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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 16 Performance Show

Love her or loath her, Mary Murphy adds a positive energy to the judging panel on So You Think You Can Dance Australia her comic timing is great and she knows how to break a tense moment as she did when Carly was having a meltdown.

Natalie Bassingthwaite looked smoking hot tonight, and fulfilled the hosting role really well by keeping things rolling along nicely.

Again tonight showed if you get the good choreographers you are going to have a better opportunity to shine.

Nick and Grace – Hip Hop by  Tiana Canterbury – Rhianna –Rude Boy

Both of these dancers have hip hop in their dancing past, so they both danced well, but I just hated the routine. Yes I know I have hip hop issues, but maybe Australia just does not have that many good hip choreographers, as it always seems to be a bit unsophisticated ie  bit hip hop 101. However the judges loved it.

Jason told Grace he liked his hip hop to be a bit more of an effortless, but he thought it was a great routine.

Matt Lee thought Grace hit how it should have been hit. And he thought Nick was comfortable.

Mary Murphy put both of them on the hot tamale train. WTF?

Kieran and Carly – Walz  by Aric & Marsha – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Hushaby Mountain

Do you really want to be doing ballroom the week Mary Murphy noted ballroom specialist is on the show? Now I think the waltz can be a bit of deathtrap for the unweary, butI thought it was enjoyable helped by an interesting song choice. How good lookng were the choreographers? Marsha looked like a European starlet.

Mary would have like to have seen more from Carly, but liked Keiran.

Matt Lee thought Kieran was the one to watch in the competition.

Jason Coleman wants her to open up her shoulders, but he upset her when he asked her how she felt about her shoe becoming caught in the skirt. But I think she was upset about being the weak link in the routine. He also said that he did not think that Kieran would be as good in the competition as he is. Hellooooo I predicted he would go top four from the beginning.

Jess and Doug – Jazz by Adam Williams – LadyHawke Delirium

This pair should be a strong partnership as they are both professional dancers. And this week they were better, but they still  are not getting me to pick up the phone. I agree with Jason’s view that he thought it was an improvement but he still thinks they are part way there. I really get the feeling that Jason Coleman does not particularly like Adam Williams? Normally he acknowledges the choreographer particularly if the routine is good, but he did not. I am unsure whether it is professional or personal.

Phillipe and Renee – Contemporary by Debbie Ellis – Selena Cross Silence

A couple of weeks ago I had written a blog post on another site titled I Don’t Want To Be A Cougar.  Phillipe I lied. My favourite routine of the night. Phillipe made those lifts look effortless, I am really starting think he is going to go a lot further than I thought he was going to. And I am not just saying that because he was not wearing a shirt.

Mary Murphy thougth it was powerful routine, and thought Renee can really dance. Mary’s head was also turned by the six pack and thought he was a star.

Jessica and Heath – Tango by Trent and Gordana – Muse – Undisclosed Desires

I did not think this routine was as bad as the judges said it was. Some of the lifts were abit clunky, but I did not find it unenjoyble.  However someone should have raised the issu of Heath’s peroxide mullet, that definitely deserves a bottom three position.

Mary Murphy said she did not believe the chemistry between them.  She thought it was not that great.

Jason Coleman thought they did an OK job.  Matt Lee required more fire in the routine.

Matt and Jessie – Hip Hop by Travers Ross – Xavier Rudd Fortune Teller

All I could think of his how are they going to get Jessie’s dreds out. Also Jessie is an amazing dancer. Matt was not aas good as her but still OK.  I really liked this hip hop routine, but it was called an earthy hip hop, so it was more a jazz number.

Jason hated the routine, and thought he had no idea what it meant. Really without being told in the pre-performance package what the “plot” of the routine is would we ever know what story they are telling. He also did not think it was accessible to the audience. However the other judges did like it.

Don and Issi – Contemporary by Sarah Boulter – Led Zepplin – Stairway to Heavan

Apparently Issi’s ribs are not great and the routine needed to be altered so Don did not have to do the lifts where his hands were around her ribcage. With all the alterations to the choreography I think this did not make Sarah Boulter’s routine quite so outstanding as they usually are. I suspect if Issi lands bottom three she will be sent home, the same probably for Don.

Matt Lee thought it fell short particularly Don as his eyes were on his feet.

Mary thought it showed Don’s weaknesses. She did like watching Issi dance and thought she was angel like.

Jason did not follow the story of the routine.

Robbie and Ivy – Jazz by Juliet Verne – Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

I think Robbie is loving dancing with Ivy, he was not unkind about Mikhaela, however you could tell he was relieved to have a change.

I really loved this routine I thought Ivy popped in it. She looked great in the blonde wig. They danced really well together. Robbie struggled a little bit on one of the lifts, but it was not as clunky as some of the other lifts going around tonight. Great news for Robbie fans.

Jason thought it was different, intense and memorable. One of the best routines of the night, along with Renee and Phillipe.

My bottom three predictions – Grace and Nick, Don and Issi, and Heath and Jessica.


1 ._. { 03.04.10 at 12:07 am }

Yes Doug and Jess! Thank God you’re improving. I thought they did a good job this week, which is good because Doug is possibly the best looking male (Yes that’s right, even better than Nick/Phillipe/Heath) on the show and I would be sad to see him go.

I’m not shallow at all.

Not really seeing how Nick + Grace got on the train either, it was just a notch above mediocre for me.

What is with the clapping in Matt + Jess’s routine? If the audience is going to clap, at least do it in time. I couldn’t focus on the routine at all. Renee and Phillipe were great, Robbie and Ivy were pretty darn good (even though there was one lift that looked like it fell to pieces) and Issi needs to go.

2 josie { 03.04.10 at 8:03 am }

best show of the season so far I thought. I reckon Phillipe is a bit of a dark horse. I wasnt a fan of him in the beginning but he’s starting to grow on me.
Robbie and Ivy were awesome together(surprisingly) and Don and issy have to be in the bottom 3 this week . They’ve been rubbish every week so far and have only gotten through on personality.

3 alicat { 03.04.10 at 9:24 am }

Wow, interesting show last night… some people who I’d never rated before really popped last night and some of my favourites were average. But overall I loved the show and only had to use the mute button three times to hide from Mary.

Nick and Grace – my dad called during this routine so I missed most of it and all the comments. But I really think they are both excellent dancers, even if I don’t like hip-hop that much, plus I could watch Nick ALL day (dancing or no dancing hahaha). I thought they did a good job from what I saw. A little disappointed with the Team Grace outfit they put Nick in though; they were trying to be Rhys and Jemma and that was a little lame because that dance of Rhys and Jemma’s was iconic. But I hope they stay in 😀

Okay, I have a confession – last night was the first night I actually sat up and noticed Kieran. He was unbelievable! Loved the outfit, loved the routine, loved his dominance in the routine – heck, I even loved the song. After they’d finished, I was all prepared to forego my Robbie-love and start making a sign proclaiming “Kieran for the win!” (with the N the right way around, unlike that annoying sign in the audience… *sigh* yes I am a spelling nazi). Carly looked gorgeous but her dumb-girl routine irritates me more than I can say. Count to three already! I think she knows she’s the weak link in the team and has to go sometime soon.

Jess and Doug, eh. That’s about all I ever think of them, which is annoying because when I watch them closely Jess actually is an amazing dancer. She really captures everyone’s attention when she’s onstage. I quite liked the routine as well, it was one of the concepts I would have understood without the video, but together they’re just boring. I think Doug has to go.

Phillipe and Renee. OOOOOHHH baby hahaha. Unlike RealityRaver, I’m younger than Phillipe so I don’t have to go cougar just yet… but oh man, who wouldn’t?! He was unbelievable. The routine was amazing, my favourite of the night at that stage. Renee’s legs and feet are incredible (I actually did look at her feet!). This is the first time I’ve rated these two as a pair, but I think their versatility and chemistry is improving every week. Love them love them love them. And even though I’ve hated Natalie as a host all season, BLESS HER for stating the obvious! Her first golden host moment all year hahaha! 😀

Jessica and Heath are two of my favourites, so putting them in Jessica’s genre combined with an awesome Muse song was the cue for me to fall down in paroxysms of delight. I loved it. Anyone else think Heath looked like Draco Malfoy – just hotter?? Hahaha. It was enough of a good look for me to forgive the costume designer for covering up his chest this week (although gotta admit, after Renee and Phillipe’s routine I was thinking all sorts of good things about the costume designers this week so they may have had an advantage :D). Jessica was gorgeous and danced so beautifully. I rated this routine much higher than the judges did; I thought they deserved much better comments. Hopefully it puts Jessica in a better headspace this week anyway.

Matt and Jessie, gahhh. I liked the routine but they weren’t good enough in it to be standouts in what was a very high-quality show. Which is a shame considering they’re both unbelievable dancers and I think Matt is consistently proving his versatility. I agree with Jason about the routine plots; sometimes you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. But I liked the routine more than he did!

Don and Issi… urgh. I didn’t think it was possible to wreck a Sarah Boulter routine, but guess so. They didn’t stand out for me tonight, and this is the third week in a row they haven’t shone. Time to go, one of them, and I think it will be Issi. Others have held up in the face of injuries; I don’t think she has.

And as for the routine I’d been waiting for all night… sorry Kieran, but my allegiance to Robbie is now stronger than ever :) He was incredible! He and Ivy together were so strong and charismatic I thought they’d spontaneously combust. LOVED the routine, props to Jet for yet another winner this year… Ivy was magical and I fell in love with her last night. And Robbie, bless him. For someone as small statured as he is, he sure has muscles! Wow. And he really didn’t look that small compared to Ivy. I am LOVING these two as a couple and I think they’re both loving having each other as partners. Sorry Mikhaela! And I’m just SO glad after all these weeks of mediocre comments, they were finally told they were the ones to watch. It’s unbelievable the difference that a good pairing can make! Go Robbie and Ivy :)

Bottom three for me? Doug & Jess, Matt & Jessie, Don & Issi with Doug and Issi to go.

4 Reality Raver { 03.04.10 at 11:19 am }

._. I keep on wanting to see Doug to dance well, but for me he does not have some of the charisma the other’s have. He may benefit from being bottom three to remind us what an awesome dancer he is.

Josie – consensus is Don and Issi to go. Problem for Don is all the boys left are very strong.

Alicat – loved your views on the routines. Agree Ivy and Robbie were a standout. It is down to luck with who you are paired with. I think Don would have done so much better with someone else. And for some reason the Doug and Jess partnership is not really working. I would love to see them dance with someone else. Maybe Jess will be the Kate of the competition she did not really come into her own until the top 12.

Matt Lee cracked me up when he said have you done much partner work before and Doug said “yes”. Because his lifts have been the weak link for their routines each week.

5 onadrought { 03.04.10 at 6:52 pm }

Is Phillipe straight?

6 Reality Raver { 03.04.10 at 8:40 pm }

Yes I think so. Most of those B-Boys are.