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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – And Now There Are 16

HELLLOOOOO the gorgeous Pascha from the US So You Think You Can Dance is in Sydney dancing with Jason Gilkison’s Burn The Floor. Where is he staying, as I need to stalk him.

Speaking of the Gilkison, he is offering one of the new choice of contracts to join Burn The Floor for the 35 week tour of the United States.  I bet the winner takes that prize. Far more exciting then hanging out in Adelaide. No offence to my Adelaide readers.

Yet again there was a shock in the bottom three of Heath and Jessica who had done a nice contemporary routine. Maybe Jessica’s self doubt affected the voters and they were ambivalent about voting for her. Or maybe people didn’t care for the Anthony Ikin routine.

Matt must of been happy that he was safe as he would have been unable to do a solo and would have been turfed. I am very suprised Issi and Don were not in the bottom three, as that Foxtrot was very ordinary.

The Nacho Plop curse struck again with Mikhaela and Robbie in the bottom three with their lacklustre boogaloo routine. I see they are sending him on a roadtrip again, the dancers will be happy about that.

And Gaz and Ivy also hit the bottom three for their superhero hip-hop routine. Maybe the it was the hex of the new choreographers hitting as Alvin DeCastro was also a first timer.

All the men’s solo were amazing, I actually pity the judges.

I thought Jessica’s solo really cute, and she did a great job considering it is hard to shine in solo’s as a ballroom dancer.

Mikhaela’s solo was really ordinary and confirmed for me that she should not have made the top 20. But I think Ivy was lucky that Mikhaela’s was bottom three otherwise it would have been her walking the plank as her solo was not fabulous. It was no surprise Mikhaela was eliminated.

I was not surprised Gaz was eliminated. He was devastated, it was like in his mind this was last chance saloon for him. But he should not panic, as Matt’s foot may not come good and he may have to come back into the competition. Also the men are so strong this year.

Just realised Robbie’s new partner is Ivy – Oh Vey!  Also Mary Murphy is going to be a special guest judge next – she always brings some life to the judging panel.


1 par3182 { 02.25.10 at 9:47 pm }

That was the saddest elimination ever. Poor Gaz – at least he’s still a big giant hunk, so there’s that. Why are they eliminating the hot guys first?

Mikhaela? Already had been there far too long; her ambivalence over her boot after Gaz’s breakdown made me dislike her even more (and I was already a fully paid up member of the I Hate Mikhaela club).

Call me, Gaz.

2 ._. { 02.25.10 at 10:12 pm }

I think you misspelt hulk. 😛 Awwww that was horrible of me, Gaz seems like such a lovely guy. I was feeling for him. I do agree that Mikhaela’s reaction was particularly untactful.

Jessica’s weekly meltdown definitely didn’t do her any favours with the voters.

What is with the injuries this season? Are the dancers dancing on their ankles or what?

3 Reality Raver { 02.25.10 at 10:21 pm }

par3182 – I reckon Gaz will be being comforted. Considering there are so many gay dancers he would have his pick of the women.

._. Maybe the injuries are occurring because they are overdancing them?

4 alicat { 02.26.10 at 8:13 am }

Robbie and Ivy?? How the hell are they going to get around that height differential?! Bahahaha XD

I missed the show last night so missed seeing Gaz’s and Mikhaela’s reactions, but it sounds like a depressing thing to watch. I hate eliminations but I wouldn’t have wanted Heath or Robbie to go so it would have been Gaz by default… poor guy, because he’s done a great job of committing to the genres he’s had each week. Good job, Gaz :)

*pops champagne now that Mikhaela is gone*. That is all :)

I’m pretty stunned Heath and Jessica were in the bottom 3 actually. It might’ve been the meltdown, but Jess had a meltdown too and she and Doug definitely performed worse than Heath and Jess. Oh well, I’m not too pessimistic about people being in the bottom 3 because it’s an indication for their fans that they need to vote, so hopefully now everyone will start voting for H&J – they’re definitely 2 of my favourites. How were Heath’s feet last night?? 😛

5 Reality Raver { 02.26.10 at 10:30 am }

Alicat – I forgot to look at Heath’s feet – Duh!
The heigh difference wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be, but she is pretty solid. I forgot what genre they pulled out of the hat. Maybe the competition is not going to work out for Robbie.

6 Vic { 02.26.10 at 11:08 am }

I would love for them to mix up the partners more and get away from the boy/girl love routines. These are always so popular in the final.

7 akris { 02.26.10 at 11:50 am }

I’m glad Mikhaela was out too.. i can’t believe she made it to top 100 let alone top 20!! .. it will be interesting to see Robbie and Ivy dance next week.. they have Jazz right.. at least with Jazz they can get away with doing more Contemporary or Waltz.. or whatever else.. *fingers crossed* because i do want to see Robbie do well.

Agree with whoever said that the male dancers are exceptional this year.. i think there is only one or two female dancers that can compare… Jessie H being one. (i’m glad she wasn’t bottom 3)

8 Bee { 02.26.10 at 12:57 pm }

I wish Mikhaela would realise that skanky bikinis/one-pieces are not substitues for bras. In her leaving montage I don’t think a she wore a single outfit without the swimwear.

I felt bad for Gaz.

Issi needs to go.

9 Steph { 02.26.10 at 3:16 pm }

Felt bad for Gaz but he was the worst of the guys. *sigh* There goes my perve.
I didn’t like Mikhaela all that muchbut Jessica’s solo was average. If strutting around and shaking your ass can get you to the top 16, then this show is not based on talent. I understand she’s a ballroom dancer but there are other skills she could have shown.
I have a massive girl-crush on Ivy. She’s gorgeous and a great dancer.

10 Dakota { 02.27.10 at 6:45 pm }

Hi Reality Raver, I love your site and have been reading for ages! Just wanted to let you know firstly.

Secondly, you commented that Gaz would have his pick of the girls, but I can only seem to figure that Heath is the only gay dancer out of the guys… at least clearly anyway! Who are the others? lol.