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Fug Girls – Rate Their Top Ten Reality TV Judges

The Fug Girls in an article in NY Mag have rated their top ten greatest reality TV judges ever.

They include the obvious like Simon Cowell, but also put in Top Chef’s Gail Simmons, and Top Design’s Kelly Werstler.

Anyway it is a fun read.

If it was including Australian judges I would include:

  •  Dicko (in his first few years on Australian Idol before he left), he was like a breath of fresh air, with his direct judging style and quick wit in the first few years of Idol;
  • Matt Preston – Masterchef, who else can wear a cravat, be bulging out of white pants and still have the female population swooning over him, particularly when he was stroking paella;
  • Alex Perry – Australia’s Next Top Model – who tells it how it is but in a witty way;
  • Sarah Gale, and Jayson Brundson – Project Runway Australia some of the expressions on Sarah’s face as a ghastly outfits sashays down the runway is hilarious, she is not afraid to give a contestant a tongue lashing, and with Jayson there is a nice chemistry.
  • Helen ‘The original cougar’  Richey from Dancing With The Stars – she refuses to be painted in the middle aged, nice judge corner. She looks sensational, perves openly and is direct in her comments; and
  • Matt Moran I am sure he has been a judge on a show somewhere sometime…


1 Culinary Boner { 03.11.10 at 1:53 pm }

Raver, can’t help but notice, but you seem to have a thing for Matt the Cravat’s bulge.

2 Abbie { 03.11.10 at 2:45 pm }

Raver- great list. But I would have added Bernard King just for some flair

3 Injera { 03.12.10 at 8:53 am }

I like your local additions, and if Matt Moran hasn’t been a judge somewhere, that needs to be sorted out!

I’d also add Michel Roux Jr from Masterchef: The Professionals. I don’t know why the contenders consistently fail to check out his reactions as he wanders around while they’re cooking. They’d get more than a subtle hint as to how they’re shaping up.