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So You Think You Can Dance – Sydney Auditions

“I like my dancers to be beautiful,” said Jason Coleman to Chantal a very attractive contemporary dancer who got a ticket straight through to the top 100.

I was a bit bemused by the hypocrisy of this comment considering he had been sympathetic and encouraging to Renee at the Gold Coast auditions because she was not getting professional dancing work because of her perceived unattractiveness. For the record I thought she was fine.

But he did not pose the same question to Jessie  the 19 year old from the Sutherland shire who was a great dancer, but was no blonde cheerleader? Also why do looks only appear to apply to the female dancers? They never say to the guys, oh your hot, or you won’t get work because you are ugly/fat etc.

Good to know that sexism is alive and well in the dance industry, which you would think with the higher proportion of gay people would me there would be a greater awareness of the effects of discrimination.

Also Jason Coleman actually pointed out the unfairness of the industry when listening to twins Ashleigh and Sara story of bulimia and the fact the dancer with the eating disorder was getting the solo parts.

Anyway here are some quick thoughts on the rest of the Sydney auditions:

  • I was surprised by Matt, I thought he was going to be a total joke candidate, but his dancing was OK and he got through to choreography. He apparently was also dumped by his fiance by SMS – the downsides of new technology;
  • Issi the private school girl who seem sweet, but probably has not known a day of disappointment in her life, was through to the top 100 even though the judges were not enamoured by her choreography;
  • Kym who is teacher at Hebersham Public brought his class in with him which was very cool, I think this helped get him through to the top 100, I thought he would just be put through to choreography if that. And props for him not doing the Toby “Australian Idol” mantra of how fabulous and inspiring teaching young kids is;
  • Forever is only 19 year old, she seems to have a much higher older persona, I think she was too overconfident in this audition.  Jason told her it was the worst audition he had seen – “Self-indulgent crap,” he said. Technically she was not great either. Disappointingly they did not send her through to choreography. Maybe she needs to audition in a different State.
  • Jess who made the top 40 in the first season was back for another crack was good, and she got a ticket straight through to Sydney. There does seem to be more hip hop girls coming through, so she might find it tougher to get in the top 20 this year.
  • Emma a lyrical dancer was a hit with the judges because she did not do the usual steps in the choreography. Adam her boyfriend of seven years also auditioned. I did not think he was very good at all compared to some of the other guys;
  • Don the B-boy was back for a third crack at the top 20 after getting so close last year. They made him go to choreography and he hit it out of the ballpark to use one of Matt Lee’s favourite phrases. Come on guys fast track him into the top 20 I love him;
  • Grace was Jason’s favourite routine in Sydney – has he just put a top 100 curse on her?
  • Lady Jane a 35 year old protege of Matt Lee got through to the top 100, but to be honest I am more interested in her retro solid gold classes she teaches. Where are the on at I am so there. I would probably dislocate a shoulder but who cares. I wonder if sequin leotard compulsory?
  • Robbie was fantastic  bad teeth and all I hope he is in the top 20 for sure.


1 Gabriel { 02.03.10 at 12:22 pm }

haha so funny what you said about Lady Jayne’s Solid Gold class – I thought exactly the same thing – shall I find out about classes for us? I thought she was pretty cool. Be good if she aced it. I thought Adam was pretty lame too. I was surprised when he got a ticket.

2 Reality Raver { 02.03.10 at 1:59 pm }

OH yes see if you can find them. But it has to be beginners and ok for unco-ordinated but enthusiastic disco fan. Also no lifts otherwise they will need to bring in a pulley system.

3 Laura { 02.03.10 at 3:52 pm }

Thanks RR, you are spot on with the “beautiful” comment. So hypocritical! And Jessie was stunning so I think that’s why her looks didn’t come up!

I absolutely love this show but this year the staged emotions are really getting to me. Especially the teacher, he did not deserve to get straight through, that is ridiculous. It was a basic breakdancing routine. I mean, of course after they brought the kids up and everything, I wanted him to get through but that’s not the criteria they should be using! The girl whose dad died was not outstanding either (I was in tears at her story but that does not mean she is a top 100 dancer!)

I really like Robbie, and I loved Issie’s routine, although I’m sure she fell out of some of her turns at the beginning which they didn’t mention.

I felt really sorry for Forever. I think the routine would have looked so much better if she had been wearing a different costume. The jacket especially was so distracting. I don’t think that the dancing itself was so bad. They could have let her do choreography.

4 Bee { 02.03.10 at 8:30 pm }

Don’t worry about the guy with the bad teeth. From memory, the top 20 all get the dentist treatment juding by the blindingly white chompers from last year!

5 Reality Raver { 02.03.10 at 11:11 pm }

Bee – the teeth cannot be as white as the dancers in the US version, but cannt wait to check them out this year.

Laura – agree I think they should have let Forever do choreography. Issie did fall out of her turns at the beginning of her routine.

Kym the teacher will be one of the first to go from the top 100