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So You Think You Can Dance – The Top 12

So You Think You Can Dance is struggling for ratings this year with it way under the magic million mark. Is this because of the new night it is showing on a Wednesday night? I think it does fit better in the Sunday night spot. Or maybe people are getting sick of the genre. The US version of the show here bombed last time it was shown, and they have not even bothered showing hte latest season.

Unfortunately Ten’s second channel is a sport one.

A few thoughts on tonight’s episode:

  • Robbie and Ivy’s Debbie Ellis routine was great it will be interesting to see how they go next week with different partners;
  • The Mary Poppins routine was perfect for Heath because he was able to really camp it up, conversely I was a fan of Jessica’s but she is losing me, she is just not hitting any new heights;
  • And if you didn’t know Matt Lee will be starring in Mary Poppins later on in the year you do now;
  • Renee and Phillipe’s hip hop routine song, was set to Wade Robson’s music, is there anything that guy cannot do?
  • Can we just talk about Jess’s tattoo down her left side – is this something she is going to regret in 10 year’s time? By the way I am not sure Jess is connecting with the audience if she makes top ten it will be interesting to see if she gets votes;
  • Carly was ordinary in the salsa with Kieran and needs to keep her mouth shut when she dances;
  • I get the feeling Matt will be gone if he lands in the bottom three;
  • Move over Tania Zaetta, Ivy is coming to Mumbai, it was perfect for her, I wondered if that was a bit rigged that her and Robbie got that genre;
  • Underwhelmed by Heath and Jessica’s sloppy hip hop, did Nacho Pop choreograph it or is off still flipping burgers somewhere?
  • I really liked Jess in the Gabrielle Climi routine.  I thought there were some partnerwork issues, but that could  have been Nick being tentative after his injury in rehearsal;
  • The pinochhio routine is going to take put Keiran and Carly into the bottom three, that choreographer Yianni needs to be sacked, but then Bonnie thought it was the best routine of the night – Go Figure;
  • Pasha and Anya are still here in Australia +2, Phillipe having his shirt buttoned up -1. By the way why has noone interviewed Anya and Pasha?
  • The Square Divison routine was well danced but just not exciting enough.

Bottom Three prediction: Carly and Keiran, Heath and Jessica; Renee and Phillipe.


1 Heartfelt { 03.17.10 at 11:46 pm }

Agreed, Robbie and Ivy blew it out of the ballpark again; it will be such a shame to see them separated. However, now that Ivy has upped the ante and honed a few more tech skills, and Robbie’s personality is shining through as much as his awesome dancing ability….. Well, the sky’s the limit for these two. My prediction is Robbie to win with either Ivy or Jesse (Mat’s partner) to come in second. Jessica (Heath’s partner) and Matt will possibly be eliminated this week. That’s all for now. Too tired to write any more. Nighty night :)

2 akris { 03.18.10 at 12:44 am }

darn it.. i just wrote an entire essay and it disappeared..

basic jist.. Robbie and Ivy.. first routine was AMAZING! second routine was just good. Prefer faster paced bollywood routines of past seasons.

Jess S and Nick.. i barely remember their jive and i can’t remember the other. I hope they’re bottom 3 but i don’t think they will be

Jess and Heathe… worst hip hop routine ever.. it looked like their forgot some of the steps and just make them up as they went along.. bottom 3

Jess H and Matt… good routines but not great.. she is still showcasing that she’s the best female dancer though… (but Ivy’s definitely stepping up esp with her vibrant personality) I think if Jess H gets to top 10 she’ll be a contender for finale for sure!

Kieren and Carly.. felt a bit cheated because I didn’t get to see much of Kieren.. spent the time getting annoyed at watching Carly do Salsa… she looked like an angry Beyonce stomping rather than dancing… agree with Matt (?) she needs to do more light and shade.

Renee and Phillipe.. didn’t like their hip hop.. liked their rumba but it wasn’t as sexy as it should’ve been.

Bottom 3 should be Jess S and Nick, Jess and heath, Renee and Philippe

Bottom 3 will be Jess and heath, Carly and Kieren, Jess and Matt or Renee and Philippe.

last 2 c. This competition is Robbie’s to lose… i think he’s got it in the bag!

3 akris { 03.18.10 at 12:47 am }

oohh one more thing… i love pasha too!!

4 dmc { 03.18.10 at 6:39 am }

Sadly, I feel the times are changing and this show may not be around much in the future. Pity, because I think the judging and NB have improved a lot this year.

5 Wurstsemmel { 03.18.10 at 7:56 am }

Loved the first few US and Australian series I watched, but then it lost it’s allure….partly because of some issues with judging and also because it felt more like a popularity contest rather than dancing per se. Didn’t bother with the last US series, haven’t bothered with this past the initial two episodes.

6 josie { 03.18.10 at 8:32 am }

Its a pity the ratings have gone down coz I thought last night’s show was awesome. I think the show needs to change the format and maybe get a new host and some new judges.

7 Heartfelt { 03.18.10 at 9:33 am }

Akris: Agreed, Robbie’s got this in the bag. Isn’t he growing hugely each week?!!

None of the other male dancers can hold a candle to his flawless technical ability and versatility. Keiran’s pretty good but a bit boring. Matt and Phillipe are quite limited. Heath, I think, trys TOO hard, it doesn’t seem to come naturally to him. Nick is good but doesn’t quite nail any particular genre and he’s definitely not in the same league as Robbie.

The only thing that seemed to be missing with Robbie at the beginning was personality, possibly because of his youth and shyness, but that is rapidly changing. He has found his confidence and a rather sweet, cheeky personality is appearing. His confidence regarding his dancing ability has always been top notch, now that his general confidence has appeared then there’s no stopping him.

I think the only other dancer that can match his technical ability is Jessie H.

I think Robbie will win this. He has a HUGE facebook following and rightly so. He’s one to watch. He deserves every opportunity to become famous in the dance world.

And just a note on last night’s dances: Robbie’s and Ivy’s first dance was amazing. Their execution of the dance steps was of such a high standard and their facial expressions kept constantly telling the story with such emotion, it was beautiful to watch. Love the way Robbie dances without fear!!! The Bollywood routine was clever, quirky, but not something I enjoyed and that’s not a reflection on Robbie’s abilitiy. I think they had a lot of fun with it and performed it well but it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t enjoy that genre, glad it’s over, hope they don’t get it again. Robbie to win :-)

8 Anonymous { 03.18.10 at 2:26 pm }

I still think Jessie H. and Kieran are the dancers to watch. I’d love to see them paired up next week for a hard-hitting contemporary (like Talia and Charlie’s The Battery) and an Argentine tango. Btw, LOVED Kieran’s little introduction dance. He has such finesse and control. His ballet/ballroom fusion should serve him well, I hope.

My top five girls: Jessie H, Ivy, Jess S, Jessica P. Carly or Renee to go. I disagree with Jason about Carly’s versatility – her salsa was atrocious and her movement doesn’t have great control. She’s a bit spazzy. What she has is great hyper-flexibility. But meh. Renee is good in her field but I struggle to connect with her otherwise.

My top five guys: Kieran, Nick, Robbie, Phillipe, Heath. Matt just isn’t in the same league dance-wise, and his personality grates.

9 Fiona { 03.18.10 at 5:37 pm }

Definitely needs to go back to Sunday nights, and the judging is annoying, Jason is very knowledgeable and gives constructive criticism, as does Matt most of the time but Bonnie just recaps the routine half the time and is way too loud and annoying, I usually tape it and fastforward over her comments as I find her so grating now. And when she bent forward in that green dress last night I nearly died, I had to cover my eyes til she was gone – too much flesh Bonnie! The dancing has really picked up the last couple of weeks, and I agree with everyone that Robbie and Ivy are doing super well, love Robbie he is really showing his personality. Loved the car hip hop routine and I thought Philippe danced way better than Renee, she is so flat and uninspiring. Matt may not survive into the top 10, perhaps Carly or Renee will join him?

10 Reality Raver { 03.18.10 at 9:26 pm }

I think Robbie with his favouritism status could mean he won’t win. People are expecting great routines from him each week, but this means if someone starts popping in the last few weeks they could snatch the title at last minute.

11 sora { 03.18.10 at 9:50 pm }

kieran is better than robbie…

if robbie will be difficult to get ballroom this week, but with jessie which is higher than robbie.

Robbie can happen just like last season charlie
I think this year will win a boy
i hope kieran win <3

excuse my English I'm from Perù