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Survivor – Heroes Vs Villains – TV Week Discusses Potential Alliance And Strategy

Channel Nine are doing a great job in building the excitement of the 20th season of  Survivor Heroes VsVillains, and this week TV Week has a great article in it with their views on how the series is going to pan out.

TV Week has broken the players into different categories, this is what they said:

The Wildcards:

Russell –  Survivor Heroes Vs Villains  was filmed before Survivor: Samoa aired, so none of the others have seen Russell’s gameplay. His unique position could work for or against him – players may want to eliminate the unknow, especially as he’s a villain, or he may be able to use exactly the same strategy with no on any the wiser.

Candice – Although she played alongside Parvati in Cook Islands, Candice is not on the same tribe as the only player she’s familiar with. If she’s smart, she’ll  become a valuable extra member of a Heroes’ voting block. If she’s not, she might endu up out in the cold.

Courtney: The Survivor:China  villain is in a similar boat to Candice – with James and Amanda from her season on the Heroes tribe. Although Courtney may be targeted due to being a potential weakness during challenges, as the final tribal council in China  proved, she can talk her  way out of anything.

The Sitting Ducks:

Winners: JT, Sandra, Rupert, Tom, Parvati – If Survivor: All-Stars is anything to go by, anyone who’s previously won the million dollar prize – which includes Rupert, who received the viewer-voted cheque after All-Stars- has a massive target on their back. In All-Stars, Jenna Lewis led a charge against previous winner Tina, who was first to go, while Richard and Ethan didn’t last very long either.

Strategists: Boston Rob, and Cirie –  In non-All-Stars seasons, schemers can fly under the radar if they’re careful enough, but the other 18 contestants will know exactly what type of game rob and Cirie have played before. It’s unlikely anyone will want to keep a player around who could slit their throat any time.

The Bad Blood:

Jerri V Colby: It is one of Survivor’s longest-running feuds – and one that should pick up exactly where it left off in All-Stars. In their first season together in Australia, Jerri was smitten with Colby – but the “black widow” love soon turned to anger when colby helped eliminate her shortly after the merge. Determined to outlast him the second time around, Jerri gunned for Colby to go in All-Stars. With one victory apiece, who will outlast whom in Heroes Vs Villains?

Sugar V Randy: Randy wasn’t the only contestant no fond of Sugar in Gabon, but the intense hatred between the pair is unparalleled. Randy’s pre-existing distaste for the pin-up model was only increased when she convinced eventual winner Bob to trick Randy by giving him a fake immunity idol. Sugar made no effort to disguise her glee when the move resulted in Randy’s elimination.

Danielle Vs Cirie: It’s not one of the series’ biggest grudges but Danielle was responsible for Cirie’s elimination in Panama. At the final four, Danielle avoided going home by enlisting Terry to vote with her against Cirie (who voted with Aras against Danielle). With two votes apiece, the pair were forced into a tiebreaker, which Danielle won. Does Cirie still blame her for costing her a million dollars?

The Alliances:

Parvati, Amanda, Cirie and James – Micronesia: Fans Vs Favourites  allies Parvati and Amanda are definitely tight – but both will need to make the merge to reunite this time around. Meanwhile Amanda has played the game with – and beaten- James twice, but it’s likely he holds more of a grudge against all-girl alliance ringleader Parvati for his Micronesia demise and could work with Amanda now. As for Cirie, she was linked with Parvati and Amanda in Fans Vs Favourites, but Amanda left her behind before the final tribal council, so she may not have complete loyalty.

Tom and Stephenie – In Palau, Stephenie and Tom weren’t allied – but they ended up on the same tribe when Stephenie, the last member of Ulong, was “conquered” and brought into the Koror tribe. although greatly outnumbered, Stephenie had earnt the respect of Tom and tribemates, who kept her around longer than they needed to. With both on the Heroes side, it’s likely their friendship will lead to an alliance.

Tyson and Coach – The self-proclaimed “Dragon Slayer” and the sharp tongued mormon were part of a tight alliance in Tocantins and, since neither betrayed each other, it would make sense for them to team up on the Villains tribe again. And although they both gave him their vote in the final tribal council, it’s possible they’d have JT in their sights, since he was partly responsible for their downfalls.