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American Idol – The Top 24 Guys

Apparently Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson have been talking that a girl will win this year’s American Idol, and on tonight’s boy’s night I think they might be right. There were a few good performances, but a lot that were completely forgettable.

A few thoughts on the show:

  • Todrik’s version of Kelly Clarkson’s version of Since You’ve Been Gone  was a bit strange, but it was kind of likeable. Randy cracked me up and he had a point when he said the song was a hit and you obliterated it and it was unrecognisable. The reason it was a hit was because people liked it.
  • How Aaron Kelly got through to the top 24 after completely blowing is final top 100 performance is beyond me, and tonight’s country ballad song did nothing to make me change my mind – clearly I was alone in my opinion as the judges gushed, even Simon Cowell was positive.
  • Jermaine Sellers voice was a bit cracky and pitchy, but his voice has some interesting tones, I would like to hear him sing again before I press the delete button on him.
  • Tim Urban who got a last minute call up for the top 24, has a cute pop look, his vocals were weak, and he over annunciated his words. I might be twisting the knife, but Simon plunged it in.
  • Joe Munoz did nothing for me in his preview interviews, but on stage he turns into a little cutie and a lot of appeal. Lucky for him there is a high hispanic population in the US so should be safe. Simon was not feeling the love for him.
  • Tyler Grady was the first contestant who screamed star. However Simon thinks he is a rock star cliche, and the rest of the judges agreed. Ellen thought he lacked charisma. Maybe I am a sucker for the Jim Morrison/Michael Hutchene.
  • Lee Dewze was smart and picked the popular song from Snow Patrol, I liked it. But he got a 50/50 split from the judges.
  • John Park song was extremely dull, I will be surprised if he is NOT eliminated.
  • Michael Lynche Maroon 5 was a good song choice but I thought the guitar playing was superfluous.
  • Alex Lambert grew on me once I got over his dreadful mullet, I am not sure if he will make top 12 but he has an unusual voice.
  • Casey James who I have been a bit ho hum about, changed my mind a bit with his performance, not sure why Kara is so hot to trot about him.
  • Andrew Garcia’s performance was entertaining, and I think he got hit with the “we have high expectations of you” stick by the judges.


1 kelly { 02.25.10 at 11:20 pm }

I loved Tyler and his style, we must have the Jim Morrison/Michael Hutchence Fetish LOL

2 Laura { 02.25.10 at 11:33 pm }

I liked the last guy, I think he did a really good job. I also liked Joe a lot, he was cute.

All the others were AWFUL.

3 Injera { 02.26.10 at 2:36 pm }

Can’t WAIT until they cull, cull, cull. You’re right, RR, they should lose four guys and keep all the girls.

Todrick – there’s making the song your own, and completely ignoring it. Took until the chorus for me to get what he was singing.

Aaron – boring and pitchy/strained (but he looks like a sweet kid).

Jermaine – I take back pitchy from Aaron. This was torture.

Tim – Ouch! no wonder he was cut!

Joe – ok, but Randy? Singing Jason Mraz is TOUGH? Only because it’s tempting to fall asleep during the songs… Jason Fucking Mraz.

Tyler – stood out for doing something with a rock feel and stripped back arrangement. But the judges were right – plus, when Ellen said “you’re just going through the motions”, I realised that’s what I was doing watching it.

Lee – hideous – playing a guitar doesn’t let you off the keeping-in-tune hook, dude. I’m not sure what Simon was listening to. Seriously.

John – love the song, but it was pretty wobbly.

Michael – I love Michael (yes! love! It’s a strong word for a man I don’t know, but there you go…) but by this stage I just want it OVER and there are still 3 singers to come. He’s not the worst. That’s for sure.

Alex – Have they had their makeovers? Simon’s right – it was uncomfortable.

Casey – Oh, god, Bryan Adams. Noooooo! And why change the chord progressions like that, anyway? Made an already boring song worse. But… he sang in tune. So not in danger, you’d think, unless the girls are going to punish him for catching Kara’s eye.

Andrew – seemed to struggle to fit all the words into the song and missed quite a few notes. Dull, although Simon can’t have it both ways, surely? Can’t be indulgent AND unoriginal, can it? Sounded WAY better against the other performances in the final wrap. In fact, that clip package really showed how bad the performances were tonight. Nerves. I’ll say it’s nerves, cos some of these guys really impressed me in auditions and Hollywood week.

I’m SICK of guitars. Seriously. Don’t haul out the props – because that’s really all they are – until you’ve got through. As for the new judges’ panel, the last two shows demonstrate that Ellen is a fan, not a critic. Maybe she’ll settle into it a bit more, and I love her personality, but the fan perspective comes through in the votes – we don’t need it on the panel, do we?