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My Kitchen Rules – To Pip Or Not To Pip That Is The Question

Matt and Melissa deserved extra points for the fabulous warehouse where Matt lives and how they decorated it. Manu looked a tad jealous, maybe that is why he flipped it over the pear pips. Or maybe he was tired after waiting so long for food. But really the supposed barney was a bit over  exaggerated, but then again TV Week did say not all of it was shown.

For the record I am on team pip. I don’t think pips needed to be removed. And obviously it was no big deal as both judges gave them nine points each. If the pips had not been in it would Manu given it a perfect ten?

Speaking of points some needed to be deducted for the three hours to get the entree out. Now I know they had a bit of a disaster with the entree of the Yabbie and Leek Ravioli served with a bisque, but I still don’t get why it took them so long to prep and cook. I think Matt was right in chucking out the yabbies that had been surrounded by broken glass, but still cannot get the time lag.

The portion was small and it did not really please the teams, the judges seemed to like it more as they got the best bits. They really must control the alcohol on this show as they then had to wait  two hours for the main, and they all seemed relatively sober. I would have been speaking swahili by then.

The main was rabbit served with roast vegetables. Surprisingly no on had issues about actually eating rabbit, even though they were not enamoured by the dish.

Pete Evans thought the vegetables on the plate with the rabbit did not add anything. At least they gave them veges which some mains on this show have not had any.

Thankfully they put on a killer main  of the Poached Pear with Praline and vanilla icecream, which looked delicious. The other teams punished them with the lowest team score of twenty, however Manu and Pete kept them in the competition. I think this is a good thing, they stuffed up tonight, but I think they are real contenders.

Next week looks like it is going to be a change of pace with all the teams now back in the My Kitchen Rules set. I have decided I am barracking for anyone in the second lot of teams, as they were a much more interesting bunch.


1 Wurstsemmel { 03.03.10 at 5:34 am }

I can’t believe Melissa was going to serve up the yabbie meat that had both been on the floor and possibly coated with glass. What was she thinking? Under no circumstances would that be right.

The big set to between Manu and Matt was all a lot of fuss over nothing evidenced by the fact Manu gave the team 9 for the dessert. Some creative editing afoot I think.

The food, apart from dessert, didn’t look that crash hot but I think the teams were a little harsh especially as they’ve all had disasters of one kind or another. A personal reaction to Matt’s general attitude perhaps? The NSW team vote was definitely strategic. There’s no doubt they deserved to be sent packing.

2 sourkraut { 03.03.10 at 8:39 am }

Are you trying to give me the “pips’ (old joke groan)
Why can noone cook up a nice little Asian entree? why always bloody italian pasta varieties?
kudos to matt for re-doing the yabbies. It could have cost them the match. I would have been inclined to tell the jedges about my actions and reasoning for the 3 hour delay, but he chose to manfully cop it on the chin without excuses or whinging like some of the previous contestants. WELL DONE (so to speak groan 2)
Why do my notes keep telling me the Vics are giving me the utter irrits/ After their very narrow escape i would have thought a little humility towards the others would have been appropriate. (especially after the bOOFed (for w semmel) fish soopreese)
The voting system is poor. Obviously NSW and Qld had gotten over the state of origin rivalry and lobbied each other for sympathy to get rid of potentially dangerous rival Qlders “listening to Ben &deb broke my heart” gimme a break. The voting should be that the scores were NOT known at all by the contestants until the end of the round after each couple had cooked judgement day. Of course the audience should be told, but the present system is unfair to whichever couple goes last. There is too much time for couples to lobby in between eps or even while waiting 3 hour!!!!!!! for their meal. (Why could they not have roasted the veg earlier??) After all its NOT a CRAPPY Eurovision popularity contest!
Finally good on you Matt for not giving a rats about the other contestants opinions or for Manu’s stirring about the pips and nobs of butter. I love to see someone stand up to the critics. Its good old Oz culture about which we can be proud
Qld Mother Teresa act is also coming unglued. Poor dear cant eat pigeon and doesn’t like rabbit etc.
I still think the VICS should have gone before the NSW couple!
There that feels better. the red Whine headache is easing!

3 Izobel2 { 03.03.10 at 9:22 am }

Wow Sourkraut good comments. Especially about the poor voting system. I’m enjoying the ravings comments as much as the show lately!! Lets hope with the new kitchen there are a new set of rules/strategies.

4 TDK { 03.03.10 at 1:22 pm }

I thought Matt and Melissa was a wreck in the kitchen, obviously didn’t get on well, and not a good team, as they always argue, and what’s more they are very slow.
Matt reminds me of an old slow bear trying to search for food under a tree log the way he wonders around the kitchen and asking mother Melissa questions and permission to plate up food. She ended up taking the bowl doing it herself and fed up with his stupid questions.

5 Kaylen { 03.03.10 at 1:34 pm }

I thought the meal was just above average, to be honest. A score of six would have been what I thought they deserved – which only one team gave them.

But six hours to prepare and serve an entree? Must also be remembered they had the three hours of prep time – they certainly didn’t do any prep for the main meal, as they only started after they had served the entree. One of the contestants also remarked that it was around 11pm before they got the main. No wonder they didn’t enjoy it. My appetite would have taken leave by then. 😛

But a tiny serving of pasta that apparently didn’t taste the best, after three hours of waiting, plus a main of meat and seven veg. How boring. Would have expected something grand and outstanding for the time that it took them!

I agree with the pips and core out that the Judges said. Hate that part of pears/apples, and it’d be hard to judge where they were when the whole fruit had been dyed red. Notice though that a few contestants ate the whole pear, including the core? So it obviously wasn’t a problem for them. 😉

I agree with RR’s comment about the second lot of teams being more engaging than the first. Well, for me, I still prefer the SA team of Mel and Paul from the first lot more than anyone else. They amuse me! 😀 Plus Mossy and Gabe, simply ’cause they’re awesome. The rest though… :p

I look forward to seeing how they do the next part of the series. At least this time they’ll have a time limit. Be interesting to see if they manage to keep to it. ;p

And I wonder who those guest Judges(?) will be?

6 Anonymous { 03.03.10 at 2:06 pm }

Matt’s place used to look like this before the show:

View Larger Map

It’s all an act.

7 Fleur { 03.03.10 at 3:34 pm }

As I mentioned in a previous post the contestants were not aware of the 3 hours prep time when they submitted their menus and there were no changes allowed but I can’t understand what they do with their prep time. It’s a total of 6 man hours that’s almost a full work day. So far the only contestants to show any use of a run sheet are the WA girls. Speaking of the WA girls – some of the posts left on this site have been downright nasty. These girls are young & optimistic and don’t deserve to be called names online. I read the contract and nowhere did it say that contestants should be prepared for slurs and insults from online cowboys hiding behind a vague username. Who of you, at 21, looked as good, was a friendly and enthusiastic and most importantly could cook as well as these girls? Not me – hell!! – far from it on all counts. Save the bitch’en for someone that really deserves it – like Brendan Fevola.

8 Jeb { 03.03.10 at 6:38 pm }

just watching it on catch-up tv now. I thought a couple of things said were funny.
Manu: “…I’ve got pips in my pear. I don’t want pips in my pear and no one else does.”
Matt (later on): “one of the hardest things about being a dad is being a hero.” c’mon mate, bit melodramatic for ice cream but it did look awesome.

@Fleur: personally i like the wa girls and think the sl** comments were in no way warranted. But were you honestly unaware that if you went on a reality tv show people would form an opinion of you and some would write it down? I’m not having a go at you, just honestly wondering if you were unaware that this could happen as sites for tv shows have often been really nasty places. keyboard cowboys like you say so therefore… grain. of. salt.

@anonymous – i wondered if there was a bit of new advertising going on for matt’s business with the big red sign on his house. can’t begrudge him that, becasue as said above, going on tele has it’s pitfalls.

9 Fleur { 03.03.10 at 7:02 pm }

@ Jeb – I did apply for this show and was shortlisted to the final 4 for Qld and at the ripe old age of 40 I was very aware of the nasty things said on these sites. I don’t accept the ‘it’s to be expected’ excuse. It is not OK to call young girls ‘Sl**s’ in on online forums. To my mind this is the same as cyber bullying and needs to stop. Just because it does happen doesn’t mean it should. You are completely right about people forming an opinion of those on TV and they will write about it on sites like this but where is the line between candid commentary and vicious slander?

10 Jeb { 03.03.10 at 7:41 pm }

@Fleur – thanks for the reply. It’s an interesting question – where is the line? I think we both agree that the sl** comments crossed it.
‘it’s to be expected’ isn’t an excuse, just an explanation of how things are. Put it this way – if someone I cared about was going on tv I would be very apprehensive.