a 3rd – he’s the new Survivor savant.

4 Izobel2 { 01.06.10 at 12:40 pm }

I agree with all of you! Russell went from total evil (emptying the water, burning the socks) to one of my fave all time characters! I agree, the funniest 2 episodes ever I reckon! I was so hoping he’d find the 3rd idol. Go Russ! Love seeing the faces at Tribal, especially Dave’s. Love how Dave ran after Russell like he was some sort of Idol rock magnet.

5 Wurstsemmel { 01.06.10 at 1:13 pm }

I’d watch last night’s episode again. It was fabulous. Like everyone else, I detested Russell but that’s all changed. I can’t see anyone who deserves to win as much as he does. for playing the game, pure and simple. I still don’t like his attitude from earlier on but maybe some of that was a bit put on by Russell to drum up producer interest in himself.

It’s true what’s been said. I really don’t remember many of the contestants here. Apart from Shambo and Russell, very few stick in the mind.

PS Had been waiting to see the back of Laura.

6 Reality Raver { 01.06.10 at 3:53 pm }

It appears that we are all feeling the Russell love. I do wish they were showing some of the other characters, as Dave seems like an absolute crack up. Also John the “rocket scientist” we hardly know you.

7 sourkraut { 01.10.10 at 3:16 pm }

Missed these eps except for the last ten minutes. Nearly wet myself with pleasure when Uber-bitch Laura got the bone!
Some thoughts from previous 4 eps (I guess even the raver needs a holiday now and then)
“oh no a food challenge, stuff from the ocean” I didn’t realise JJAP was going in the next round of celebrity masterchef,all that RAW seafood would have given G and G and darling Matt orgasms, besides it still looked better than the chuck risotto!
Rain glorious Rain. I bet Russell (afro -yank one) was thinking what a good choice his comfort items were over the IMPRACTICAL tarpaulin etc, in fact JJAP should have asked him that question on his final departure scene. Talk about larf!
Also why did JJAP stop the game when fooey fooey were clearly finally going to win even when Dark russell collapsed? If someone can’t finish in the middle of the challenge surely that’s a matter of NON survival and should work to the benefit of the other side?
At the end of the ep I was thinking if I was the Galoot men i would throw the next challenge and vote useless conniving bitch Monica out, thereby stuffing up the girl’s alliance.
Jaisonn you’ve lost me ….Wuss and dummy!
I’m going to barrack for NATALIE. She’s BLONDE (yay rah rah etc) and hot and POSSIBLY not silicon enhanced. GO GIRL!
Interesting to see all the girlies at this site are suddenly in love with Russell. ho ho ho

8 Reality Raver { 01.10.10 at 8:54 pm }

Sourkraut – yes had a bit of a mini break. However I am not wanting to burst your bubble but I reckon they could be fake. No shrinkage appears to be happening.

9 sourkraut { 01.11.10 at 3:26 pm }

silicon or not she’s still hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 sourkraut { 01.11.10 at 3:42 pm }

Besides that, its not MY bubbles that would be burst!?!?
Anyhoo, this time round they SEEM to have PLENTY to eat, bananas, mangoes etc has been seen as well as JJAPs seafood risotto delight. That would have clogged up anyones bubbles, so shrinkage in this ep may not be the problem it was in Survivor Australia.