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Did American Idol Deliver Massachusetts To The Republicans?

Democrats in America are currently handwringing and teeth gnashing about the loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to the Republicans in the blue ribbon seat of Massachusetts.  There has been much analysis on why this has occurred.

But they have not considered the American Idol effect. As we all know American Idol is the most popular TV show in the US by far, and gets between 25 and 30 million viewers a night. Scott Brown’s daughter Ayla Brown was a contestant on the show in 2006 and made it to the top 24, eventually placing 16th.

Did Ayla campaign with her dad? Oh yes indeed. Could her American Idol celebrity been the factor to get him over the line in a very tight race? If you want more sensible and indepth analysis about the Democrats defeat go here.

But if you want to see what Ayla Brown was like on American Idol press play


1 CG { 01.21.10 at 10:23 pm }

During Scott Brown’s acceptance speech last night, he told the world his daughters (two of them) ‘are available’. What was that meant to achieve? His daughters and wife look horrified when he said this. Ayla performed at the victory party. But why am I not surprised about the election of another US politician who (i) was a Cosmo bachelor of the year with semi-nude centrefold 20-30 years ago; and (ii) daughter is on American Idol; and (iii) wife is a presenter on the local TV news. America’s obsession with celebrity knows no bounds. Wasn’t Sonny Bono also a US senator at one point before he carked it skiing into a tree? and Al Franken was just elected to the senate for Minnesota,. Nuf said. Teddy Kennedy will be rolling over in his grave.

2 Reality Raver { 01.21.10 at 11:03 pm }

CG – Agree with you, however two words – Arnold Schwazanager.

3 CG { 01.21.10 at 11:23 pm }

RR, ah yes, how could I forget about Arnie. He would have run for President was there not a requirement that US President was born in the US. Some argue (the “birthers”) that this didnt’ stop Obama. But given Arnie has driven the state of California into deep bankruptcy, thank God he never made it to the White House. And he is married to a Kennedy, to boot…ah, dynasties and celebrities…what would US politics be without ’em: boring but perhaps a little more competent!

4 Injera { 01.22.10 at 4:47 pm }

Don’t forget wrestler Jesse Ventura! He was Governor of Minnesota for a term.