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The Biggest Loser – Week Three Weigh In – And Geoff Leaves

The question will again be raised whether The Biggest Loser is a safe way to lose weight with Geoff one of the older contestants having to leave because he was having medical problems, and had been in hospital during the show.

On the up side by the time he went home he had lost 22 kgs.

Wayne his partner got to stay, and this means one of the couple who is eliminated will get to stay and partner Wayne. Which could be to their advantage as his is losing big numbers.

The weigh in results are:

  • Caitlin lost 5.1 kgs and Daina lost 3,7 kgs;
  • Phil lost 6.0 kgs and David lost 7.5 kgs;
  • Rick lost 6.7 kgs and Joe lost 6.7 kgs;
  • Jarna lost 3.6 kgs and Lisa lost 4.1 kgs;
  • Wayne lost 9.2 kgs;
  • Elise lost 2.9 kgs and Teneale lost 3.5 kgs;
  • Phoebe lost 3.4 kgs and Jenni 3.7 kgs; and
  • Shannon lost 6.4 kgs and Chris lost 4.4 kgs.

Phoebe and Jenni, and Shannon and Chris are up for elimination.

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1 Bee { 02.08.10 at 12:08 pm }

I must say I am really liking Hayley as the host. She’s a million time better than old Weigh-Jay. She seems really nice & compassionate, plus she dresses so much better!