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Reality TV Stars and Their Older Cowboys Update

Over the past couple of years there have been a couple of romances between country singers dating much younger women who are reality TV stars.

Now the cynic in me would think these romances would not last, but I was wrong.

One was popular country singer Adam Brand who met girlfriend Jade Hatcher who is 20 when he was on last year’s Dancing With The Stars. They won the series, and their relationship is still going strong. He is teaching her to sing and they are working on some projects together. (Source Daily Telegraph)

James Blundell

Also James Blundell created controversy a few years ago when he left his wife for singer Jesse Curran. Jesse was an Australian Idol in 2007 when the scandal broke, and it did not help her get into the top 12 with James who is 20 years her senior in the front row.

However appear to be very much together at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and will perform together today. Full story Daily Telegraph