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Survivor Villains V Heroes – It Is Starting To Get Nasty

Tonight again was a double episode on Survivor and it is heating up as people were forced to make decisions about who they are aligned with.

Here are just a few thoughts on the episode:

  • Is anyone buying the Coach and Jerri romance? I don’t as Jerri must surely realise he is a nutjob;
  • Why are the villains unable to build a freaking shelter, haven’t they all beenΒ  on the show before, wouldn’t they at least have some idea about how to construct it, or at least look up a how to manual before coming;
  • Rob had a brain explosion over his tribe so much so he collapsed;
  • Also I thought Rob’s teammates were pretty inadequate when he collapsed, Jerri was tryign to revive a semi conscious person, why did she not get help straight away. Also there seemed to be no one with him until the medico’s arrived. But that could just have been editing;
  • Rob’s view was it was time to let bad Rob out as that was making him ill, not that I saw any sign of bad Rob in the episode – I was disappointed;
  • In the first immunity/reward challenge I could not work out why Rupert sat out. I know he has a broken toe but a lot of the challenge was strength. Also the heroes blew a huge lead, and James was not happy, as he thought there were too many people giving orders;
  • James reasoning for Stephenie to be voted off was she was kryptonite to challenges she never won any. I have never seen James talk so much.
  • I thought Tom was being slightly cutting towards James when he said to camera about where James fit on the winner/loser spectrum, and how he doubted he was always a winner.
  • Shambo’s ghost was again here this episode with more chooks running around, I am starting to think the producers have planted them on the island;
  • I like Cirie and the way she plays, as she said to Candice who had the swinging votes she did not care who went. I like she is unemotional about the whole game. Also unlike Dr Mike and Jayson she is not afraid of double checking on people in her alliance;
  • The second immunity/reward challenge was again a strength challenge. I think this is a tad unfair for the girls;
  • Also i think they get a bit rough. Coach was aiming his bag at Rupert’s head;
  • What was the kiss Tyson gave JT after the end their bout, clearly a not so secret sign to say they will align if they both make it to the merge;
  • I am not liking James as much this season, he just seems a bit angry, throwing the wrestling bag at Randy was unnecessary;
  • Coach looks like an alien under the night camera;
  • Also Russel has been hit by the Parvati spell, it would be kind of ironic if she bought him down, considering he was so misogynistic in Survivor Samoa;
  • Coach think’s Parvati is the Mata Hari of the tribe;
  • Quote of the night by Parvati on Russell “I do kind of trust him even though he is a lunatic”,
  • And he proved it by hiding the machete hoping to create mayhem in his tribe’
  • I wanted Parvati to stay just because the Jerri and her dynamic is good viewing. I cracked up when she called her a cougar;
  • However, Coach and Jerri are right, if Parvati makes the merge she will be very dangerous;
  • Parvati was safe, and Randy was voted out;
  • What gets me is why Courtney is safe, she is lazy and completely useless in challenges, and yet sales through.

Here’sΒ is an exit interview with Stephanie, and here isΒ an interview with Randy.


1 Olly { 03.17.10 at 2:28 am }

Hehe I liked how the villains revealed at the council that the machete was missing and Jeff was laughing his ass off. He knew exactly who took it… πŸ˜›

2 Wurstsemmel { 03.17.10 at 5:46 am }

Was it Jerri who had the fling with Jeff? I just can’t remember and it’s driving me crazy.

It’s funny how people come across differently this time. I liked James previously but, as you say RR, he seems a lot less pleasant this time, more angry, a bit of a loose cannon. Fits in with the trend of the challenges which over the past few series Im beginning to find too rough. How long before a serious injury?

Rupert is plain irritating. Boston Rob is lacking his cheekiness and Im missing that. It’s what makes him entertaining to watch. Hopefully after his breakdown, the old Rob will be back. He looked to be in such a bad way, it’s good that it turned out ok. He didn’t seem to attract much care from anyone though except Jerri. Youd hope the camera crew would summon help though rather than just keep shooting.

3 Sooty { 03.17.10 at 8:08 am }

it was Jeff and Julie Berry.

4 TDK { 03.17.10 at 9:03 am }

Can’t wait till next week to see how Coach goes – preview seems to be interesting, I can’t imagine Coach walking out?! That’s rediculous, the dragon slayer walking out? No way. Just clever editing I think.

Also, I want to see Russell and Rob clash.

5 Jeb { 03.17.10 at 9:12 am }

nothing constructive to add…

besides this season is Awesome. If survivor wasn’t back before now, it is now baby

6 Ursa { 03.17.10 at 11:31 am }

Why was the second challenge unfair on the girls? They didn’t have to go against guys. It was unfair on the villian tribe as a whole though, as the heroes are clearly superior in brute strength. Also, I saw Tyson’s kiss as typical Tyson behaviour.

Olly, I enjoyed how the whole tribe laughed at the missing machete, so much for Russell’s plan to cause division within the tribe. I hope Russell’s big talk will soon be followed by a fall, preferably orchestrated by Rob. It’s a bit unfair how Russ is able to enact his previous strategy safe in the knowledge that none of the other contestants have seen him play before.

A bit sad to see Stephanie and Randy leave, would have preferred Rupert or Candice or Danielle (can’t remember which tribe she’s on though)

7 Wurstsemmel { 03.17.10 at 12:24 pm }

Yhanks, Sooty. Didn’t think it could be Jerri

8 Reality Raver { 03.17.10 at 1:16 pm }

Jeb – interesting that we are loving Survivor but the ratings are not going real well. And there is no excuse as it is getting the Top Gear lead in. I cannot understand why it is not getting new viewers, as the last few seasons have rocked.

Ursa – Russell is looking Survivor Lite at the moment he is so not going to last long. Also the heroes definitely have the physically superior team, but they cannot seem to do puzzles.

TDK – missed Coach’s original season but he definitely is a character, annoying yes, but an entertaining addition to the show.

Wurst – Sooty is correct him and Julie went out for about three years.

Olly – I am surprised Jeff did not give it away. I thought the whole hiding the machete trick showed him to be a spoilt little boy who did not like the fact that Rob was getting all the attention.

9 Izobel2 { 03.17.10 at 1:26 pm }

Coach was just as classic in his original season! Thanks for the giggle RR, Coach DOES look like an alien in night vision! Agree “y’all”, James aint so friendly this time round. Agree get rid of Courtney. And Survivor has attracted a new viewer. My husband has decided to watch Season 20 – his first season ever…. I’m wondering if its for the bikinis or the game play?

10 Sourkraut { 03.17.10 at 9:27 pm }

Oh poor poor snot blob rob Ickle pretty had to work around camp. Oh dear!
JJAP has become a medic… “open your eyes Bob” (you’re in heaven enjoying your ill-gotten games from previous “reality” tv shows)
And they’re coming down the straight and the heroes are way out in front Yay, but wait, there’s a hurdle…. it has a lable on it. It says “puzzle” Oh dear they’ve baulked at it, but wait, they’ve formed a committee to solve it, but wait, first we have to vote on a chairman……oh shit I’m sure you’ve all got the photo now…. and there’s no happy ending. Crapped on again!
Why is attractive Amanda wearing Banana mousecatchers glasses? is it a cunning ploy to throw attention away from her? Perverti would not be that stupid …. Siren! The men should cover their ears when she’s around. Dopey bastards!
BYe BYE Steph! James You have lost Me. I can’t stand BULLIES! and besides I’d say that little rant will cost you later.
Useless Cirie.. wipe the smirk off your dial. You have contributed nothing but trouble in every series you have been in and you were useless at the puzzles.
Perverti weaving her web of intrigue. why would the men not get rid of her first chance b4 she even gets a chance to screw them over on the jury. Randy was utterly harmless. IDIOTS, Burkes dills. Cant you see it? I would not barrack for her even if she had 6 bottles of peroxide. She is like Circe. Turn the men to swine ….SAAAYYYY!
Well well well (3 holes in the ground UGH!) The heroes win a comp 8-0. Pity there was not a puzzle to be solved, rather than just pure muscle power
Oh Shit How many fargone ads in between each bit. I counted 9 at one stage and was reaching for the button to launch the HDJWATV ABDestroyer, but just in time I was rescued by JJAP’s mellow tones telling me fire is sex and sex gives you clap and clap makes you itch and that stimulates ah who cares. goo nite

11 Reality Raver { 03.18.10 at 9:29 pm }

Izobel2 – well it looks like a good season for your husband to watch both for eye candy and strategy.

Sourkraut – I think Cirie has to do what she has to do. She knows that the weakest in challenges gets voted out in the early councils, as they want to keep the team strong to win. So for her to survive I think is pretty clever.