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Miami Social – Most Vacuous Reality TV Cast Ever?

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Miami Social premiered on Arena TV last night and it must be the most unlikeable cast ever to be shown on reality TV. Please note I have never seen Rock of Love  so that could possibly also have dibs on that title.

On the plus side the show did make me feel like I was a well rounded individual.

Basically most of the cast were egocentric, superficial, and lacked any intellectual depth at all.

We had Ariel Stein who is both a narcissist and a misogynist, who is not gay but like boy or girls as long as they are beautiful. In a funny scene when he was casting for a promotional event he grabs a female model and asks her if they have ever made out – he fails to notice that she is totally repulsed by the idea. Though I did learn from Ariel that in Miami girls need to  have big breasts, unlike New York chicks. Who said reality TV is not educational?

Then there is George the “former playboy” whose girlfriend Lina who is Russian is caught out in a lie. She travels a lot for work for a real estate developer. She said she was going to New York, but was really “entertaining clients” on a yacht in St Barts.  Ok you do the maths on that one.

George also uses his ex-wife Sorah as an emotional crutch.

Katrina, who apparently was on The Apprentice, is currently divorcing her childhood sweetheart Ben, as she cannot give him the emotional support he requires as she is a work alcoholic.

Michael is gay and appears to not do anything at all except gripe about not meeting anyone and getting crushes on his personal trainer.

There is also Maria the bi-sexual who is sending her 13 year old daughter to boarding school in Switzland and not for the first time. She feels the times they have together is more meaningful when they don’t see each other as much.

Lastly there is Hardy a nightclub promoter, who has a girlfriend Trixia who says she is in her early ’30’s but she actually looks 45.  Which brings me to my last point they all pride themselves on being the body beautiful, but they are all really harsh and ugly and look year’s older then they really are.

And yes I am addicted to the show already. For a funny overview of the show and its cast check out this Miami New Times blog post.

Miami Social is on Arena on Thursday nights at 8.30pm.

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1 Miami Social – Most Vacuous Reality TV Cast Ever? | reality ravings | Reality Topics Blog { 01.08.10 at 6:47 pm }

[…] facett wrote an interesting post today&nbsp Here’s a quick excerpt &nbspMiami Social premiered on Arena TV last night and it must be the most unlikeable cast ever to be shown on reality TV. Please note I have never seen Rock of. […]

2 Jeb { 01.09.10 at 10:23 pm }

Hi RR, this comment isn’t really related to miami social but to a show that may be somewhat similar. Have you seen “the jersey shore”? I’ve seen some brief clips and it looks heaps of fun in an out of touch sort of way.

I think its on mtv in the states, but I’ve got no idea if its on paytv here. Apparently the show became a bit of a phenomenon in the u.s. prior to xmas. water cooler stuff for a couple of weeks.

3 Reality Raver { 01.09.10 at 11:10 pm }

Jeb – Yes I have heard read about Jersey Shore especially about Sooki who seems very trashy.

If it is generating so much press OS, I am sure MTV or another channel will be keen to get it on. The housewives of New Jersey starts soon on Arena, maybe that will be The Jersey Shore lite?

4 jack { 01.11.10 at 7:21 am }

I watched miami social ariel makes the show crazy good. He’s allot younger than the others, I wonder if there all real friends. The show is good I hope there is more of ariel he’s fun to watch.

5 Maria Lankina { 01.17.10 at 3:36 am }

Well, firstly nice to know show premiered in Australia :)
Secondly. Guys really? Can u read between the lines?
We have here a person judging others on intellectual ability, meanwhile what kind of grade of intellectualness this person deserves WHILE judging OTHERS based on one episode of REALITY TV series. No really? How about doing your little research and simply googling names and learning about characters a bit ?

This whole post is a study and lesson on how things can be misconstrued misread and misrepresented by people who see ( aren’t we all ) thru the prism on their own vision and one can only hope that others who READ have enough intelligence to read between the mentioned lines and not be blind to the actuality.

Examples of misconstrusion :

Trixia looking 45.
U should see her now. She is colombian and colombian chicks arguably one of the prettiest in the world. You dont dig deeper and actually think WHY she could be a little plumper or may be tired looking ? Or you only believe what tv shows u and where the tv producers are leading you to ? Are you a cow ? Can u think for yourself , observe and make informed opinions ?

On a show I mention I miss my daughter a lot. At that time she was going thru teen phase where u think mom is uncool and it hurt me but I gave her what she wanted which was going to boarding school. I now have a house in Lugano so she can be with me most of the time when I am there instead of school. I only said that our time is so much more precious when i finally see her after breaks when i dont ( cant u attest the same when u lets say work all day and come home to see your kids ? or for example if u are in service and u go away from home for months and then come back ? ) , instead the author makes it sound as if i actually LOVED being apart because oh i am so shallow it makes our get togethers so much better.
I know its tough to write INTERESTING when u are positive, that takes special talent, its super easy to write funny when u just being mean.
Try it the other way. You might get better heart rate :)
Good luck.
Maria Lankina

6 Maria Lankina { 01.17.10 at 3:37 am }

oh and sorry for making u feel a bit LESS of a rounded individual after my post lol :)

7 Reality Raver { 01.17.10 at 5:09 pm }

Maria Lankina – Thanks for commenting on the blog post.

However I must point out that I interpret the “characters” on how they are portrayed on the show. I am afraid I don’t try and put the third dimension into what are essentially one or two dimensional characters.

I think if you sign up to go on a reality TV show you have to expect that the production company will assign you a particular role. Should I google to find out if Ariel in his spare times volunteers at an old people’s home? No I am critiquing the show.

Should I try and identify where half a sentence has been cut out or something extra has been said that did not make it on the show? That would be impossible.

Having said that the scene in episode two where you dropped your daughter at the airport, I made the presumption her father was then on the kerb to meet her as they edited it to show that you dropped her there. (See I am not that harsh).

Bravo TV who is the master of aspirational reality shows has a habit of portraying the casts as not particularly likeable but towards the end of the season the viewer does have a particular fondness of them once we work out their foilbles.

I did not say that Trixie was unattractive and definitely not fat, but she does not look like she is in her early thirties. Also she is just in for a life of pain and suffering if she sticks with Hardy.

If you have an issue on how I am interpreting your character speak to Bravo TV as they are the ones that are portraying you that way.

By the way I don’t think you are a bad mother, and you obviously love your daughter and she is refreshingly natural and non tween/teeny.

Also are you all really friends or were you just all put together for the show?

Luca Pachiotti – sorry to hear you had a relationship breakdown.

8 G { 02.20.10 at 9:50 pm }

I have just finish watching the series on fox and it is great to have a reality show for once that is not about teenage kids or washed up ex rock stars, but about normal people, yes normal people see the problem with press writers, or wannabees who write blogs they must not live normal lives. The problem is if you don’t like your life then watching reality TV can make us think about our own lives and we may not like what we see.

Great Show

9 Reality Raver { 02.20.10 at 10:57 pm }

G – I loved the show, but I did not think there was one conversation of substance in it. I am not into egocentric characters.