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American Idol Performance Shows – The Top 24

Now this is the part of American Idol I love. The auditions are over, Hollywood Week is done and dusted, and we get to hear them really sing.

And this must be the year of the quirky girl instead of the usual divas belting it out and it was great to see some interesting girls singing. However the problem will be that in previous years a lot of them would have been unique however they were more the norm so a few will be early casualties.

Can the judges of American Idol please give the Australian Idol judges (if it ever comes back on) a masterclass. Each one added something different. Randy Jackson, must have his contract up for renewal as I thought he was great tonight, really getting into the nuances of the singers voices. Kara DiGuardio who I found extremely annoying in the auditions and Hollywood Week is in her element once the performance shows start. She really does have an indepth knowledge of music.

Simon is Simon droll and says the things people are thinking. Ellen was probably the weakest, but she knows to keep it succinct and she has such a nice vibe about her.

I don’t want to criticise Australian Idol, because I love it, but the talent on American Idol is amazing. But then they have a population of 300 million.

Paige Miles – 24 –  Alright Now – Supergrass

Well she was confident, and she has some amazing pipes. If big notes brings votes she will be safe for tonight. But she did not rock my world. But I think I could grow to like her. Normally each year there is a heap of black girl singers with big voices, but not so this year which will make her stand out.

Simon thought out of all the girls she has the best voice, but he did not like the song.

The consensus from the rest of judging panel was that she was good. 

Ashley Rodriguez – 22 – Happy – Leona Lewis

I love how reality TV contestants  are now doing covers of other reality contestants. The problem is Leona Lewis has an amazingly strong voice, and Ashley did not pull it off. Her low register was dodgy, and the chorus sounded weak.

Kara DiGuardio – said there were some ordinary moments but thought she would get through.

Randy hit the nail on the head when he said people would just compare her to Leona so said it was not good for her.

Simon thought she was going backwards. He does not see her as a contemporary recording artist just someone who does not sing other peoples songs particularly well.

Oh yes there were going to be tears backstage.

Janell Wheeler 24 – What About Love – Heart

America is obsessed about Heart, every year it is sung a number of times. I loved her song in Hollywood Week and was surprised she picked it I was expecting something quirkier. Not very memorable, but I hope she gets through.

Randy did not like the song choice but likes her.

Simon said she gave 100% effort but delivered about 65%. It’s about song choice and about trying to do something original.

Kara said the song was too big for her.

Lilly Scott – 20 –  The Beatles

This girl has been living out of her car and busking to survive. She is definitely very interesting and quirky. I loved her rendition of the song. Brave choice to play the guitar on the first live show. Hopefully America will vote for her. A kind of a blond version of Chanel Cole.

Ellen gushed.

Simon thought it was the best we have had so far. He was not feeling much star power at the moment.

Kara said everyone is going to remember you tonight.

Katelyn Epperly – 19  – Oh Darling

I thought she looked like an over done up cocktail waitress that would appeal to Tiger Woods BBC (Before Being Caught). And I thought the song choice was just bizzare. I did like her voice though and I hope she gets through.

Simon thought she was quirky interesting, and also said a good choice of song. He likes her.

Kara – said she preferred her a bit more natural (I agree).

Randy said the real art of singing is tone and melody. He thought she can go places.

Haeley Vaughan – 16 – I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

I loved her. She was so different to what I expected,  so cute and age appropriate.

Kara thought there were some technical issues with the performance. But she said she brings fun to the stage.

Randy said maybe drop the note a bit lower or singing the note differently.

Ellen said she shined.

Simon thought it was verging on terrible, like  a doll that never stopped smiling and that is why the vocals were such a mess.

OK maybe my head was turned by the red guitar.

Lacey Brown – 24 – Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

I thought her voice was interesting, however I think she did make a few noticeable mistakes. However the end was stronger then the start. Loved her look. I doubt she will be around next week.

Randy thought it was not the right song for you, he thought it was terrible and pitchy and did not suit her voice.

Ellen said I think you are better then that.

Simon thought it was quite depressing and indulgent.

Kara hopes that America gives her one more shot.

Michelle Delamour – 22 – Falling – Alicia Keys

I love the way she described her self as a sales associate at a clothing store. I thought from the preview I was not going to like her. But I thought her performance was fantastic, and I don’t normally like the song.

Ellen thought it was amazing.

Simon a very professional singer, there was not one moment in the song that made him go wow. He said she needs to do something to make her different.

Kara said if she is going for the diva spot, she needs to be technically perfect when she came out on stage. Also she would like her to be more unique.

Didi Benami – 23 – The Way I am – Ingrid Michaelson

I seriously need the waistcoat she was wearing though I would probably make it look a bit frumpy. There is a lot of quirky girls this year. I wonder if they are going to cancel each other out. I liked her but I am not sure she is as memorable as the others. I don’t think she will make it through.

Simon said she was a good singer. Simon thinks there are to many people tonight trying to sound like Adele and Duffy. He thought it was a bit indulgent and a bit dreary. He thought it was dull.

Kara thought it was a bit pitchy but liked her.

Randy wondered where the star factor was.

Ellen thought the song for the first night was a little low key.

Siobhan Magnus 19 – Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

She is a glass blowing apprentice, so she must have a trust fund. I found her quite mesmerising. I still can’t believe they have not had Chris  Isaak as a guest on the American Idol, as he always rocks it when he is on Australian Idol.

Kara said she is really in the moment.

Ellen really liked it a lot.

Simon said we just don’t know what you are going to do each time. He liked it but did not think it was a good as the Stevie Wonder song she did on Hollywood Week.

Crystal Bowersox – 24 – Hand In My Pocket – Alanis Morriset

She has the cutest baby. She probably did not help herself by saying the only reason she is hear because mummy needs a bigger paycheck. I really don’t like the people that come on Idol think they are too independent or too much of a muso to be on the show. Come on it has discovered some amazing talent.

And Crystal has talent. Though I thought the harmonica was unnecessary, and just a bit cocky. I think she has to lose the attitude a bit or America will turn on her at some stage. I hope she stays in awhile.

Randy said he was one of her favourites.

Ellen said she adds something fresh to the show.She also said she would vote for her.

Simon said there are thousands of you outside subway stations. Told her she sounded like Alanis. However he really likes her and finds her refreshing.

Katie Stevens 17- Feeling Good – Michael Buble

She was lucky to get the prime last position on the show, because this was dull. In past year’s she would have been cancelled out by all the other diva type singers, but they are in short supply this year so she should be safe. She had zero appeal to me.

Ellen thought it was very conservative and wants her to be 17 and to be fresh and modern. She said it was great.

Simon thought it started to become annoying.

Kara thought she was pitchy which she said was unlike her.

Randy said you were pushing so hard the notes were too sharp.

Look any of these girls would easily make top 12 in Australia, but two have to be eliminated tomorrow night. I think it will be Didi Benami, and Lacey Brown.

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1 Injera { 02.25.10 at 1:42 pm }

Also glad to see Hollywood week over! Thanks for the detailed recap. I will be glad when the field is culled, because… that was a LONG show.

Paige – after I’d seen all the others, I still remembered her performance but not much of the 11 who came after, so I’d have to put her high on the list for the night.

Ashley – agree RR: totally forgettable and her low register was non-existent. She really should have chosen a song she could sing.

Janelle’s voice was way too thin to tackle a Heart song. The only thing she was rocking was the wardrobe, but she didn’t match the look with her hair, which was way too Taylor Swift. I thought Randy was saying HE was glad it was over when he started his comments! Maybe he was.

Lily – good song for her, but seemed a bit more lackadaisical than whimsical to me.

Katelyn – “Oh Darling”? Oh dear. That perm, the hair accessory, the red lips, the enormous earrings, the lace stockings… Desperately Seeking Susan called and wants its wardrobe back.

And the crimes against fashion were continued by Hayley. I loved the arrangement, but wasn’t that keen on the performance. The flower-girl getup distracted me from the red guitar! I missed the red guitar!

Ruby Rose – sorry, Lacey. Meh. But I love the way Kara said “Six Pence”.

Ha! The “Sales Associate” line was the most memorable thing about Michelle’s performance, and as for Didi’s – I’d forgotten it by the time they got to Randy’s comments.

Siobhan – nice voice but I agree with Randy… it was V-E-R-Y slow. Mind you, I was not watching the screen at the time so didn’t get the benefit of the full performance, as Ellen said she liked the way she moved around the stage.

Eh, Crystal… Agree, RR, that she came off a bit snotty and superior about AI (kind of I-want-what-those-talentless-hacks-have-been-getting), but then she did Morrisette? And a fairly karaoke version at that. Not exactly showing her alternative credentials there. The mix seemed a bit off for her – didn’t notice it for the other performances, but her voice really struggled to come through. Simon was spot on pointing out that her ignorance of previous seasons undermined her ability to do something standout.

Must admit, I started to nod off as soon as Simon said “Michael Buble” so can’t really judge Katie Stevens’ rendition. I was tempted to fast forward through it so that I could catch Rock of Love, so I guess that says something…

Agree that any of these girls would make top 12 here, but having said that, none of them have really grabbed me tonight. Although that could be the problem with a Billboard Top 100 selection. Gonna skew MOR from the get-go. I tip Didi and Katie for a farewell.

Oh, and is it just me or did the guys all look like complete tools in the preview?