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My Kitchen Rules – The Format Seems A Little Unfair

Finally two women chef judges on TV at one time. Was this the My Kitchen’s Rulesnod to International Women’s Day yesterday. Karen Martini and Jacquie Gowan both were guest judges with Tobie Puttock and Guy Grossi, and they were great additions to the show.

Rumour was the Jacquie was a judge in the pilot with Manu Feidel but it was decided to go with the Pete and Manu combination.

Maybe be I am not paying enough attention but I am totally confused by the format of the show. Did Mossy and Gabby line up against Holly and Grace because they were in opposing groups, or was it because they had the second and third highest score from the home restaurants?

I think it is a bit unfair that the top four teams are not judged against each other. Also in fact it is even more unfair because if it was done like final’s footy and CG suggested and the top teams should have gone against the bottom four teams. As they are all in sudden death eliminations. So the top four teams are going head to head with the loser to be eliminated.

Would Holly and Grace still be in if they went against Tania and Gen, or Matt and Mel? I think they would be.

Anyway here is a few observations on the episode:

  • Minus ten points for the blatant Coffee Club advertising. I noted neither team drank it;
  • I see the 80’s are back in a big way in cuisine with the art nouvelle plating of the girls entree, and Mossy using sundried tomatoes
  • I liked the flavour combinations in the girls entree, but thought there was way to much goats cheese, and not sure there needed to be garlic it it. The beetroot looked inedible,  Holly clearly had some brain explosion when she tasted it and declared it perfect.
  • Cooking risotto on a cooking show is like trying to sing Celine Dion on Idol, risky and very rarely pulled off. The critics thought the girls porcini risotto was good, However Paul from SA thought it just tasted off salt.
  • Mossy’s and Gabe’s stuffed chicken thighs was thought to be a bit dull and Karen Martini proclaimed that tomato sauce and asparagus don’t go together. I am not sure what the fresh pasta was going to add to the dish.
  • Manu and Pete I have to disagree with you I think cream enhances everything.  Mossy and Gabe coconut pie with all it’s accoutrements looked sensational.

Holly and Grace were eliminated, losing by one point. I bet they wished they had landed in the bottom half of the competition to have given themselves a better chance at going further in the competition.


1 wallah { 03.09.10 at 11:11 pm }

Is there anything that Pete Evans isn’t ‘a huge fan of/one of my favourites/nothing better’?

2 Sourkraut { 03.09.10 at 11:26 pm }

still more italian food. Oh goody. noone knows how to cook anything else cant wait for spag bol next round!.
Anyway you can beat an egg but you cant beet a a raw stick of rheubarb
Qld Mother Teresa act really starting to annoy me. As i said, not a cooking comp, its a popularity contest . (Pete said “Mossy you gotta love him” that let the cat out of the bag)
More food snob arty farty food plating. BORING.
And the editorials. how predictable have they become? you could tell half way through from Mossy’s “oh we’ve lost this” carry on that they had won it.
So next Monday is the big upset. Am i to believe its bye bye SA? My theory awaits proof.
Anyway from the looks of the food the minisculely better team won despite a sparrows guts in tomato sauce on the other side.
Well my $ are on NSW for sure!
By the way. well done the WA girls. I warmed to you in the last 2 eps where there was a lot less silly little girliness. I thought they did really well.
Finally Raver, I agree the competition set-up sucks. Yes it should be like the footy where 1 plays 6 and 2 plays 5 etc, otherwise why bother with scores at all, other than to eliminate the first round contestants.

3 Sourkraut { 03.09.10 at 11:44 pm }

You are the leader of the spot the cliche competition thus far!

4 CG { 03.10.10 at 2:34 am }

Well thats better! I thought the pace and flow of this episode was much better: probably because they are “squeezing” three courses into the cookoff, less time for fillers. The additional judges and keeping the judges comments short, sweet and relevant is an improvement.

As for the format of this round, I have to disagree with youze (RR and Sour). They ARE using the footy format. They have ranked the remaining teams based on their round 1 scores – 1st is facing off against 6th, 2nd against 5th, etc. It so happens that the WA girls and Mossy And Gab were tied and in the middle so they faced each other. I don’t have a problem with the format becuase the lower ranked teams who had to compete on Monday (ie the QLD girls) now have to face off against the top team from round 1. However, it would probably have been better television and fairer all-round if they didn’t have Round 2 and just went straight to this footy ranking, 3-meal face off with all 8 teams.

Some other random thoughts on tonights epi:

– I think it is STUPID that the teams have to prepare plates for the other contestants; the other contestants should observe but not be fed…I guess if they installed a LOFT for them to look down from it would be way-too MC so they had to mix it up? If the teams that are cooking on the night only had to prepare plates for the judges they would have that much extra time to put into the dishes. Serving food to the other contestants and their few random comments adds NOTHING.

– Clearly the teams had lots of time in advance to devise their menus. Given this, Mossy was crazy to pick pork belly as an entree as obviously it needs lots of time to cook.

While this may be unpopular, I am glad to see the WA girlz depart. They grated on my nerves with all their silliness, handholding and tears. They did improve a little bit in this last episode and I note the clothing choices were more modest. I will give them credit for only being 21 and getting this far but they are just painful to listen to IMHO (and of course, YMMV!!).

Looking forward to next week. Looks like both eps next week will be face-offs and then we will have the finals the week of March 22 and then its all over. I don’t have a favourite. As Manu says the winner will surprise, I might go out on a limb and pick the VIC boys for the win?

5 themolk { 03.10.10 at 7:50 am }

The singularly most annoying thing about this format is the extra narrator. They rely heavily on the contestants & judges with to camera pieces to push the show along, but then there’s this extra disembodied voice?! Worse still is the QldBoganSisters dropping every cliche in the book… it’s like they were made by reality tv producers. AND THEN they all talk about what we’re about to see or have just seen in a way that makes you go “I already know that, give me something special, some insight – DON’T JUST NARRATE!”. Bloody hell.

The 1v6 etc format is good – it’s meant to offer the ppl who did the best an “easier” ride into the finals… bottom line, with the bland scoring we’ve had to date you could offer the best dish out there & still only get a 6.

Chefs as judges are like the nasty “popular” girls at high school – complete bitches in a passive aggressive way.

At least there’s now some real urgency in the series. I know I will not be signing up to be a contestant in series 2. It has a low bar to start, & sequels usually only go downhill.

6 Fides { 03.10.10 at 11:06 am }

What I want to know is when Pete went up to the girls as they were preparing dessert and told them the scores were close and it all hinged on that dessert, did he also go over and tell Mossy and Gabe the same thing? Methinks Pete’s a little sweet on those girls (especially the slightly manic blonde one).

7 Sand { 03.10.10 at 12:45 pm }

I like it how all the chefs’ philosophies are “to cook with the freshest ingredients”… I’d like to think so! Anyways… I’m happy for Mossy, he’s a good bloke :-)

8 Wurstsemmel { 03.10.10 at 1:15 pm }

If Jacquie Gowan had been a series judge, I would have turned off immediately, Manu or no Manu. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t tolerate her. I’m not really sure any of these judges added much, with the exception of Guy Rossi.

I’m with Wurstsemmel in that I’d like to see something other than Italian. Rissotto? Again?

I think the girls did really well. Given their age, you can understand how the pressure would get to Grace. Kudos to Holly for getting her back on track. I think I have that around the right way….? They certainly gave Mossy and Gabe a run for their money and I’m not sure that they didn’t deserve to win over M&G.

I think both of these teams would have eliminated the QLD girls. They’ve been lucky to be kept in and I think they’ll be next on the chopping block.

9 Reality Raver { 03.10.10 at 1:50 pm }

CG – I must have vagued at the time they were talking about how the semi’s were being set up.

Sourkraut – Well Mossy and Gabe’s entree of pork belly was asian. Also their dessert could be deemed to be Australian. Good idea about the cliche competition. Can the prize be a night out with you to Harry Cafe De Wheels?

The Molk – disappointed you won’t be auditioning for series 2, at least you would be entertaining.

Fides – Good point, I would give Pete the benefit of the doubt. It must have been a long day filming if they could cook whole dishes between courses.

Sand – Agree

Wurstsemmel – I liked both the women judges. And I think Jacquie would have a good dynamic with Manu. However I have never seen her on Ready Steady Cook. I thought Tobie Puttock was probably the most bland. Those girls are confident cooks.

10 sourkraut { 03.10.10 at 2:29 pm }

So what’s the problem with Jacquie as a judge? I thought she did as well as if not better than Adonis. Perhaps if she dyed her hair WS?
I think the “prize” you suggest would be similar to the second prize mentioned in the infamous Mrs Gandhi’s cake as first prize joke
Bet Your House on NSW! popularity Kitchen rules

11 Reality Raver { 03.10.10 at 2:40 pm }

Sourkraut I will leave Wurstsemmel to answer why she does not like her I thought she was fine.

I reckon there would be a few readers vying for the prize. If I ever make any money from this blog I will hold my Reality Ravings Xmas party there.

12 Wurstsemmel { 03.10.10 at 6:02 pm }

Jacquie? As Manu would ‘boof, je ne sais pas porquoi’…I don’t know what it it is but whenever I’ve caught Ready, Steady, Cook and she’s been on…….the tv goes off. She just irritates the hell out of me.

13 Sourkraut { 03.10.10 at 7:51 pm }

Which prize? Mrs Gandhi’s cake or
poi n pees an sawce avec moi a la Harree’s cafe de roue (boof) Wurstsemmel ,interested? Sorry just cacking yolks