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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20 Show

“It’s a dancing show” shrieked Natalie Bassingthwaite, well Square Division who choreographed the first dance clearly DID NOT get that memo. More on that later, but first a few quick thoughts on the episode:

  • I thought Matt Lee has manned up this year, and has now defined a role for himself as a  judge. This has been one of my major criticisms in the past. He  pointed out aspects about the dancers that the lay person at home would not have picked up. It added value to the show. By the way I am not writing this because he has blocked me from reading his twitter account, as I did not realise for sometime, I just thought it was a problem with my Tweetdeck. Yes that is how IT proficient I am.
  • Again I liked the role Jason Coleman has defined by describing some of the techniques or differences between dance styles. Again this added value.
  • Now regular viewers would also know there is an element of luck in not landing in the bottom three in the first few rounds, and therefore being booted before you can obtain a fan base. One is being partnered with someone that is liked, and not someone who people are ambivalent about. Secondly it also depends which choreographer you get. If you pull Jason Gilkison or Sarah Boulter you are basically safe. Ok I haven’t really done the stats on that but if my memory serves me correctly…

Ilona and Nick – Jazz choreographed by The Square Division – Lady Gaga and Beyonce – Telephone

Ok they warned us in the preview that it was more an acting piece and that was exactly what it was. As Jason Coleman said there was hardly any dancing in it. Unfortunately for Ilona and Nick I think this will mean they will be in the bottom three, and if one of them is eliminated they would be quite right to be extremely pissed off. Square Division if I wanted to watch looney tunes I would.

Jason said their characterisation was good, but could not judge the dancing as there was none.  Matt Lee  thought it was a cute concept, but told Ilona to finish off her steps before starting a new one. And Bonnie thought they both should be nominated for Oscars.

Jessie and Matt – Contemporary choreographed by Stephen Agisilaou – Des’ree I’m Kissing You

“What is this untapped resource?” said Matt about the girls in his dance classes. Matt and Jessie are going to be a very hard couple to beat together. Matt is probably going to get the girl vote as well as their boyfriends or brothers vote. He reminds me of an up market and more intelligent Corey Worthington.

Jessie is an amazing dancer, and Matt has a huge likeability factor. And to  all those kids who want the US style straightened and peroxided teeth, that we see on the US version of this show, take note from Jessie, don’t do it. Her quirky teeth make her face.

Jess and Doug – Ballroom (Cha Cha) choreographed by  Leanne Bampton – Gossip Love Long Distance

When I was watching the introductions all I could think of were dogs allowed on Bondi Beach? Would have thought that would create a bit of chaos. Also the date nights with Doug and his wife Stacey cracked me up, with her watching TV through the lap top. It reminded me of the movie Lars and the Real Girl.

Doug must have been happy with his new partner Jess since he was stuck with Ivylast week. However maybe Doug was the blame last week for the head in the crotch hit by Ivy, as there were a few stop and starts in this routine. However both dancers have a high likeability factor. However I don’t see either winning it but they should be around for a few more weeks.

Matt Lee said “Get into the character as well as the dance”, also he told her to get the hair out of her eyes – Oh yes I agree.

Jason explained the difference between the counting of ballroom and normal dance is apparently it is polar opposite. He also said he did not feel the connection between the couple and told them not to count on the ballroom community vote.

Renee and Phillipe – Hip Hop – Choreographer is Jesse Rasmussen – Keysha Cole Falling Out

Phillipe is from New Zealand so if he wins a Kiwi will have won Australian Idol and SYTYCD Australia in the one year. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I am not a big fan of hip hop so the routine has to be fantastic for me to love it. This was not one of those routines. I thought they danced it well though. However I am sure it will be popular with the voters

This is narrative based hip hop said Jason, not told to well as Matt Lee got lost with the story but liked the dancing.

Will and Grace -Broadway – Adam Williams – Bee Gee – You shoud Be Dancing

Did anyone spot Will’s high profile partner? Nah I didn’t either. Once this pair gel they are going to be hard to beat. Unfortunately for them Grace broke her thumb in rehearsals. These two know how to perform. It started off strong, but it went off the rails towards the end in a really noticeable way.

I think Bonnie Lythgoe made a good point saying  maybe the broken thumb maybe have mentally hindered Will in the lifts.

Jason said you did a good job on what you have been given. Was this his passive aggressive way of saying he did not like the choreography?

Robbie and Mikhaela – Rhumba by choreographers Trent and Gordana – Glee Cast- Endless Love

Channel Ten wardrobe did  looked like it was placed at a former detention centre, very unglamourous ripped lounges and all. I really like Robbie, but I think he has been dealt a dud hand in being partnered with Mikhaela I don’t think she is going to attract many votes. I expect them to hit the bottom three a couple of times in the coming weeks.

Don’t expect Robbie to do any lifts above his head any time soon. He would have done better being partnered with Issi.

“The High School Musical version of the Rhumba,” said Matt Lee. “I wanted it to be a little dirtier,”

He also told Mikhaela to watch her face when she dances as she tightens her jaw.

Jason said he did not feel the routine or the love between them. But said it was a good attempt.

Carly and Kieran – contemporary choreographed by  Sarah Boulter – Rob Dougan “Furious Angels”

Now this is the type of routine we expect from So You Think You Can Dance. Absolutely mesmerising. Sarah Boulter is one of the best choreographers on the show. And if you get the good choreographers you tend to get the votes. Carly surprised me I have not been much of a fan up until now.

Jason said he did not get bored for a second. Also Jason must not be a Keiran fan because he said “You did a much better job then I thought you were going to do.”

Heath and Jessica – Lyrical Jazz by Choreographer Marko Panzic – Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind (Part 2)”

 Jason Coleman said he thought Heath had lost his mojo prior to the big lift, however he then proceeded to blame Jessica for the stuff up. 

Matt Lee thought Jessica was the best female ballroom dancer they have had in three seasons. He thought Heath put Jessica down in the lifts to heavy. But also thought it was a fantastic performance.

Gaz and Ivy – Pase Doble –  Choreographer is Carmello Pizzini – Shakira Ojo Asi

Ivy had a ankle injury so this limited her and Gaz’s rehearsal time. Did anyone else notice that the injury appeared to have occured because of a gap or rip in the floor? This ballroom routine was perfect for them,a kind of gypsy exotic vibe, which is what Ivy looks like anyway. I think Gaz is not going to last long in the competition if he does not get to dance in his own genre soon.

I know Jason Coleman thinks Gaz  is the best hip hop dancer in a ballroom routine. He also gave Ivy the thumbs up.

Matt Lee said he did not see Gaz thinking (which is a positive thing), but thought his technique was lacking.

Issi and Don – Hip Hop – Choregraphed by Juliette Verne – Ciara ft Missy Elliott  “Work”

Issi reminds me of last years winner Tahlia so this will mean she won’t win this year as we are a fickly bunch when we vote – we like something different each year. Also her private school and what looked like a privleged background won’t do her any favours with the voters, as they prefer the underdog.

Juliette Verne was even sceptical about their ability to perform the routine. I think they lack chemistry. I really like Don but the whole routine fell flat. Issi cannot to funky pumping hip hop.

Jason said the big issue was unison and synchronicity, and Matt Lee thought they had hit it 70% – cute but wanted it hotter and dirtier.

My bottom three predictions (which I always get wrong) are:
Ilona and Nick, Don and Issi, and Renee and Phillipe.

Your thoughts?


1 Heartfelt { 02.18.10 at 8:50 am }

What were the choreographers for Robbie and Mikhaela thinking???? Robbie is capable of so much more than that. And Mikhaela too! Ditch the choreographer I say, not the couple. Robbie deserves to stay, would be a shame if he bows out because of the absolute ineptitude of a couple of dud choreographers. I think he’s safe, if his huge fan base on Facebook is any indication. But come on SYTYCD! There should have been auditions to choose the choreographers! Where are these duds coming from??

And what was with Matt and Jessie groping each others intestines out of their t-shirts? Come on! That was just off. Visually, it was just weird and I can’t see how Jason Coleman liked it. Jessie is sweet and Matt is likeable enough… reminds me a bit of a chipmunk on acid though. Cute but irritating…..

Keiran and Carly: I’m not a fan of either but they won lotto with that choreographer at the helm. Lucky them…….

2 akris { 02.18.10 at 10:40 am }

I agree with heartfelt, even though i loved the dancing, the whole fabric coming out of their shirts thing was just weird.. almost like a play on the talia/doredo(?) dance from last year but not as good…. Jessie H has become my favourite though from watching last night.. i just think she’s an awesome dancer.

Even though i’m a fan of Don, his and Issie’s dance was no good… and i hope people vote on dance ability rather than just favouritism and personality.. although it does play a part.. the bad dancing was inexcusable.

I love Robbie and Keiran too!

3 Reality Raver { 02.18.10 at 10:48 am }

The teams that I think risk being in the bottom three because of bad partnerships early are:

Issi and Don
Nick and Ilona
Robbie and Mikhaela

I think Don might stay in longer with a different partner, pity he was not matched with Mikhaela and Robbie with Issi. This would have been better for all four of them.

Heartfelt I agree with your comments on the choreography, always interesting to see which ones we see again and which ones bite the dust. Nacho Pop anyone? And Marko Panzic has ensured a strong presence on the show because of his good chore.

Akris Jessie H is looking like a fave early on. I think the other Jess is going to struggle to stay in.

4 sourkraut { 02.18.10 at 1:43 pm }

buckets of words RR
the processor must be working overtime, but seriously, if this is one of the top 20 shows on tv Ithink i’ll take TDK’s advice

5 KC { 02.18.10 at 2:27 pm }

I was actually pretty disappointed with the show…Maybe I’m still recovering from the high that was the end of season 2 that I assumed everyone would be up there in season 3. But there was nothing that stuck to me as AWESOME. Maybe its cause I actually missed the first 2 eps of Season 2 so by then, everyone was good but then I remember Season 1 where from the beginning, there were performances already that made me go WOW. This time I was just Oh. It was a general Oh.

About performances, Jessie is seriously becoming one of my favourites! I’m not the biggest fan of Matt and their dance was a bit weird with the cloth making their shirts go weird and stuff but Jessie was INCREDIBLE. I wish Jess S was paired with someone else…She’s such a powerful dancer and Doug doesn’t seem to be reaching that.

I know that a lot of people think the Keiran and Carly routine was AWESOME but I dunno…I thought it was alright. It made me notice Carly cause I thought she was really good but it made me also notice how Keiran has a really young face and I thought he didn’t really pull it off. It’s really just a personal opinion and I reckon I’ll be outrun with comments exclaiming how good it was but was it only good cause no one else was spectacular?

All in all…rather disappointed…I really hope everyone picks up their game in the next week…I think I’m being really mean cause everyone’s still so new to it but I dunno…I just expected so much more T____T I feel so bad…

6 josie { 02.18.10 at 3:51 pm }

Boring overall….I enjoyed only two performances last night(heath and jessica, carly and keiran). Seriously, are those choreographers the best we’ve got?

7 par3182 { 02.18.10 at 6:31 pm }

It’s always hard to predict the bottom three as it’s rarely the three worst couples; there’s sure to be one surprise in there.
Slightly off tangent but with all Nick’s jeebus talk, anyone know if he’s affiliated with that churchy group that’s previously infested Idol?

8 bella vita { 02.18.10 at 10:57 pm }

Interesting show and some points I thought I would mention…

Leanne Bampton, the choreographer is not a “friend” of Jasons, unlike many of the others. I remember too clearly a comment from 2 years ago he made “Leanne Bampton, I have no idea who she is good, but I enjoyyed the routine” and then Leanne giving the camera a not so pleased look.
Fans of Reality TV will remember Leanne as being Dickos partner on DWTS and the one he was rumored to getting cozy with which put a strain on his marriage.

Carmello also from DWTS who you may remember was paired with Noelene Brown, Arianne Carolli and Kylie Gillies.

As I mentioned last week…being friends with Jason will get you on the show as a regular…Jet Verne, Sarah Bolten, Project Moda and obviously Kelley and Jason.
He will not rave or gush over anyone he doesnt believe he is on par with.

In other news……………..

Nick is not affilated with the same church as previous Idols, though similar of course.

With 3 Jess’s, they should have banned the word Jessica from voting and used their surnames.
People that just write Jess or Jessica will not be counted in the final tallys which is unfair for the girls.

And Don: Can you please stop doing that stupid duck hands everytime we see you.

9 Reality Raver { 02.18.10 at 11:26 pm }

KC – it would appear you are right about the Matt and Jessie routine, didn’t captivate as much as I thought.

Josie – I am sure there will be more choreographers emerging throughout the season.

Par3182 – your correct about the surprise.

Bella Vita – I love all your knowledge about the dance world. I do remember that Leanne Bampton had partnered Dicko, but had forgotten the Jason comment. It all came flooding back. Do you think Jason has any/much influence on which choreographers get to go on the show.

10 bella vita { 02.18.10 at 11:39 pm }

I think Jason has HUGE influence over choices.

There are 4 other choreographers in Melb and Syd that are where serious dancers train (if they are not at Brent St or Ministry) and only one of these, Robert Sturrock has gotten a look in (1st season). This person is a threat to Jasons own courses and very respected in the industry. They havent had him yet, which i would love to see. Though …(and im not sure) he may have been coaching the Top 20 in the training episodes last week?

Aleeta Blackburn is another in Sydney who they’ve used twice. Only once per season, and not this year yet.

11 Street Dance { 02.19.10 at 11:10 pm }

Cracking article. A really good read. I agree, Jason appears to have a major influence.

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