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My Kitchen Rules – The WA Girls Don’t Like What Is Written About Them On The Web

Tonight it was the WA girls turn to turn their parent’s home into an instant restaurant. Now these girls have been the polarising team of this second batch of contestants, and have been getting flack on this blog and other forums.

This week they told TV Week that they were hurt by being branded “bimbos” on the various forums.

In they article they said:

“Apparently Hol and I have come across as bimbos and giggly little girls,” Grace says. “I guess there’s nothing you can really do about that and I suppose when we get nervous we do come across as a bit silly, but we’re just ourselves. Obviously we’re not bimbos – we’re both doing degrees.

“If people have that much time to sit on message boards and write mean things about people, that reflects more on them than us,” she continues. “You have to take it with a grain of salt – and I think I’m not going to read the forums from now on!”

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” Holly adds. “People have only seen a small side of us on TV and I find it interesting that the average person automatically thinks of something negative about someone and can say hurtful things. When it comes to people’s personalities and their images, it can go a little bit too far.”

I just wish that before reality TV stars start getting sensitive about what is being written about them on the forums and get peeved with the viewers for giving their opinions on what/who they are seeing onscreen, that they should perhaps consider blaming the editing. Because how the viewers opinion is formed is mainly based on the editing of the program.

I do think if you read the forums you do have to take it with a grain of salt, and I am sure they also have a lot of fans out there.

Tonight the girls were relatively free of disasters and meltdowns, apart from some tears just at the beginning of preparation time.

Here are a few thoughts on the episode:

  • I thought the menu they picked was fairly sensible for a dinner party, as it was easy to prepare, meant there were no one and a half hours between courses.
  • Although strawberries in an entree, yuck, a pity it was not fig season as that would have been delicious;
  • Ok it has got to be mentioned – it would have been great if Holly had worn a bra or a bikini top under her dress;
  • However if I was 21 with perky boobs and Manu Feidel was coming over I would probably go sans underwear as well;
  • I did notice Holly batting her eyelids at Manu when he came into the kitchen to check out the duck – she deserves an extra point for opportunism;
  • They should have mixed the ragu and the pasta through together and served it up – I thought they had plenty of sauce;
  • Also I thought points should have been deducted for them not serving up the palm sugar caramel with the coconut pannacotta it is what they had on their menu;
  • Considering my IQ cut out before the end of the show, points may have been deducted;
  • Again I thought they need to show us more conversation around the dinner table, as this could liven up the show a bit more, it is enjoyable, but the editing is a bit stilted;
  • I thought the thongs idea was kind of cute but did not really see the point of it;
  • I thought they were lucky to get 66 points, considering the only cooking in the entree was frying the haloumi, and the balsalmic glaze came out of a bottle;
  • Why oh why is it so hard for the the teams to serve up vegetables, that main really needed a salad; and
  • Props to the girls on the pannacotta, the wobble on it was perfect.

The NSW are going to have to hope the South Australian team serve up a dodgy oyster, because at this stage this is the only way they are going to be able to stay in the competition.


1 themolk { 03.01.10 at 10:16 pm }

The girls didn’t get reduced points for no palm sugar caramel – agree they should have.

Also agree that reality TV contestants need to chill out about what people think of them – we didn’t ask them to audition. We have the benefit of making our calls based on what is edited/produced into the episode. Bottom line – don’t be so vacuous. Bimbos. Anyone can do a degree.

2 sourkraut { 03.01.10 at 11:29 pm }

Basically they are harmless, mean well and do not seem to be nasty. That said they come across on the show as incredibly gauche, and at times are embarassing to watch, That could be how the show is edited, but for gawsakes, thongs as gifts?????????????
Further, they do themselves no favors with the low cut dresses which although attractive in one way, are not what one expects of serious chefs. (no more Pohs PLEASE). I keep seeing a bazoom plop into the salad, ….most off putting.
On the show itself, they did well and good for them, but I think in this case the jedges overscored the dessert, as the lack of the advertised caramel should have cost them more, I’d have given a 6.5 for it on that basis.
Also yet more bloody italian dishes. Can noone cook anything else? Boring pasta and boring pannacotta (tarted up junket)
Also supposed to be WA food, but the only thing WA about it was the wine.
Now a thought for the girlies out there. You’ve finally revealed that the secret to your Manu love is the accent (boeuf). Does that mean that as the number one Clousseau imitator (uts a berm, Ave yew a licance fer zat minkey), there is hope for me yet?????????????????
Feel sorry for Deb and partner and think the Vics were incredibly lucky to beat them. Hope the SA-ers dont car crash, but i guess we can all see it coming?

3 sourkraut { 03.01.10 at 11:51 pm }

DISAGREE seriously with your comment that anyone can do a uni degree. I have seen many students start out with great confidence (arrogance?) and could not even get through the first year.
That duz NOT mean that doing a uni degree makes you any better than those who dont, in fact monetarily most tradesmen with TAFE certificates do far better. Either way though I know for a fact that NOT everyone can do a uni degree.
Ouch…. sore nerve!

4 CG { 03.02.10 at 6:16 am }

Kraut, isn’t the point that anyone can do a uni degree – but not everyone can successfully complete a uni degree.

These girls are bimbos. No self-respecting young girl would go on national teevee in a see-through white dress and consistently not wear a badly-needed bra. Editing may be beyond their control but if the producers told them not to wear underwear they should have walked out the door.

A few other thoughts:

– I thought Rowan (Vic guy) would shut up after his disaster last week. Wrong. I wish he was going rather than the NSW couple.

– Isn’t Haloumi with Watermelon a classic Greek/Cypriun dish and quite nice, usually served for breakfast but also a salad…no one mentioned that?

– The girls didn’t showcase WA produce at all: was looking forward to a sardine appetiser!

– There was very little cooking happening….other than the main dish which I agree was way too winter-y for a hot “summer nights” theme. I think these girls have a few dishes they cook their uni friends at “dinner parties”. I don’t think they have any underlying skills or even interest in food. I think they will bomb in stage two.

– Getting a little bored; we know NSW is on their way out…I hope in-kitchen epis are a little livelier

Maybe I’m bored because I’m coming down from the high that was the Canada-US gold medal hockey game. I had been up for 24 hours by the time I watched MKR. Go Canada!!!

5 sourkraut { 03.02.10 at 8:45 am }

Not everyone can do a uni degree. In the great land of Oz (oi oi oi) you have to achieve a certain mark or level in your high school final year. One of my children achieved that, the other 2
did not by a long shot.
I would be incredibly amazed if the editors told them not to wear their undies. Even Australian commercial tv is not that crass, although the ABC’s splashing of 1000 nudes in front of the slopera house on the news last nite made me wonder a bit. Guess you can get away with anything in the name of the yartz.

6 reality raver { 03.02.10 at 8:46 am }

The Molk – Considering other contestants have had to run around to ensure they had the right ingredients, it appears a bit lax that they were not penalised re: the caramel. What would have happened if the barramundi had been crap the day the first NSW team had done their ‘restaurant’.

Sourkraut – the closseau accent won’t cut it I’m afraid. I don’t care if the NSW team goes, at least Rowan is not self censoring. I would love to see more banter between the teams.

CG – Congrats on the women’s hockey gold, and now I presume the men’s gold. What amazing stamina from you to watch MKR after being up 24 hours.
Watermelon with the salad would be yummo. Agree where was the WA ingredients. Mango? Strawberries? Duck? Your right no sardines or crayfish in sight.

7 reality raver { 03.02.10 at 8:48 am }

Sourkraut – Re uni degree, there are more then one way to skin a cat. You can get in as a mature aged student, buy your way in, or do some bridging courses. I think the pressure on kids when they are doing their leaving certificate is ridiculous. Your life is not going to be ruined if you bomb.

8 CG { 03.02.10 at 9:02 am }

Sour, I recently had the displeasure of working with a CBD firm of lawyers on a contract issue. Among them were two newly graduated lawyers, one had been working for just over a year, the other a brand new grad. I have never met such uneducated, downright stupid people in my professional life. The grammar and spelling in written memos and letters to the client was appalling. And the lack of logic and critical thinking on some pretty basic issues was astounding to me. I question the level of intelligence that one needs to get in to uni in Australia given some of the graduates I have interacted with at work. And like in many countries, once you get in graduating can sometimes be a matter of perseverance and working the system, not brains.

9 Culinary Boner { 03.02.10 at 9:26 am }

The girls could have at least gone Aussie formal attire and made it black thongs all round.

Then again, that was probably their choice of undies, presuming they weren’t in commando mode in honour of Manu and Pete.

10 reality raver { 03.02.10 at 9:27 am }

CG – well two of the dumbest people I ever met held law degrees. I hope since they were not that experienced you got a discounted rate. In my current work I deal with people who have been given wrong advice by lawyers with some pretty diabolical outcomes.

11 Sooty { 03.02.10 at 10:08 am }

FARK! They had the farking ingredients. They cooked the palm sugar caramel and overcooked it and made an executive decision to not serve hard toffee or whatever. The judges agreed it was the right decision.

And these girls have a right to be upset at being referred to – eg here by CG recently as ‘sluts’ simply for being young, pretty, excited about being on tv, and not wearing bras. God help any of your daughters if you have them.

But hey they’re not real people they are ‘character’s and they should know this and hey they should blame the editors. Yeah, right, the early evictees in the early series of Big Brother tried that and got roasted alive by Gretel on national tv.

12 Sooty { 03.02.10 at 10:19 am }

FARK! They had the farking ingredients. They cooked the palm sugar caramel and overcooked it and made an executive decision to not serve hard toffee or whatever. The judges agreed it was the right decision. Unlike NSW’s decision to serve the burnt meat – we’ll just hide it under the better shreds!

And these girls have a right to be upset at being referred to – eg here by CG recently as ‘sluts’ simply for being young, pretty, excited about being on tv, and not wearing bras. God help any of your daughters if you have them.

But hey they’re not real people they are ‘characters’ and they should know this and hey they should blame the editors. Yeah, right, the early evictees in the early series of Big Brother tried that and got roasted alive by Gretel on national tv.

So far Poh has been called in effect a prostitute (suzie wong) for giggling and being flirty, and now these girls are sluts. I’m not a lawyer stupid or otherwise but isn’t that libel or something?

13 Wurstsemmel { 03.02.10 at 1:53 pm }

Thr girls did much better than I anticipated and kudos to them for that. They deservedly lost points for the strawberries in the entree, I think that was fair. The main sounded nice but didn’t really fit in with the rest of the menu and I think the judges were quite generous in that regard. I think they should have lost marks for not serving the dessert as described on the menu – effectively, they cocked up the caramel. I don’t, however, expect them to last long in the next round though, when they have to cook things they’re not used to.

I think they have some responsibility in why people react to them as they do. The giggliness. And I haven’t seen one shot of them yet where they haven’t been wearing fairly revealing clothes and while there’s nothing wrong with that in some settings, I’m not sure that it’s necessary here. You can see why some might dismiss them as lightweight. Agree with most here that doing a university degree doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

The girls are young, seem like a lot of fun (the flip flops although didn’t also fit in with the theme) and have been quite generous towards their other competitors. The thing that distracted me most last night was the amount of hugging and cuddling going on. At one point, I thought they were going to full on pash. Anyone else find it a little excessive?

14 reality raver { 03.02.10 at 3:39 pm }

Sooty – Fair call and thanks for adding a differing perspective of the show, and viewers comments. However editing does have a big role in how viewers perceive. Rowan appears to be the one that always has his negative comments of meals shown. The previous SA couple Mel and Paul, were shown to be snarky, but then were quite generous with their scoring. I think they said in an interview that I read (probably TV Week) that alot of their comments were cut off mid sentence.

I think the girls are being portrayed as being giggly young things. However I think they worked very well together in the kitchen.

However I do think they should have been penalised for missing one component of their dessert. They still would have been safe, but also it means teams cannot use that loophole in the future.

Wurstsemmel – I think the clothing thing is probably a generational thing. Eg the shots on the beach were put into context last night with a shot of big group beach party. However previously it has been the take with the sun shining straight through their clothes. I quite liked their hugging, they are obviously quite close, maybe another generational thing.

I missed the Suzie Wong comment. As always if the person wants a comment removed I will remove it.

15 reality raver { 03.02.10 at 4:07 pm }

Seven will be very happy with ratings it got 1.48 million viewers last night.

16 Wurstsemmel { 03.02.10 at 4:41 pm }

Point taken RR, maybe I was a little more ‘cuddly’ when I was 21 and maybe it’s a little cultural too…me being a Brit and all.

17 reality raver { 03.02.10 at 4:52 pm }

Not cultural Wurstsemmel I didn’t cuddle my friends as much as these girls, nor do I now. NOt that I think it is a negative thing that they are so close, and in fact think their way of resolving points of difference by using rock, scissors, paper was a good idea.

18 Jeb { 03.02.10 at 5:00 pm }

I’d rate the girls chances of going a bit further than most. Mainly because they knew their limitations and used common sense.

I thought they came across as having heaps of fun and their nice to the other contestants. the hugging got a bit ott but yeah, probably a generational thing.

Re negative comments. Nothing I’ve seen on this site has been half bad imo. I’d agree with sooty that you can’t blame the editing – once it’s out there, it’s out there. But surely the starting point to going on a reality show has to be an acceptance that you are at the mercy of editing, may not come across as you’d necessarily like and that other people who don’t know you will form an opinion, make comment etc… It’s kind of a gamble but who doesn’t know this?

19 sourkraut { 03.02.10 at 5:14 pm }

Thank you all for the uni comments. I DID say (if you read my comment through) that doing a uni degree does NOT make you any better. I too have had the displeasure of having to have managed “educated idiots” Again they are NOT all like that, likewise i realise degrees can be and are bought or honorarily bestowed (just ask one of our relatively recent more know it all prime ministers.) Anyhoo the point is that a degree doth not the person make or unmake, and i certainly was not trying to be elitist.
Oh well raver, I thought i’d try! MERDE MERDE Boeuf! Maybe you can clue me again wot it iz apart from the accent?

20 sourkraut { 03.02.10 at 5:18 pm }

Why have you got a request deletion underneath my comment at point 3? I did not think I said anything that needed deletion, or is this part of our Gummints internett censorship campaign?

21 Wurstsemmel { 03.02.10 at 5:39 pm }

Actually….Sourkraut…to get the Manu effect…and please don’t try one of those horrendous Steve Martin fake French accents….the word is ‘boof’…I know boeuf exists…but when Manu said it ‘boof”, it was just one of the gallic, shrug the shoulders type reference to beef…..not to nitpick or anything.

RR. Only said that because I momentarily felt mean and catty. Now I rethink, no dammit, the cuddling was definitely OTT. I did even wonder for a moment whether the girls were the equivalent of the male best friends team from Melbourne in the first run but then there were no gratuitous shots of hunky males in budgie smugglers to throw us off the scent so I guess not (tongue firmly in cheek)

22 Kathryn Skinner { 03.02.10 at 6:00 pm }

For Gods sake just leave them alone – who gives a rats if Holly didn’t wear a bra – I never wore one when I was 21 either – and it’s not like she really ‘had the girls out’! They just seem like normal 21 year olds to me, and I have kids around that age! Who wouldn’t be excited at 21 to be in the competition! AND they can cook…..isn’t that the point? Good luck girls, I think you are did well!

23 Anonymous { 03.02.10 at 6:58 pm }

and it’s not like she really ‘had the girls out’

Not quite but close.

24 Reality Raver { 03.02.10 at 7:08 pm }

Sourkraut I think all posts you can request deletion of your own post just incase you don’t want it up their anymore and it comes through on my email.

Anyway tonight is another episode so the SA team will divert our attention. Particularly if Matt and Manu have a set to.

By the way there will be an open post tonight as I am going out for dinner, and will blog on it when I get home. I don’t think my usual standby Injera is watching the show. And I only just remembered I was going out. Duh!

25 sourkraut { 03.02.10 at 10:11 pm }

Its a Peter Sellers accent, Steve martin is not in the peecture! (nor does he deserve to be)
The Boeuf was the sound he made (to my ears anyway) in a pathetic attempt to imitate a hand grenade going off when talking about the VICS miserable attempt to cook fish. More on that later

26 Tamar { 03.03.10 at 12:11 am }

Is it just me or is Holly off another Tv show she looks so familiar i just cant place her???

27 Kyvyny { 03.03.10 at 6:17 pm }

@Tamar – Holly looks like Kitty (the secretary who flashed) from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Maybe that’s who you’re thinking of?

28 Kathryn Skinner { 03.03.10 at 6:52 pm }

Anonymous – maybe you should be looking at the food? Honestly, you see girls showing more at the supermarket!