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If I Can Dream – A World First – Reality TV On The Internet

An historic first has started in the reality genre, with the reality show If I Can Dream premiering on the internet this week.

The premise of the show produced/created by Simon Fuller is five people go live in a house together to try and fulfill their dreams in LA.

There is a 30 minute show each week to watch on Hulu, and and you can also watch live action from the house 24/7.  And it proving to be pretty addictive. It is like The Truman Show but the cast know that they are in it. And like The Truman Show it goes on in perpetuity.

The cast members are all young and good looking:

  • Kara – An aspiring actress who in a radio interview said “this is not a reality TV show” – huh clearly she missed the memo from Simon Fuller.
  • Amanda – an aspiring actress who was previously flipping burgers at 24, I would have thought she would have been working on a Plan B like college at this stage.
  • Giglianne – an aspiring model, extremely attractive, but she seems a little short.
  • Justin – an aspiring songwriter/singer, who dated Miley Cyrus, and
  • Ben – an aspiring actor who has also modelled.

However once they get their break they leave the house and someone else takes it. You can audition at If I Can Dream and overseas applications are welcome.

One thing I would like to see on the show is someone over 24, talented, but not necessarily fabulously good looking. The talented singer who does not look like Britany. The actress or actor who is not a size 6. Also it would be good to have an aspiring comedian or dancer in the house to add a bit of occupational diversity. As one of the great things about reality TV is seeing the ordinary person’s life transformed.

They have only been in the house two days and already there appears to be a cooling of the friendship between Amanda and Kara. Also I thought I heard on the livestream that Justin and Giglianne were ‘dating’. Apparently inter-cast interaction has not been banned.

Anyway check it out at If I Can Dreamalso you can follow it on Twitter, Facebook and My Space.

Compulsive viewing.