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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – And Now There Are 12

Did Kelley Abbey get a leave pass from the judging panel tonight? Very unusual that a guest judge only on the panel for the performance show. Maybe she was caught up in Fame rehearsals. By the way are tickets on sale for the show yet?

Also have Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s boobs double in size since she has become pregnant? Wow.

It was no surprise that Don and Issi, and Phillipe and Renee were in the bottom three. I was slightly surprised by Matt and Jessie, as I thought their routine was pretty good. But as a reader (akris) ย of this site noted under last night’s blog post, that jazz routines in weird costumes never do very good. Well they were spot on.

I think Phillipe’s solo was pretty underwhelming and in a stronger bottom three would have put him at risk of elimination. Matt’s was definitely the best. Don tried but I had seen a lot of those moves before.

The girls were much stronger. Jessie was amazing, Renee was great, and Issi’s was original but a bit too cutsie.

No surprise Issi and Don were eliminated. I feel sorry for Don, I got the feeling he never got started in the competition as he never really clicked with Issi and you knew an elimination was inevitable once they both hit the bottom three. Considering he auditioned three times, and was probably one of the strongest B Boys the competition has had his elimination was a bit sad.


1 Anonymous { 03.11.10 at 10:12 pm }

Oh god, it was so awkward when Don was clutching onto Nat’s microphone for dear life.

The right choice was made, I think, but I would like it if Jessie scored a new partner – a routine that is NOT gimmicky. She is a fabulous dancer and has paid her dues with the idiotic no personality cold technician edit that SYTYCD trots out season after season across the world, so give her some proper choreography and costumes, for crying out loud.

Kelley said last night that would be the last they would see of her – I’m bummed, I’m assuming this means we won’t see her until the traditional epic group routine on the finale? She must be super-busy with Fame. I bought tickets for Melbourne the other day, I think you can for Brisbane and Sydney, too. Check it out here:

Can’t wait to see Talia dance again.

2 josie { 03.12.10 at 7:31 am }

About time they got rid of those two. I also really enjoyed the group routine.

3 alicat { 03.12.10 at 8:42 am }

Hurrah, Don and Issi are gone! No surprises there, about time, although I agree Don got a bad deal with his partnership.

I actually thought Phillipe’s solo was the best and that the judges might pull something different out of the bag and let Matt go instead of Don. I don’t know what it is about Matt, I have this sneaking suspicion that he really isn’t resonating with audiences? Because how else do him and Jessie keep ending up in the bottom 3? Jessie is arguably the best female dancer in the competition with no shortage of people voting for her each week; she’s been in the bottom 3 before so they KNOW they have to vote, it’s not one of those Ricki-Lee situations where people assume everyone else is voting and don’t bother themselves… and last night’s routine was brilliant so I can’t think of any explanation other than Matt must not be getting a similar quantity of votes. I agree with akris about the quirky jazz routines tending to be less popular with audiences, but if a brilliant routine like the ventriloquist one, danced wonderfully by two people like Matt and Jessie, can’t get the votes to stay out of the bottom 3, then it doesn’t seem like there’s much future for quirky jazz in the show (at least not if it’s really disadvantaging the dancers just to get that genre).

Anyway. Boy’s solos I agree were kind of meh, but my biggest bone to pick is with Jason’s comments that the solos are meant to show us more of who the dancers are. To me, solos are for the dancers to showcase what they’re best at; why they were ORIGINALLY selected for the top 20. This is not a time for experimentation with something new! That’s what the weekly routines are for, to prove versatility. Solos are about the dancers shining in their comfort zone. If the only reason Don was sent home was because he didn’t try something new, then I would be very cranky. I don’t think that’s the case, I really do think he was the worst on the night of the three, but still – I think the judges need to get the story straight in their heads.

Don’s speech was brilliant… what a great and genuine guy he is. Loved the call on Kieran’s running man hahaha… now I really want to see it! I wish Nat had let him hold the mic.

Girlies well yeah Issi to go obviously although her solo was pretty decent. I remembered how much I did love her when she danced with Robbie in the showcase, but Renee and Jessie have clearly shown their talent and versatility over the past few weeks and I wouldn’t have sent either of them home, so it had to be Issi. Only comment about the solos is that I loved the intensity Jessie brought to her routine – I tend to see Jessie as the very lyrical sort of dancer, all about leg extensions and such… but last night she brought a harder, edgier side of her out in her solo, and that was really great to see. I think she’s such a brilliant dancer… so much love for Jessie ๐Ÿ˜€

Issi’s speech dripped with insincerity I thought. It was a generic thankyou speech and didn’t show any of her personal experiences in the show or people who had directly influenced her. After Don’s heartfelt farewell, this really disappointed me and I was (extra) glad to see her go.

Best moment of the show: “Contemporary and… Bollywood?!” *Robbie’s facial expression* bahahaha oh man can’t wait for that! I reckon he and Ivy will knock that out of the park ๐Ÿ˜€ Go Robbie and Ivy!

4 josie { 03.12.10 at 9:31 am }

Everyones made the bottom 3 at least once this season. This is the first season Ive been into sytycd. I never really watched the last two years but is this the most even comp yet?

5 akris { 03.12.10 at 10:12 am }

woohoo! I got a mention. hehe

Happy with who left last night although i was impressed with Don’s solo, i think Don and Issi have been consistently under par and if they didn’t go out last night it will probably be a while before they’re bottom 3 again.

I know that she has a lot of fans on this site, but I’ve been disappointed in Jessie S. She is awesome in the group routines but for me she’s been the most disappointing in partner routines I wouldn’t mind seeing her go next week (unless of course her partner routines are unbelievable)

6 heartfelt { 03.12.10 at 10:43 am }

Just a few considerations:
Ivy has definitely lucked out in drawing Robbie, the Ace, in the comp. She’s a great girl, versatile, committed, with a real have-a-go attitude that was lacking in Mikhaela.

But let’s not be sidetracked here – Robbie is the one to watch, and I believe he is giving Ivy a great opportunity to ride his coat-tails to the top 4. Robbie is phenomenal. He becomes the character of the dance. He is a flawless technician. He has obviously been highly trained and now couples that with an amazing natural gift. I believe he can win this. I can’t believe he is 18 years old. Incredible. And I think the judges may now be starting to realise that he is the one to watch.

Phillipe will continue to flash his abs for votes, Mat’s funny guy routine is starting to wear thin, Keiran is good but nowhere near Robbie’s league, Nick can’t quite reach the highs that Robbie is constantly conquering, Heath has self-doubt written all over his face.

As for the girls, Ivy suits Robbie and is benefiting greatly from the pairing. Carly tends to overdance and can’t quite get the shoulders down or the facial expressions right, Renee doesn’t seem to be able to hit the highs, Jessica P is trying really hard but there doesn’t seem to be a connection between her and the voting viewers, Jessie H. is a beautiful dancer and I believe it will come down to her and Robbie, however, the judges keep doubting her for some reason. I believe Mat is dragging her down into the bottom 3. Jess S. seems to have issues. Don’t know what they are but it’s written all over her face. Does she not like her partner? She didn’t click with Doug, now she doesn’t seem to be clicking with Nick. Technically she’s a better dancer than him. Maybe that is irritating her?

Anyway, these are my humble opinions. I truly believe Robbie will win this.

7 FM { 03.12.10 at 11:01 am }

I think Philippe despite his less-than wow solo has certainly earned the chance to go forward, I would love to see him with another partner, I think Renee weighs him down, but if he can to Top 10 the shuffle them around don’t they? Don was unlucky with his partner from the get-go, as was Issi in a way, as she danced beautifully with Robbie in the showcase. Don had done as much as he could I think, it was his time to go.
Next week should be fun – Ivy is perfect for Bollywood, can’t wait to see that! Also Kieran seemed pretty excited to get ballroom again, let’s hope Carly can get her shoulders separated from her ears. Do Matt and Jessie have ballroom next week? I’d love to see him get the chance to dance in his genre, as most of the routines have favoured Jessie more so far.

8 akris { 03.12.10 at 11:03 am }

FM: I think Jessie H and Matt got Contemporary and Jazz.

9 alicat { 03.12.10 at 1:08 pm }

Josie – interesting point about everyone being in the bottom 3… I hadn’t realised. Not sure if the dancers are more equal this season or if the pairings have made it work out this way – I definitely think there’s certain dancers (Robbie, Jessie) who are shining individually.

Heartfelt – Agree with everything you said. Well said! (Just no complaining about Phillipe’s ab-flashing HAHAHA… he’s so nice to look at! ๐Ÿ˜€ Although I’m definitely a fan of his versatility as well, and rank him quite highly in the comp).

Akris – Hahaha congrats on your mention! Awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ I agree, if Jess doesn’t step up in partner work, she’ll be my girl vote to go next week (Matt for the blokes).

FM – agree with you also about wanting to see Phillipe with another partner. I like him with Renee but think a different dynamic would suit him well… possibly pairing him with Ivy would be interesting. I think Ivy is going to be brilliant at Bollywood ๐Ÿ˜€

10 verySad { 03.12.10 at 2:35 pm }

DON had the short stick (no pun intended) He never could really show his amazing dancing and character as he had to constantly watch out for Issi’s rib. What could have been an amazing routine was disadvantaged due to the Choreography being changed because of Issi’s cracked rib.



11 Reality Raver { 03.12.10 at 9:26 pm }

Anon – Thanks for the information on the Fame tickets. I presume Talia is playing the ballerina role.

Josie – Agree about the group routine, I have really been enjoying Jet Verne’s routines this year. I had not thought about who or has not hit the bottom three but you are right. It is pretty even, the top four is anyones at the moment.

Alicat – my recording cut out before the end of the show, so missed Don and Issi’s speech. I am sure her injury was another reason she was flicked.

Akris – Well you made a great observation about the voting patterns relating to Jessie and Matt’s routine and you were right. You could be right about Jessie S.

Heartfelt – I thought Matt would resonate more with teenage girls but I think I might be wrong on that. I think Robbie is going to get top 4. I think Jessie is going to give it a good shake as well.

FM – Not too sure about Renee yes she is technically good but I don’t find she has a lot of prescence.

12 Anonymous { 03.12.10 at 9:49 pm }

You’re welcome, RR. Yeah, Talia is playing the ballerina, Iris. There’s this awesome tram in Melbourne that has her on it, haha. Timomatic is playing Tyrone, and I believe Marko, Amy, and BJ are in the chorus.

Btw, I recently saw Loredo in Chicago with Caroline O’Connor, he was fab!