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Simon Cowell Has Been Photoshopped Or Botoxed

Simon cowell botox

The after shot is American Idol judge Simon Cowell as he is in the new season’s publicity shots, and before is well before. Obviously there has been something cosmetic happening, either in real life on in cyber land.

Call me old fashion, but I think he looks hotter in the before shots.

American Idol showing fastracked on Fox 8 from 7.30pm Wednesday 13 January.

Photo courtesy of City Rag.


1 PrettyInPink { 01.07.10 at 3:11 pm }

Botox aside, he has a new nose and chin in the ‘after’ shot. He does look about 10 years younger though in the ‘after’ shot. I’m not sure I would call either photo particularly ‘hot’.

2 Injera { 01.07.10 at 5:40 pm }

Well, whoever shopped this clearly thinks that having a pointy head is attractive!

3 Reality Raver { 01.07.10 at 10:20 pm }

PrettyInPink – a lot of women and men would disagree with you.

Injera – Yes the hair/head is a bit strange, looks like a $10 barber haircut.