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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 14 Performance Show

The producers and judges were not very happy with the Australia voters last week, as they have changed the format, you can now vote from the beginning of the show. Australian Idol tried that last year, I am not sure if it had an impact on who stayed and who went.

Just a few thoughts on the show:

  • I think Issi is sucking the Mojo out Don, metaphorically speaking – I think it is time for them to go;
  • Robbie was amazing in the routine even though with the moustache he reminded me of Prince, and Ivy was a little Sheila E.  Ivy now she has flicked Gaz and stopped gabbing so much is looking like a major threat;
  • Jessica and Heath were good, but I am a bit over the the depressing plots of the contemporary routines;
  • Keiran and Carly also did a good contemporary routine, but I think Carly over dances;
  • I really loved Matt and Jessica’s routine, I guess Matt’s ankle must be getting better as he put a lot of weight through it;
  • I thought Phillipe and Renee’s waltz was boring and looked  a little awkward;
  • Jess outdanced Nick in their old school hip hop routine, but he looked low on energy compared to her;
  • Again I thought Jason Coleman took a swipe at Adam Williams about the Chicago routine, is there some history there?

Bottom three predictions – Issi and Don, Heath and Jessica, and Renee and Phillipe.


1 alicat { 03.11.10 at 9:11 am }

I only started watching during Heath & Jessica’s dance so have no comment on Don & Issi… were they hopeless again? I really think it’s time for one or both of them to go.

Heath and Jessica did a good job, but it wasn’t the best routine of the night. I agree with the comments about Heath being a very caring partner; he always seems to look after Jessica very well. I like these two but I’m waiting for them to really pop sometime soon. This was also another routine where if we hadn’t had the video, I wouldn’t have known the theme of the routine – I didn’t get the brother-sister thing and Heath wasn’t bad-boy enough for me. But I really like these two as a couple and their dancing is always quality, if not the highlight of the night.

Robbie and Ivy… 😀 I love these two so much! Robbie is a consummate actor; his expressions and movements were Paso Doble all over. I loved his leg extensions and the putting on of the jacket at the start – it made me very proud that he was more manly in the Paso than Phillipe 😀 (hahaha feeling like a proud soccer mum right here!). I thought the routine was very fiery and intense; loved Ivy’s pounding on Robbie’s chest to the beat of the music at the start of the routine. Ivy shines in whatever she does; I find her so elegant. But above all – I was absolutely floored by the audience response to this routine. I was getting goosebumps, and it’s only reality TV, for goodness sake. I don’t think I’ve seen as huge a response like that since Anthony Callea sang The Prayer on Idol. They’re obviously resonating REALLY strongly with the audience both live and through the camera. Go Team Robbie and Ivy! 😀 (Also, Jason Gilkinson is a god. Can’t say better than that. WOW :D)

Kieran and Carly were great as per usual; I really enjoyed the routine. Although again, I didn’t see what the routine had to do at all with the theme. I’m really enjoying Kieran more as time goes on; he’s a brilliant dancer but his attitude is just wonderful, he doesn’t get hangups over different genres, and is overall just really pleasant to watch. Still not sold on Carly, although she did better this week.

Matt and Jessie was my other favourite routine of the night… I loved it! Jessie is amazing and I wish the judges would stop making comments about “this brings out your personality” because I never thought that she had a boring personality so comments like that just seem patronising to me. Her dancing is always spot-on. Matt I think is an excellent dancer but I’m just not attached to him… I also feel he’s frequently overshadowed by Jessie, and I think it will be good to see him work with another partner to really come into his own.

Phillipe and Renee I thought had a really boring routine (even though the judges refuse to say that about the choreography usually) and in the absence of a good routine they really should’ve uncovered Phillipe’s chest hahaha so they still get the votes! I think these two are amazing dancers but it just felt… it’s hard to describe, but it felt like “put your right hand in, then put your right hand out”… like the body parts were disconnected from the body as a whole, so instead of Renee’s whole body floating when she extended her arm, it appeared more like “oh this is the part where I put my arm out”. With waltz, I really want it to appear effortless and floaty, like Jemma and Rhys’s one in Season 1, and this really didn’t do it for me. That said, I loved Phillipe’s smile at Renee at the start of the routine, and I wish someone had given him props for being in a genre so different to his own. Not their best but I don’t want them to go as I think it was just a bad week.

Nick and Jess… dargh I was so annoyed because I was looking so forward to these two as a couple. I don’t think the routine was bad – I thought the unison was better than the judges said – and Nick did a good job of getting all the movements; I didn’t see him make any evident mistakes. I wonder if he would’ve been as ragged on if he hadn’t mentioned his mental breakdown in the video clip, because I didn’t think it was that bad. Jess is fantastic, as always – really becoming a fan of hers. But I reckon bottom 2 for this week, which is a bit of a shame.

Chicago routine – damn sexy hahaha! I loved the ending and the use of props. That headsmash between Renee and Carly was pretty rotten to watch though -_-

Overall, bottom 3 for me – Don & Issi (even though I didn’t see them! Hahaha… I want them to go!), Phillipe & Renee, Nick & Jess. If I could send anyone home it would be Don & Issi, but I think it might be Nick after that routine, unless he owns them in the solos (which he usually does, so fingers crossed). For some reason I don’t think the judges would get rid of both Don & Issi, and they seem very interested in keeping Don around. Shame really, coz i much prefer Nick.

But back to the voting setup – so they’ve used that before?? That’s so weird, I would’ve thought it would give whoever’s at the start of the show a huge advantage by having the extra voting time?? I don’t get the rationale…

2 heartfelt { 03.11.10 at 9:46 am }

Robbie will win this. That’s all I have to say.

3 FM { 03.11.10 at 10:18 am }

Renee’s dress was awful and did not help with making her look elegant at all, I thought. The whole waltz looked awkward and stiff, I think they may end up in the bottom 3 but Phillipe should be safe. Don and Issy were not great, he is trying so hard that it’s hard for us to watch, and Issy is just not connecting with him and she should by now, she may be in trouble. I agree about the comments from Jason about Adam, there seems to be tension, if so who keeps inviting him to choreograph? Also the ballroom choreographer with all the botox has done a couple of lacklustre routines so far, it doesn’t help the dancers. Thought the judges’ comments were all a bit samey-same and lacklustre, I found myself fastforwarding, particularly over Bonnie. I am enjoing Natalie a lot more this season, she is definitely warming up (finally) and she looks magnificent.

4 akris { 03.11.10 at 10:36 am }

Agree, they should’ve kept Phillip’s top open just for the votes… I was watching (perving??) last night and I convinced myself he could win on his looks alone.. he’s so beautiful.

BUT Robbie was stand out for me.. watched his routine over and over.. he looked like a paso doble pro! Kieren (my fave) was also great.. My favourite girl, Jessie H, i think might have a problem staying away from bottom 3… even though they got good reviews.. jazz routines with weird costumes don’t always get the votes.. (plus not to mention the Don and Issie voters out there *groan*)

5 Reality Raver { 03.11.10 at 11:08 am }

Alicat – thanks for all your great comments. I think Don has been incredibly unlucky with his pairing up with Issi, they are just not gelling. I would like to see him with someone else. But I don’t think he will get the chance. It took him three seasons to get on and now he really has not been able to showcase his dancing.

Agree I thought’s Phillipe’s “emotion” and “acting” in the waltz was excellent, it looked natural. I really like him, I thought his technique was a bit weak last night, but hope he stays.

Heartfelt – I agree both him and Ivy have really popped since they started dancing together.

FM – I think there is a big advantage when you get a Jason G or Debbie Ellis or Sarah Boulter routine. I really loved Square Divisions routine. I think if Matt lands bottom three he will go.

6 Reality Raver { 03.11.10 at 11:10 am }

Akris – Agree about Phillipe, I think he is the dancer that has had the most growth in the competition so far.

Also I should add the judges are pimping Jess, but for some reason she does not appear to be resonating with the audiences. Funny thing that as she is a good dancer. I think if she makes top ten then it will be her time.

7 Burger { 03.12.10 at 12:51 am }

Thank goodness Don and Issi have gone! Sounds terrible but it was becoming painful to watch their performances each week. NO CHEMISTRY! When they looked back over the last few weeks it was interesting to note that their best performances were in the first week when Don danced with Gaz and Issi with Robbie. Would have been interesting to see how they would have faired if they had been paired up differently.

I need to apologise to Ivy. I made some pretty negative comments about her at the start of the season. Her personality still tends to grate on me but I have to take my hat of to her for her dancing ability. She has an amazing stage presence and has proven herself especially since her pairing with Robbie (who also has come into her own since having a new partner – even though we all thought he was amazing before )

Now not that it is relevant to their dancing, but has anyone noticed any particular “closeness” between Heath and Jessica and also Matt and Jessie (not as much as H & J though). My husband is convinced Heath is gay but I dont know…. he looks very very affectionate with Jessica – always holding hands – even when clapping…. Is it me imagining things or has anyone else noticed this? I know … juvenile of me to make the comment but oh well….