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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 18 Performance Show

Now we know that Natalie Bassingthwaite is pregnant she is back wearing the slinky dresses. She is looking good, and I hope that once the pregnancy is over that she continues to steerclear of the botox.

Jason Gilkison was special guest judge on the panel tonight, and it was revealed he had been on the judging panel of the US version of the show. This must have been the season that Ten did not screen over here.

Gaz and Ivy – Hip Hop – choreographed by Alvin DeCastro – Down  Jay Sean

Both of them are injured so maybe that is why there were not many tricks and lifts. However as hip hop routines go I thought it was OK. Ivy I thought was perfect in her student/cheerleader type part, and Gaz was in his genre so looked comfortable. Not memorable, however I hope they give the choreographer Alvin another go with two dancers that are not injured as it will be interesting to see what he would come up with.

Jason Coleman thought it was cute, and he got into the story line. He told Gaz that when he is in the unison moments to “sit slightly back and feel her more, feel the energy of her dancing.” I have no idea what he meant by that.

Matt Lee thought the unison in the chorus let them down as they were both out. Thought it was a cute performance. He thought the finesse was missing from Ivy in her hip hop style.

Jason Gilkison thought the concept was great. He thought the casting was perfect for the choreography.

Issi and Don – Foxtrot – Carmelo Pizzino – Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble

Issi is about the only dancer ever grateful to pull out ballroom, as she has a rib injury and said she needed something less vigorous otherwise she may have had to pull out of the show. Ilona will be gritting her teeth when she hears that.

It was a good performance by them both, but the dancing was lightweight. That could have been the choreography. Though I don’t think this pair is gelling.

Matt Lee thought unison was an issue, and said Don again sits ahead of the beat. Thought they did a great job at attempting the foxtrot.

Jason Gilkison thought it was pretty good, and he thought Fred Astaire would be pretty proud of it.

Jason Coleman liked Don’s  performance over Issi’s.

Heath and Jessica – Contemporary – Choreographed by Paul White and Anthony Ikin – Last Request –Paolo Nutini

Anthony Ikin who was in season one put in a gymnastic move in the routine which had Jessica in tears in the rehearsal, but I was so busy watching Heath I must have missed her doing it. Nice routine, a bit generic contemporary but I will be interested to see more of their choreography to see if it evolves.

Matt Lee thought the lifting was much better this week. Matt thought Heath needs to stretch his feet a bit, and suggested picking up a flannel with his feet in the shower. I wonder how many wannabe dancers will be doing that in the shower tomorrow.

I have to be honest I was so busy looking at Heath’s amazing muscle definition (not in a pervy way) that I did not notice the feet.

Jason Gilkison thought Jessica’s weekly meltdown was part of her process. He thought they did a great job.

Jason Coleman turned into  a life coach and told Jessica you need to feel worthy as she was not doing her or her partner any good. He loved Heath.

Matt and Jessie – Jazz – Choreographed by Project Moda – Starstrukk 3OH!3 feat. Katy Perry

Jessie’s confidence has been rocked by being in the bottom three with tears. This girl is the best dancer in the competition and I have no idea why they were bottom three last week. I really liked this routine. I thought she totally rocked it. Matt was overshadowed by her but he did not do anything wrong. It was high energy. Maybe this pair is getting an anti-Shire backlash.

Jason G said Matt was the entertainer in the competition but he needs more finesse. He thought Jessie was amazing.

Jason Coleman thought the unison was fantastic.

Matt Lee liked the high intensity of the routine. He also thought it could have been to Jessie’s advantage that she was in the bottom three last week, as Australia got to see her amazing solo. I tend to agree. People who are her fans will be voting for them this week.

Robbie and Mikheala – Hip Hop choreographed by Nacho Pop – Push It – Leon Haywood

I thought Nacho Pop was being sent on another MacDonald’s road trip, if not can he be. I thought this was one of his better routines, helped by a cracker of a song, but sometimes his routines are a bit too cool for school. Mikheala who was in her genre could have done more, and Robbie was fine but maybe overdanced.

Jason Coleman explained to the layperson at home that the bugaloo is under and does not pop like a Shane Sparks routine. He thought there was not enough pop from Mikhaela, and not enough unison.

Matt Lee thinks it is hard for people that don’t specialise in boogaloo to wow are crowd. He thought it had no pop. He also said that it looked like Mikheala was not into this.

Jasons Gilkison thinks the pairing has no chemistry.

Maybe Robbie needs to land in the bottom three so Mikhael gets eliminated and he gets a new partner.

Grace and Nick- Contemporary choreographed by Juliette Verne Pretty Wings Maxwell

 A lovely routine , which  did evoke the emotions that Juliette Verne was wanting of loss, resilience, acceptance and hope.

Matt Lee thought it was a heavy burden the story they had to portray and he thought they did a good job.

Jason Gilkison thought the pairing of Nick and Grace had the potential to be a power couple.

Kieran and Carly – Broadway Jazz choreographed by Cameron Mitchell The Tennis Song City Angels

I totally bought into this routine. It was like watching a old movie. Kieran was perfect as the geeky tennis player. This guy is the dark horse to win the competition.

Jason G thought it was fabulously choreographed. He loved it and he thought Keiran was fantastic.

Jason Coleman thought Carly overdanced.

Renee and Phillippe – Pasa Doble by Leanne Bampton – Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Another Pasa Doble for Phillipe next week please, he was steamy all they way through it. I am a bit over Renee’s lack of self-esteem about her looks. For God sake you are not ugly. Loved the choice of music, loved the dancing and loved the choreography.

Jason G  said he was drawn to Phillipe and told him it was a fantastic effort. He thought Renee did a great job but could do a little bit more.

Jason C thought the intensity died after the first 20 seconds, but came back towards the end.

Matt Lee thought the performance was a bit under.

Doug and Jess – Lyrical Contemporary by Amy Delves – Fireflies  Owlcity

The routine was well choreographed, but there were just to many little mistakes in it to think it was fantastic.And considering they are both professional dancers I expected more. I think most of the mistakes were Dougs as they were around the lifts. I am still trying to work out how good a dancer Jess is, I keep on waiting for that one performance that turns me into a fan.

Jason Coleman gave away a producer’s trick and said they always finish with the best routine of the night. He did not think this was the case. He saw every grip, and every grip change. He thought it was laboured and not lyrical. He thought it was underrehearsed. Jason thought the it was a big ask to do all those lifts for such a new couple.

Bonnie Lythgoe thought the routine was great.

Matt Lee thought the lifts were difficult.

Jason G thinks Doug is one of the better dancers in the competition, but we have not seen it on the stage.

My bottom three predictions – Robbie and Mikhaela, Issi and Don, and Ivy and Gaz.


1 par3182 { 02.25.10 at 2:59 am }

Damn, I thought I was going to get through the whole recap without a mention of Bonnie.

I fear Robbie is too young for this competition; his technical side is great but his nerves at having to touch a girl (ew, cooties) is limiting him.

Issi and Don were awful – I’m surprised they were so praised.

So glad no-one dissolved into tears after the Dead Baby Dance.

I’ll be tuning out the moment anyone dares to button Heath’s shirts.

2 alicat { 02.25.10 at 8:53 am }

I think Robbie is an amazing dancer who is held back by a bad partnership – Michaela’s not BAD, they just don’t gel. I don’t think it’s an age thing or even a height thing, because his chemistry with Issi in the showcase was captivating to watch. I agree with the hope that he’ll be in the bottom 3 so they can get rid of Mikhaela and give him a more compatible partner.

My surprise of the night was Nick and Grace. Grace has up until now annoyed me, but last night she was unbelievable. And Nick appears to be one of the best male dancers in the competition. Loved him to death, I think this pairing will work well and I can’t wait to see them in some other genres as they were obviously favoured by getting such an emotional and beautifully choreographed routine from Jet – it will be good to see how they cope with some of the not-so-good chorey.

Loving Heath and Jessica. Every week they’re amazing. I didn’t notice his feet either XD

Agree with Keiran being the dark horse to win, he’s been outstanding from week to week.

My bottom 3: Doug & Jess, Don & Issi, and Robbie & Mikhaela (not the worst but for goodness sake get him a new partner).

3 Reality Raver { 02.25.10 at 10:30 am }

Sorry par3182 about mentioning Bonnie, I try not to write about her as if the dancers can barely conceal their ok lets get this over with when she speaks why should I talk about what she says.

I am a bit conflicted about my intolerance about her, as I think it is great that a woman over forty, who is pretty natural is on TV. But her re-telling the routines plot or re telling what was inthe preview annoys me and adds nothing.

Matt Lee is my favourite judge this year (gasp) I actually learn something each week, about the style of dance or steps.

Jason who I like seems to have turned into a life coach.

Alicat – I agree Robbie got a dud partner, as did Don if they could only swap everyone would shine. I suspect one of more of these four will be a casualty tonight.

Yeah will definitely be checking out Heath’s feet tonight.

4 heartfelt { 02.25.10 at 3:42 pm }

Haha, how ridiculous Par3182. Robbie nervous about touching a girl? I think not. Remember his Showcase dance with Issi? It was so full of passion and love…… anyone can see the problem is Mikhaela. I think she would be a very difficult person to get on with and there is the possibility of a not-so-nice side to her. Robbie seems to be a very likeable, gentle, sweet young man with brilliant technical skills. She seems conceited, tomboyish, unable to let herself go, and just be a really good dance partner. She’s being stupid holding on to her ego like this. It’s not benefiting her whatsoever. They will most likely go to bottom three because of her tonight. Here’s hoping Robbie dances his way out of it, and good riddance to her.

5 ._. { 02.25.10 at 4:56 pm }

I’m so disappointed in Doug. I’m a huge fan of him, but he’s just not cutting it. I thought the first lift was great… and then it all kind of went down hill from there. Here’s hoping he makes it through another week though… and does better.