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Survivor Samoa – I Think The Last Chance To Get Rid Of Russell Was Tonight

Seriously the only one playing the game is Russell – the rest are just like lemmings falling in behind him. Jaison and Mike needed to make a play on tonight’s episodes and attempt to get rid of Russell in the one of the tribal councils.

Points to Monica for stirring the pot once she realised her head was on the chopping block, but two supposedly intelligent men Jaison, and Mick have done no strategising and just relying on Russell to take them to the final two. What I don’t get with all the yapping why Jaison and Mick have not compared what Russell is telling each of them. Also wouldn’t you want to take the control of the game out of his hands?

Also can’t any of them count once Monica and Brett are voted out and it is final five, then they would have to start voting each other out. Brett put a spanner in the plan by winning two immunity challenges in a row, so the alliance of four plus Shambo had to decide who to flick sooner than expected. 

Jaison and Russell decided to vote out Shambo, Mick was looking a bit wary, but was not going around talking to people to ensure that this was what was really was going on. He even said in the episode “I know he is playing the game hard”.

I suspect now they are thinking that if they take Russell with them into the top two the jury won’t vote for him. However recent juries have shown they are more likely to vote for the person “playing the game”.

Anyway Mick is a complete dud as one of the supposed Alpha males out there. He is not strategising, he is not winning reward challenges, and yet again he could not complete a puzzle challenge.

I think Russell is going to have a hard time winning with any of the four that are left, as none of them have ruffled any feathers, whereas Shambo had pissed off all her old tribe mates. I thought it ironic in her exit interview she said that it “was great the Foa Foa tribe stuck together, as that is how it should be”. What was THAT all about considering her tribe was decimated because of her disloyalty.

Natalie is very sweet but I was not getting the prayer warrior chat particularly in the reward challenge where the prize was a village feast and sleepover. Now I know that people have different concepts of what God is, but is it right that a God is looking out for someone deliberately starving themselves for one million dollars? Though being a complete hypocrite I can neither confirm nor deny whether I may have said today “Dear God let me win the $30 million tonight in Oz Lotto”! To be honest I think there are worthier things to wish for in the world.

Survivor quote of the night goes to Jeff Probst when after Shambo had revealed she had had her mullet hair do since 1986 he said “Now that is dedication to a hair style.”

Here are exit interviews with Dave (Absolutely hilarious I wish we had seen more of him), Monica, and Shambo.

There appear to be no spoilers on these sites.

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1 Wurstsemmel { 01.19.10 at 11:12 pm }

Thanks for the recap. I snoozed and missed the last council so had no idea who was voted off. The whole thing was a bit slow tonight. You’d think the tribe would have voted Russell off. I now think he’s going all the way but ultimately won’t take out the money…will expect someone more benign like Natalie perhaps.

2 Reality Raver { 01.19.10 at 11:22 pm }

Well the other four appear to be “nice” and he would be seen as being a player. So theoretically he must be one of the safest people on the island at the moment

3 Sooty { 01.20.10 at 7:50 am }

It was a bit dull – but I had a good laugh as the ‘Prayer Warrior’ team’s coconuts came pouring out, 58 in one go, exactly as psychic Shambo predicted…

RR, they weren’t praying to God, they were praying to Jesus and apparently these days he’s not into the poor – he likes to reward ‘good Christians’ with mega-prosperity. That was so funny!

I agree about the numbskulls Jaison and Mick. What cowards they are. Maybe prayer warrior Natalie will go to the final withs Russell and Jesus will send her the money.

I thought Shambo turned that betrayal around really nicely and was the least bitter blindsided person ever. Guess she won’t be so thrilled when she sees the season on TV and Russell says those vile things about her breath. I’m right off him again.

4 Culinary Boner { 01.21.10 at 10:13 am }

Raver, they should rename this series “Russell’s Meatworks”. The rest of the contestants behave as passively as a mob of sheep stuck in the abattoir’s holding pen. How dumb are Mick and Jaison, they missed a chance to take the game by the short and curlies. Sure Russell could have saved himself with the idol, but as we saw, he has become so cocky he didn’t even use it. And even if he did, presuming the vote didn’t shift towards one of the boys, he’d be ripe for the picking the following week. Still, he has made this series more interesting than any in recent memory.

5 sourkraut { 01.21.10 at 10:01 pm }

my 2 cents (minus GST)
Monica smirking at the camera as if she was important ( thinks: you’ll get yours kiddo,,,,,and so it was)
Only 2 of them look underfed. Mike and Dave. ….Your point….Natalie still looks natural to me, even down to the yellow knickers hanging out on the Siegfried line …tra la la! Down kleenex, down!
Why no reward challenges? Are they all so well fed they dont need them? None of them whinged about hunger or lack of reward challenges.
Moonity challenge… again a pro masculine task. Why cant they think of a challenge where the ladies have the advantage? Again JJAP demonstrates his mensa-like mathematical ability by counting past8 in the bowling challenge!
Monica gone at last. Did not even have the class to go quietly. Had to have a big PR damage control whinge after she got boned.
Mean while my BLONDE champion sits quietly and says nothing. Reminds me of the poem about the wise old owl who sat in an oak!………….The more he heard the less he spoke…..
Brett getting adoring looks from the gen y girly brats?princesses on the jury. He’s gotta go!
Yes Raver I agree.Believe it or not despite the swearing and whinging etc i am a practising Christian myself (certainly NOT perfect but hopefully forgiven) and it disturbed me to see Nat and Brett praying for victory in the game. it does not work that way for many reasons (imagine the nazis praying for victory!), although I was pleased to see they are religious.
At LAST … a memory challenge and Brett wins. Wouln’t you expect the Doctor or lawyer to win?????????????????
Well shambles is voted out . At least she had enough about her to take it with quiet dignity in the post boning speech. It’ll be interesting to see who she votes for at the end.
Well the final 5 are to my mind the most deserving. I wonder just how evil Russel (mwah ha ah ha) really is. I still think his finding 3 idols was rigged, but good luck to him. he grew from being an outright a%$e hole to being an interesting contestant. I’d like to see him and Nat in the final, but i think it will be Brett and somone else?

6 Reality Raver { 01.22.10 at 9:56 pm }

Sourkraut – I am glad we agree on the prayer warrior bit, it made me feel uncomfortable for the reasons you allude to. I feel Russell’s ego might explode before the end of the game. He needs to learn to keep his gob shut.

You Natalie is playing a good game – just lying in the alpha males slipstream.

7 sourkraut { 01.23.10 at 10:29 am }

Agree about Russel’s ego, giving away his real profession almost landed him the poo due to Monica’s crap stirring, BUT and ziz iss a big but….. If Russel is to be believed, he is already a millionaire and does not need another lazy million in the kitty ( I imagine he would donate it to charity if he wins). Besides, again if you believe him, (ahem) he was there only to have fun, which backs up my conspiracy theory.