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Survivor Samoa – What Is Going To Happen To The Alliances Next?

For a mid-season recap episode it was not as boring as it sounded, and it did reveal some gems.

For instance Russell’s strategy about snuggling up to the girls at night. He said this would mean that they thought he liked them so they would not vote him out as they would think he would not vote them out because he liked them. It was a very sound theory. Also when Dave and Russell had woken up early and they were standing their chatting and he did not notice the Idol around Russell’s neck, that was hilarious it was the size of a coconut.

Oh and Russell must have quote of the series with his “I didn’t come here to work, I came here to play the game.”

I thought Erik’s obsession with capturing the chicken Shambo lost was quite amusing. They all must go semi-insane out there. One thing I still have not got a handle on was why Galu all turned on Erik. It never was explained that well. Did they think he was untrustworthy? Or was it because he had the potential to win a lot of the individual  immunity challenges?

Since I did not have to concentrate too hard on the recap episode I did have time to ponder two issues:

1. That Jeff Probst is probably ageing better then The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan. Ok Jeff could be dabbling in a bit of botox and ritalin, but Phil did himself no favours with his lady fans when he was shot at the Dubai pitstop on the beach sweating profusely wearing a floppy hat. I am sure regular commenter Wurstsemmel will be able to write a thesis on this issue, and

2. Whether southern belle Natalie has had implants. Any regular viewers of Survivor will know that when most of the females start dropping weight there is no shrinkage from one part of their bodies. Natalie I am unsure about, there does appear to be minimal shrinkage but it is not as noticeable as some eg Laura. Anyway I am sure another regular commenter Sourkraut will have some insightful comments on this topic.

By the way I am really starting to like Natalie, how fucking cool was she clutching onto that rope outlasting most of the competitors, and lets not forget those planks are all the same weight. And that is a nice little segue into talking about the second episode.

Now a tip for future Survivor contestants when you are given the money for the food bidding challenge treat it like a game of Monopoly. It has no value. Yes there were gasps when Natalie paid $200 for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but she was also savvy enough to get a shower as well for her $500. She got great value. Whereas others went home with nothing. After the challenge is over the money has no value. So yes it is worth bidding $500 for a burger, chips and beer.

And it was definitely worth $500 for Jaison to buy an advantage in the challenge, even though I thought he was going to blow it, and Dave would win immunity.

After that it all got a little crazy Shambo had a dream that Dave was the next one voted out and since she was “psychic” that was now what she wanted to occur. Because this would just confirm she had the gift.

Russell agreed to this strategy at first, but after John had worked out that he had another immunity idol, he knew he had to take him out like a Russian double agent who knew just that bit to much. And Russell cleverly made it look like it was Dr Mike’s idea.

Jaison was a bit dubious, as he realised that Shambo was a loose cannon and once she realised she had been left out on the plan she could then align with what was left of the Galua tribe which would mean a four/four vote the next tribal council. Russell was meant to sell her on the switching votes.

Clearly he did not talk to her as she had no idea what occurred, so it is definitely going to be interesting next week. But I have to give props to Shambo for getting so far in the game with absolutely no strategy at all, and not being anything but herself.

Oh and with Channel 9 screening an ad for Survivors Heroes V Villains it looks like we won’t have to wait long for that series to appear on our screens. Fabulous.


1 Laura { 01.13.10 at 12:53 am }

They voted Eric out because the Galu girls got wind that he was thinking of sending one of them home before one of the Foa Foa people to break up their alliance. They just assumed that they would start voting the Foa Foa members out the next week.

2 themolk { 01.13.10 at 10:02 am }

My only fear is that the Heroes v Villans trailer was there to whet our appetities, but that Ch9 won’t start showing it until much, much later. I pray I’m wrong.

3 slippycaff { 01.13.10 at 10:44 am }

I thought the planks weighed exactly the same as the person holding it. But yes, def liking Nat.

4 Wurstsemmel { 01.13.10 at 12:38 pm }

Nat is quite impressive really. I’d put money on her to make the final with Evil Russell as Survivor love to build him up. I think (and maybe I’m wrong) but a lot of his ‘nastiness’ is an act because he knows it makes good viewing. Hey, it’s already scored him a second shot at the $1m with the new series. Despite myself, I’m actually quite liking him and, really, he deserves to go all the way because he plays the game perfectly. Just deliver the series C9!

As for the thesis…well, happy to oblige RR. Of course, it will require an indepth and extended observational study of both men. In the flesh of course. Nasty work but someone has to do it. Hee.

Have to admit that Phil’s floppy hat was a big turn off but more disturbing to me was that he looked a little botoxed in the last season. Even so, he’s a hands down winner for me in the looks stake…there’s just something a little seedy about Jeff.

5 sourkraut { 01.13.10 at 3:58 pm }

how come all the girlies are going for Natalie now? have i started something? Anyway as an engineer who once took part (many moons ago) in a design a better bra competition, complete with research, i can only say that in Natalie’s case i would be willing to engage in first hand? research into the matter of silicon or carbon based life forms. the answer probably lies in the increased carbon in the atmosphere, thus resulting in swelling?????
Seriously though, if you interpreted the semi-boring recap the way I did you would think they were well fed with paw paws and mangoes etc, and evil russel (mwah ha ah haw… maniacal cackle) is probably keeping her well fed, as she is going to be his “meal ticket” (oh write it down!), Further, her stirling performance in the last hold the planks contest tends to indicate she has plenty of strength.
Other thoughts. A CONSPIRACY THEORY (love em, goody goody)…………………..wait fer it!
The show is rigged to keep evil russel in to the end. ther you heard it here first. How many of you believe in coincidence cubed.? The fact he found the idol 3 times with no clues seems dodgey to say the least. it would be very simple for JJAP’s crew to tell him secretly where to look. Either that or he’s got more ARSE than Nelly the elephant!
And why were the chickens back in the coup after russell let them out?
shambles oh shambles. Are you trying out for masterchef. 2 hours boiling a chicken YUCK squared! Anyhoo she coulkd win Oz Idol with her rendition of Eye of the Tiger. Better voice than the previous Oz Idol winners!
Over to you

6 Sooty { 01.14.10 at 10:38 am }

sour -I was concerned about the chooks too. He unlatched the flap. They’re not dogs or cats. He’d have had to have propped it open for them to make a getaway. Chooks prefer safety in the coop at night. They’re very nervy birds. If they’d got away they would have shown the footage for sure.

7 Sooty { 01.14.10 at 11:04 am }

More chook news. John the rocket scientist had this to say re Shambo’s chicken cooking skills:

“She disliked Dave because Dave liked Brett, and Brett was in with Laura, so Dave started to like Laura. He was trying to drive a wedge between Laura and Shambo and he thought he was so much smarter than Shambo that he could do it subtly and she wouldn’t find out, but it was very apparent to [her] and she disliked him for it. He would come up and make comments like about the chicken – which by the way tasted great and wasn’t overcooked at all – coming in and saying, ‘I know more than you’. Certainly, he was already on the chopping block in her mind before she ever had that dream.”

Phew. I like Shambo.

8 sourkraut { 01.14.10 at 5:54 pm }

i must have been out on the throne at the time, but i missed seeing anyone say shambles’ cooked chook (friggin chickasee?) tasted great and was not overcooked at all. In my miserable cooking experience/ ability, cooking a chook, even an a “pot bboiler” for 2 hours would turn it into something weird if no spices, herbs, flavourings, etc (presumably unavailable on the island camp) were used.
Anyhoo, I do quite like shambo, more out of sympathy for her struggles vs the crappy gen Yers in galoot, than for anything significantly good that she has dun so far, but it would be nice to see her go to the final 4, if only to see Monica get the shits!

9 Sooty { 01.15.10 at 8:39 am }

Sour – I read it in an interview with John (after he was booted) posted in survivor forum on

Shambo’s an outcast, has her own point of view, and she’s not a vacuous scrawny girl with bolt-ons, so that’s three things in her favour for me.

Natalie (scrawny girl with bolt-ons number four or five) is okay, but the others are mean-mouthed dull little shrews and it is so good to see their vacuous faces light up with shock and their tight little lips pop open as they get the boot, one by one. Monica will be good value, hope it’s a blindside, and won’t it be fun when the entire panel of Galu shrews is scowling on the panel at daggy old Shambo still there.

10 Reality Raver { 01.15.10 at 9:50 am }

Laura – thanks for tellin me why Erik was flicked.

The Molk – I suspect Channel 9 are looking at how Survivor Samoa is rating to see how soon they will screen it. Hopefully it won’t be buried on GO.

Slippycaff – that would make more sense about the planks weighing what the contestants do. I wonder if it is their pre-Survivor weight or their one month on the island weight?

Wurstsemmel – I think both Jeff and Phil have both gone for some enhancements. However Jeff gets so much more airtime than Phil. Much as I love Phil he needs to expand his repetoire from you are the first team to arrive.

Sourkraut and Sooty – I see Sooty sides with me on Nat’s prosthetics. Re: the chicken I am sure after not eating for two days it would have tasted fantastic. I like Shambo, yes she is nuts but she is geniune. Not sure how far I would push an alliance with her though.

I am hoping Dave stays a bit longer as he cracks me up. I am amazed Monica has stayed in so long.

By the way SOURKRAUT, I love your conspiracy theory and could very well have validity.

11 sourkraut { 01.15.10 at 4:58 pm }

Sooty and Raver
I’m still not convinced about Nat’s balloons. Not a single one of the remaining contestants look like they are starving this time round, to the extent that we haven’t even seen the gluggy standard survivor rice as the basic food provided by JJAP. (and not one scene apart from shambles in the lagoon, of anyone fishing, so i assume they have been catching plenty of fish?) I will however concede after the recap ep where uber-bitch Laura was lying on her a@#E on the beach with shambles, that the old pneumatic adjusters had been used in her case.
As to Shambles, I do like her for the same reasons that you gave Sooty, but with the mistakes she has made (which cannot be blamed on the awful GenY galoots) I just don’t think she deserves to win.
Raver as i said earlier, if the Galoot men had had any sense they would have thrown a challenge and voted crabby “I love me” Monica off. I think Poverty did that in an earlier series to get rid of one of the men, but i can’t remember the details, just the amount that it utterly gave me the shits at the time as it was one of the guys i really thought deserved to win it!
As to the conspiracy theory, I’m convinced I’m correct. by the third time it was found by Russell (Mwah ha Hah) the whole tribe would have been looking everywhere as well (so why were they all unsuccessful?), but as we all know with editing of reality shows we are not shown the interesting off camera bits (ie in the case of survivor, 23 out of 24 hours worth)
Sooty, Thanks for the info on John, I won’t go to the site yet as these things tend to have SPOILERS???????
My only wish at the moment is that my other blonde bombshell, ie Elena Dementieva is not on Survivor, I reckon she’d really have a can of “kickass” along with her. Hope she beats Sarina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!