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If I Can Dream – Episode Three – This Show Has Potential

I really want If I Can Dream, the internet show to do well. It is an interesting concept, where five people live in a house with 60 cameras and are chasing their dream in Hollywood. Helped along with the fabulous connections of  executive producer Simon Fuller.

You can watch the going ons in the house 24/7, but once a week you can watch a thirty  minute episode which updates us on what is going on.

This week it was episode three, and it was about the guys first week in the house, however they have now been in the house for a good two weeks, so I would have liked it to be a bit more current.

My other criticism is that it concentrated more on the five ‘characters’ chasing their dream, ie meeting their acting coaches, model coaches etc, then showing us some of the house dynamics. So I did not find the episode that riveting.

But here are a few thoughts on the episode:

  • They did show Giglianne the wannabe model eating, something I had not seen her do in the house yet. Albeit it was a very small amount and she was eating it slowly;
  • Gigli also went on a casting call for Bebe for a catwalk show, but missed out because of her height. I would love to know how tall she is, as she seems shorter than the other girls in the house;
  • Justin the wannabe singer/songwriter spent time with a professional songwriting pair JT Harding and Blair Daly, this guy probably will be successful, and I bet he performs on the American Idol final night;
  • Amanda, Kara, and Ben all wannabe actors got to meet their acting coach. What amazed me was Amanda did not appear to have any drama training, she just see herself as a comedy actress.

Hopefully as the episodes continue they will show more scenes with the contestant’s interacting, also next week seems interesting as Giglianne gets told off about something.

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1 Lisa { 03.20.10 at 3:03 am }

Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m glad to find someone else who is watching and recapping! You know, I was actually surprised to hear that Gig was short (for a model); then I realized I’d thought, “Hey, Ben and Justin are really tall!” at one point when seeing them standing next to the girls. But it sounds like they’re still gonna push for runway.

Good call on Justin performing at the Idol finale; that would be pretty major.

And I also thought it was interesting that Amanda doesn’t seem to have any acting training. I see her as a Cameron Diaz type; hot, goofy, full of personality. I can see her landing a few pretty-girl roles and possibly building from there.

Interested to see what happens next week!