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My Kitchen Rules – It Was Sudden Death

At what stage did Sophie think that she was cooking with a dud? As soon as the pressure is on Rowan folds. They were in a sudden death and he was making some simple mistakes like not browning the lamb racks properly and burning the croquettes. The same thing happened in his home restaurant when he started cooking the fish before the guests had even arrived.

It was a nice change for the show that they were now in the MKR kitchen, and gave the show some energy. The top four scoring teams from the home restaurants going straight through to the semi-finals. With the others battling it out in a sudden death challenge.

And the challenge was to make meat and three vegetables, but the instructions were to be innovative.

First up were Gen and Tanja, and Rowan and Sophie. Team Qld did kofta with roast capsicum and feta in the centre, and a deconstructed ratatoullie. Rowan and Sophie did lamb racks with potato croquettes, and two types of sauce.

I thought Sophie and Rowan’s presentation was very 80’s nouvelle cuisine, except with more food on the plate. But the bright yellow of the aioli’s did not whet the appetite. And seriously can they leave the lemon myrtle alone. As Manu said all he could taste was grass.

I thought Gen and Tanja were being very clever with what they were cooking, both dishes had bold flavours and you could plate it up rustically. However putting the couscous in what looked like a cardboard boat was a bit cutsie, and Manu did not go for it.

Then Mel and Matt made lamb noisettes with three veges,  and Clint and Noah made lamb backstrap in filo with pea puree and mushroom and potato cakes. The boys surprised me and got the thumbs up for the backstrap in filo, something I personally thought would not work.

Melanie and Matt got criticised for dishing up meat and three vege. They cooked the noisette well but the rest was uninspiring to the judges.

The other four teams  that were safe were also eating the food but thankfully they were not getting to score. The power was all in Manu and Pete Evan’s hands.

Pete and Manu scored Clint and Noah a 16, and it was the highest team score and they were in the semi’s. Rowan and Sophie only scored 11 and were eliminated.

Mel and Matt scored 13, and Gen and Tanja scored 15, therefore Melissa and Matt were eliminated. So two of the round two teams are gone. I will miss the SA team as they were not afraid of giving their opinion.


Mel and Matt


1 Wurstsemmel { 03.08.10 at 10:52 pm }

Wasn’t it all a bit Masterchef though? There were several phrases that kept coming up that were straight out of a MC script.

The Melbourne boys did well, potato cake aside. Rowan’s plate looked way too busy for me. The SA couple didn’t really do anything to
standout. The QLD girls meal looked like something from a food court but Im glad to see them still in.

That said, they all cooked better than I can!

2 Sourkraut { 03.08.10 at 10:57 pm }

The system of scoring was abit unfair as they were not comparing apples with apples (1st group vs 2nd group)
Meat & 3 veg! hypocrites! Both judges criticised contestants for it b4, now they make them cook it. Hah.
Would rather have seen them use PORK that would have been interesting!
Rowan 3 strikes and your out. 3 boofs and the girls have orgasms.
3 times in 1 nite he stuffed up.
SA couple nice to the Qld girls after hand was burnt. That one must have slipped past the editors.
Manu being helpful to Rowan by telling him he has a lot still to do. Has he been to George’s school for the bleeding obvious Boof DUH!
Koftas. Dont make me laugh. They are meatballs with wonderful Indian spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, chili and many others. I did not see one of those ingredients, and what did they bind their RISSOLES together with? should have used yoghurt. and why cook them in a frying pan? Koftas are done in an oven
All the lamb dishes were 90% raw. I don’t care what the food snobs say, I would have sent them all back to the kitchen!
Then Manu cringed at the tacky boats. Was that a sigh of ecstasy or an agonised GASP i heard from his halleleujah chorus out there?
Thank you Rowan for sniggering at the rissoles. I did too! especially when they fell apart on the plate and the inside of them looked raw.
SA you disappointed me. What’s so bloody hard about cooking crisp roast potatoes. For pity sake even I can do it! AND their gravy looked like dish water.
Wow Kaloo Kalay wunderbar magnificent. Mashed peas!. Manu was in heaven and the angel choir began to sing a chorus of “sourkrauts an ar#$%&ole”
Well I’m rescued from my wet dreams by Julie appearing on the ads showing us how lamb should be cooked. Has she lost her compass? This is channel 7!
And the results. Well several things:
1 They have to keep a VIC team in to cater to 2nd largest state population and to prove that melbourne is still the food capital of the grand old land of oz
2. Scores were based on personalities not talent. I guess the moral is not to give the judges snig during the contest and smile a lot. Revenge is sweet. POQ SA ANYONE WANT TO BET GABE & MOSS DONT WIN?
3. When will scores be deducted for false advertising? this is the 3rd time someone said they would cook something and did something else.
Well apart from Manu not saying barf sorry berf sorry boof I had to agree on the night the best of a bad bunch went through.
Let the abuse begin! i can take it

3 Kaylen { 03.09.10 at 3:27 am }

Sourkraut, I have to admit something: I love you. Well, okay, maybe not you, but your comments I definitely do! 😉

I agree that tonights’ episode was a change of pace, and a welcome one. I look forward to tomorrow’s episode for sure. :)

I have to admit, though, I did rather like the little boats that the couscous was served in. Maybe I’m just tacky too. *blush*

4 CG { 03.09.10 at 4:59 am }

Ahhh, lemmeee see. I missed the show so watched it from the MKR website. Its a good way to go because you can play it straight thru and bypass the advertisements. Although the website must not be very popular as there were only 4 comments on tonight’s episode several hours after the show aired whereas on MC last year there would be hundreds of comments on the website during and after each (daily) episode.

As for the format of this second stage of the show, it is also deeply flawed when it comes to the scoring. What the hell is wrong with the show’s producers. If it was a cookoff between each pair of teams fine. But scoring all four against each other is wrong. Why? Well presumably the second set has longer to think about what they are going to prepare which should mean they have a higher standard and/or more creative result (this seemed to be reflected in the VIC boys menu). I guess I should just be happy that the contestants are no longer scoring because I think we would have had a different result if they had.

As for the contestants tonight, I am SO happy to see the back of smug Rowan. Although his partner Sophie proved tonight that she is also a big part of the problem. Who wants two mayonnaise-type sauces with their lamb. Yuck.

I’m not sure the QLD girls deserved to go thru but I guess it was a case of the least “worst”. Their meatballs / rissoles were raw – rare centre in a lamb rack is onething, not with mince! And I agree with Sour that what they cooked were NOT kaftas by any definition. Te bamboo boats were symptomatic of their larger problem (and reason they grate on my nerves): too cutesy by half.

So I assume tomorrow night’s show isn’t a cook off between the remaining couples (although this is what is implied by the MKR website). If it is, then there was no advantage at all to being in the top 4 – ie you are competing against other top 4’s!! Shouldn’t the top contestant compete against the lowest ranked contestant, etc. This is how it is done in sport!

Is it just me or is Pete getting most of the speaking parts these days. Manu is boring…and may be coming off as a bit of a snob to many Aussies? I’m looking foward to see if the guest judges can add some sparks.

As a final comment, I wonder when these stages of the series were filmed? Was it after the SA guy’s criminal past was revealed? Was it after there was initial feedback on inappropriate clothing and underwear choices? It seems to me that decisions are being made on the fly in terms of production and possibly in terms of who is winning/going through.

Oh, and BTW, on the website they are recruiting for Season 2. Does that make it official or just hopeful planning?

5 Reality Raver { 03.09.10 at 9:59 am }

Sourkraut – loved your thoughts as well, however you are not to ask if Kaylen is a blonde…

I thought the Vic boys pea looked like soup. I was surprised that the SA team just did not bring it. But maybe they thought the MC strategy of keep it simple would get them through.

Kaylen – I am sure the audience was split 50/50 on the presentation of the cous cous.

I was tired last night, but I finally worked out what the couscous boats reminded me of – something you could would see on Gordan Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares at those restaurants that think they are classier then they are. However if the salad tasted delicious then who cares.

CG – I will have to check out their website about the recruiting, well it is rating well. Agree I wonder what will be occurring tonight. They better stop eliminating the teams otherwise the show will be over in two weeks. Agree looking forward to another judge to come in. Also at one stage last night I thought the top 4 teams were going to be scoring as well, which would have been outrageous.

6 CG { 03.09.10 at 10:19 am }

Well the commercial running on Ch7 this morning shows the WA girls cooking against Gabe and his partner. And they are calling it “the finals” ? When is the show scheduled to end. By looks of it next week is it.

7 Fides { 03.09.10 at 10:38 am }

The Qld girls must have been disappointed that there were no frangipanis to decorate their dishes with. Perhaps that’s why they focussed on the bamboo boats (or as it sounded like from Manu : bumbleboat).

Was disappointed all round. It is over edited with the constant commentary which interrupted the flow. Just let me watch them cook, not talk about what they’re thinking all the time. I totally agree with CG – I thought Manu’s comments were snarky and snobby. I’m all for the snark and did enjoy Mel and Paul’s observations, but I don’t know, I didn’t like it coming from the judges. Pete also was grinning when Manu was recalling something he found ridiculous – OK, I think it was about Rowan and Sophia in which case I understand. Now I can make the proper comparisons with MC, it’s like – Gary and George would never say that!

But all the borrowed phrased like “step away from your benches” etc ( though really what else can they say?) left me expecting a”chop chop” or “cook like the world’s watching”, yeah?

8 CG { 03.09.10 at 4:31 pm }

“the meat is the hero of the dish”….I reckon we need a drinking game for 1-2 of these over-used terms as we head to the finals.

9 Sourkraut { 03.09.10 at 11:39 pm }

Raver I would not dream of it I am a gentleman
Kaylen I am also a grumpy old man B T C!
Fides, brilliant! A chop chop would have set my heart a flutter twice as fast as a boof! raver you should give an award to the commenter that can name the most overused cliche (like)