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Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Will Premier on March 9

This time Channel 9 is not fucking around with Survivor, and hopefully will reap the ratings rewards it deserves.

Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Will Premier on March 9 at 8.40pm following on from the highly popular Top Gear.

To whet the appetite here  is the cast:

* Rupert Boneham, “Survivor: Pearl Islands” and “All-Stars”
* James Clement, “China” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
* Colby Donaldson, “Australian Outback” and “All-Stars”
* Cirie Fields, “Panama” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
* Amanda Kimmel, “China” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
* Jessica “Sugar” Kiper, “Gabon”
* Stephenie LaGrossa, “Palau” and “Guatemala”
* James “JT” Thomas, “Tocantins”
* Tom Westman, “Palau”
* Candice Woodcock, “Cook Islands”

* Tyson Apostol, “Tocantins”
* Randy Bailey, “Gabon”
* Sandra Diaz-Twine, “Pearl Islands”
* Danielle DiLorenzo, “Panama”
* Russell Hantz, “Samoa”
* Jerri Manthey, “Australian Outback” and “All-Stars”
* Rob Mariano, “Marqeusas” and “All-Stars”
* Parvati Shallow, “Cook Islands” and “Fans vs. Favorites”
* Ben “Coach” Wade, “Tocantins”
* Courtney Yates, “China”

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