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Miami Social – I Doubt It Will Get Renewed


Miami Social finished tonight in Australia, and I really enjoyed the series, if you can call six episodes a series. But I doubt Bravo TV will be commissioning anymore .

It was entertaining in a Ohmigod are there really people that vacuous out there? Also there was barely any story line, so I don’t know where they would go with the plot line.

Salon sums up the show nicely:
Although it’s easy to mistake Miami Social for part of the problem, the show actually performs an important service to the public by revealing just how unspeakably dull the life of the club-hopping socialite actually is. Sure, stretching ugly tops over your enormous fake tits and spending way too much money at awful, overpriced night spots might sound like living the dream, but get to know these overly bronzed, gel-haired, empty-eyed souls a little better, and you’ll no longer spend your afternoons at work (the way we all do) daydreaming about fishing your bra out of a South Beach trash can at 4 in the morning. Despite its strenuous attempts to glamorize the lives of these young, wealthy, ultra-beautiful denizens of Miami’s hottest circles, Miami Social reveals them to be horribly mundane.

George  who goes out with the volotile Lina who kind off disappears periodically without really telling him where she is. I mean George she works for a real estate developer, what does she do for him? Are you sure she is not working at Hooters?

It took Georges mum all of two seconds to realise the relationship was completely unhealthy, and yes they are still together.

Also Hardy has broken up with Trixia his girlfriend of six years and has married Pachi Lake (photo of the two of them above).

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Sorry, I didn’t read a thing you wrote. I can’t stop looking at those hooties