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American Idol – Chicago Auditions – Are The Judges A Bit Fattist?

Chicago auditions was a bit poor on the singing front, as there were only thirteen golden tickets given out over two days, and none of the singers were that memorable. However I thought one girl was a bit unlucky to miss out and I bet it was because of her size.

Amy Lang came to audition and was hilarious, first she told Ryan Seascrest about how she had had a saucy dream about him, before she was sent into the audition room. Ok she was jokey and funny in a good way (she had a signature boob flex), but her voice was not that bad, in fact I thought it no weaker then some of the other singers they have sent through to Hollywood week. Hello what about bikini girl?

My opinion is if she had been slim and a bit of a hottie they would have sent her through, however because she was overweight meant she had no chance of getting through. I suspect this case of fattism is not a one off, on this show. Time and time again I have seen the attractive girls be given the benefit of the doubt and sent through.

Here is a YouTube clip of Amy Lang’s audition tell me what you think.

Another high point of the audition show was guest judge Shania Twain, she was natural, funny and gave constructive comment. Simon Cowell should consider her to be a judge on his US version of The X Factor. Best guest judge thus far.

Kara Dio Guardi who I did not mind last year has been vaguely irritating this year, however i think she is more in her element on the live shows.


1 Dolph Ziggler { 01.21.10 at 10:21 am }

She needed bigger jugs for a more eye-catching boobflex. The judges clearly thought the same.

2 CG { 01.21.10 at 2:21 pm }

Kara is more irritating this year (well, in the two audition shows I’ve watched anyway). I think Paula leaving has gone to her head. As for the overweight – and this case obese – contestants, I’m usually one of the first to call “fattism” but the reality is the show is looking for an “Idol” and image is part of the package. Look at what has happened to some of the others – the very large black guy who won Idol a few years ago? the large girl who won Aussie Idol a few years ago? and even the first AI winner – Kelly Clarkson – who has an amazing voice – always gets flack for her weight (and she is not that big) which distracts from her talent and has resulted in her doing less live shows, etc. because her self-confidence has been shattered. Like it or not, I think looks/image and therefore weight is part of the deal. Whereas X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent focus only on the “talent” ergo Susan Boyle.

3 Injera { 01.21.10 at 5:47 pm }

I agree with CG that the prods are looking for a “marketable” talent. As far as the contestants who went through goes, I don’t think their physical appearance played a big part (although I’m surprised the Paige girl -sang “Change is gonna come” – went through as she could NOT hold a tune). They do, however, seem to focus on size as a shorthand for “this must be funny! She/he is fat!”. One example was the fact that they showed a big (big! – really big) woman in short shorts in the line, purely to show a fat person for laughs – they didn’t show her audition, so there was no other reason to include her in the footage. They also lean hard on the “will he/she measure up” and “does he/she have a big talent?” narration.

I do love that the judges totally stereotype what they expect to hear by what they see – the reaction to John Park is a case in point. “Wow! I totally didn’t expect you to sound like that!”.

Do you think Simon’s deliberately letting Randy take over lead panellist in some of the auditions as a way of making the transition out?

Also loved Shania – thought she brought a lot of energy to the panel.

4 CG { 01.21.10 at 7:31 pm }

I can’t stand Shania because she is a big fake. Did you know she is from a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada. She waitressed at a hotel bar in Muskoka when I was about 18 and had a summer job nearby (her name wasn’t Shania Twain at the time). Her ”southern country” accent is all fake. Knowing exactly where she came from and how fake she is really pisses me off. Ha!

5 Reality Raver { 01.21.10 at 9:03 pm }

CG – ooh I love inside gossip re: Shania.

CG and Injera – yes I know the Idol needs to be marketable, however considering Hollywood Week is better when it diverse ie not all black diva singers, or blonde 17 year olds, I would have liked her to go through.

Casey Donovan who won Australian Idol, had other issues as well as her weight. And Injera I agree they do take the piss out of obese people.

Dolph – I thought her boobs were big enough.