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Brian McFadden To Join The Australia’s Got Talent Judging Panel

Australia’s Got Talent is having an overhaul this year with judges Red Symons, and Tom Burlinson not having their contracts renewed.

Bad boy Kyle Sandilands has been announced as one of the new people to sit beside Danni Minogue on the panel, and it is expected this week they will announce Brian McFadden to be the other one.

Now I have to mea culpa on Brian as last year as I wrote how I had not wanted him to be a judge on Australian Idol, however his guest judging spot was one of the bright moments in a rather dull Idol year.

David Leckie aim is to capitalise on the demise of Australian Idol and attempt to get in a few more younger viewers to watch the show. And he knows Kyle and Brian attract that demographic.

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1 queengirl { 07.07.12 at 8:42 pm }

I think this is good for teenagers like me I am turning 14 this year and I want to be on the Australia got talent