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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Is Jess A Protected Species?

Is Jess some sort of protected species on So You Think You Can Dance Australia? She has hit the bottom three more times then anyone else this season, andΒ  I thought her solo was a bit the same as her previous one.

Jessia S who I thought would be in danger this week gave a great solo in her ballroom genre with her paso doble routine.

Also I thought Renee’s solo as better than Jess’s but maybe Jason Coleman’s declaration that he “likes his dancers pretty” came into play in that decision.

I also noted that Renee and Jessica S were holding hands as the verdicts were delivered but they were not touching Jess.

Thank you to Phillipe for providing a community service and dancing with his top off. It clearly gave his maori style solo much more impact.

I thought Heath’s solo much better than Nick’s. In fact I found his technique to be a bit weak, but maybe he has shown more growth in the competition than Heath, and that is why he was eliminated. Considering Jason even said Nick’s solo was weak, and Heath’s was stronger they punted him. I think it was the wrong decision was made.


1 teacoffeetea { 03.19.10 at 10:50 am }

What’s the deal with ‘Dance for your life’?? It doesn’t seem to matter. Nick, I think it was, DFYL routine was awful yet he stayed and I agree that Renee’s routine was stronger than the others. Hmmm…

2 alicat { 03.19.10 at 10:59 am }

I have to say, now that I’ve chosen my top 4 (Robbie, Ivy, Kieran and Jessie) I’m not too fussed who goes every week. I couldn’t stand Nick’s solo last night – not even his pretty abs made it bearable, where was the lyricism he’s so good at? Reckon it was pretty unfair of Heath to go given the “dance for your lives” setup, but based on my final 4 both of them have to go at some point so I’m not too fussed either way. I thought Jessica S had the weakest solo of the 3 girls, but I admired her for doing something so different – have we ever seen a female paso doble solo before – and Renee’s wasn’t all that either so I think the right girl went.

I thought very highly of both Renee and Heath after their closing comments, glad to see them being such great sports about it. Carly needs to stop crying, seriously!

BUT! I can’t believe no-one’s said it yet… how good is the Robbie/Jessie pairing for next week?! Can’t wait for that!! Also looking forward to Ivy/Phillipe. I hope Jess doesn’t curse Kieran. Can’t wait for next week :)

3 heartfelt { 03.19.10 at 11:25 am }

I keep having to go back to the SYTYCD website to see which Jess, Jessica, Jessie is being referred to on here. So confusing! But I think I have this right: Jess is Nick’s ex-partner…… Jessica is the ballroom girl…… and Jessie is the contemporary dancer that’s just been paired with Robbie…..

Ok, now that I have sorted that out in my own mind….

I didn’t like any of the girls solos. Jess’s was the same old/same old, Jessica’s was nothing we hadn’t seen before either and Renee (I feel)was capable of so much more but fell back into her old quirky comfort zone. Boring x 3. I’m not particularly attached to any of them so maybe I’m being hypercritical. I like Carly, however, but I do think she is out of her league in this comp. It’s just not her time. Great things for her in store though if she does continue, she has the raw talent. I’ve always said Jessie is my favourite girl and I am in seventh heaven now at the prospect of her dancing with wonder boy Robbie. I cannot wait to see how they will dance together. They are both so good that I think the height issue will be secondary to their magic as dancers.

With regard to the boys: Nick’s solo was dreadful, he must have known it. Did he panic? Was he not prepared? Heath, I felt, was great. A little panicky, but then, the boys seem to panic a bit when they do their solos. The girls usually hold it together better. Anyway, I don’t think Heath deserved to go just yet. Phillipe: well, he pulled the “vote for my abs” drawcard again (don’t mind though) and I feel he just scraped in. The dance didn’t seem to go anywhere, but then again, where’s it supposed to go in 30 seconds???? He showed us something different and I feel that’s why he stayed. I still can’t for the life of me figure out why Nick wasn’t the one to go.

I think Nick, Phillipe and Matt will be leaving the comp in quick succession. As well as Jess, Jessica and Carly. My top 2 still stands at Robbie and Jessie. Keiran and Ivy will make top 4, they’re great. Robbie to win.

4 akris { 03.19.10 at 12:36 pm }

Alicat: I totally agree.. I am soo excited to see Jessie H and Robbie next week.. and from the looks of it they were heaps excited too!! Did you see them towards the end jumping up and down? Match made in dancing heaven… okay.. i have to calm down.. too much expectations will ruin it for me.

Robbie, Kieren and Jessie H for top 3! And i do believe Ivy deserves it too.

RE: Jess S hip hop dancer.. I am really annoyed that she hasn’t been sent home. I didn’t think her solo was that weak last night bu.. BUT she has shown the least growth of any of the girls in the series.. I don’t think she’s ever done a partner dancer that was any good… can anyone even remember any?? I really hope she’s out next week.. Otherwise Jason Coleman can eat his “vote for the dancing” pleas.. he obviously hasn’t.

5 Reality Raver { 03.19.10 at 1:15 pm }

TeaCoffeeTea – it did not seem to have any impact on who was to go. I am looking forward to next week to see who is popular or not. There is always one surprise.

Alicat – Agree the Robbie and Jessie combination should be good, hope they live up to expectations. Also I think Carly is going to be in danger next week dancing with Matt.

Heartfelt – I don’t think Robbie has it in the bag yet. People expect him to be good, but if someone starts improving people start voting for them.

Akris – I agree I couldn’t understand why they thought Jess’s solo was so great, I have seen it at least three times before. I am waiting for her to impress me.

6 Anonymous { 03.19.10 at 1:40 pm }

The Jess thing can be confusing. For the record it is:

Jessica P. – ballroom
Jess S. – hip hop
Jessie H. – contemporary

So I think your poll might be slightly messed up RR!

I’m not too sad about Heath going, but

Jess S’s main problem has been bland choreography + being saddled with Doug – his parterning was atrocious, even back with Ivy in the “showcase”. I think she deserves to stay for a few more weeks. I’d put her above Carly, Renee & possibly Jessica P, depending on what choreography/challenges they receive.

7 Anonymous { 03.19.10 at 1:41 pm }

Eek, pressed submit too early – I meant to say I’m not too sad about Heath going, but I do think he deserved to stay over Matt. Sadly, he wasn’t in the bottom.

I hope Carly/Matt bottom three next week and are sent home together. I think they’ve only gotten this far because of their excellent partners and are the weakest dancers left.

8 Laura { 03.19.10 at 1:48 pm }

I am really disappointed with the decision last night. I think it was the worst the judges have made this season. Jess is gorgeous but she has failed to connect with the audience at all this season, and she just doesn’t “pop” in partner routines, plus her solo was average. I think that Nick is could but he has already lost 2 partners and his solo was awful.

Heath, on the other hand, was an amazing partner for (the annoying) Jessica and his solo was great, definitely better than Nick’s. I really don’t understand the judges’ reasoning. Heath has been so much more consistent all season (yes, he kept getting contemporary, but that’s not his choice). I wish he had stayed.

And Renee was great. Her solo was not perfect but she has done a LOT better than Jess throughout the season and managed to hold onto her original partner. Even though the judges keep saying “oh you are beautiful, don’t put yourself down”, I think that she IS discriminated against, and the cutesy Jess is favoured because they prefer looking at her.

Anyway I am very excited for the Jessie/Robbie, Ivy/Phillipe pair-ups!

9 Aneets { 03.19.10 at 1:49 pm }

I can’t believe Jess S stayed. I noticed the hand holding thing too! I guess she hasn’t been connecting with the other dancers as well as the audience. I think she’ll be gone in the next week or so.

I wasn’t so bummed about Heath as his hip hop routine on Wed deserved him the boot. Phillipe just brings the pretty and I loved that he took a risk with a different style.

10 Neil { 03.19.10 at 1:59 pm }

Does anyone else think that the decision last night was more to do with ensuring the top 10 have the widest possible appeal to a young female audience? Having been away for the last 3 weeks I have not been “connected” to public opinions, but I thought on dance alone the wrong decision was made last night. I could only think that they wanted boys who would generate more votes and ticket sales. As for the girls, Jess S was very lucky and I don’t expect her to last very long.

11 alicat { 03.19.10 at 2:05 pm }

*high-fives heartfelt and akris for picking the same Top 4 :D* Way to go, RR family πŸ˜€

I’m kind of in two minds with how I feel about Jess (S – hip hop girl aka protected species. BTW edit of my previous post – I meant Jessica P was the one who imo had the weakest solo. Sorry for confusion! But back to Jess S…). I think that individually she’s an amazing dancer, and that is why she keeps sticking around in the Dance For Your Life parts. BUT I think it’s kind of annoying for the judges to get rid of Heath based on countbacks and not Dance For Your Life when they appear to be applying different rules for the girls (i.e. Jess has consistently performed mediocre routines, but her dancing during the solos is saving her again and again). I think she should go because she’s a crappy pairs dancer and I don’t want her screwing up Kieran’s chances. I also don’t think she’s connecting with viewers and I reckon that will be reflected this week. Boys I think there might be a few surprises, but I reckon Matt will go as I don’t think he’s resonating with audiences either. At least not with me. You’re not that charming or funny, son!

I *loved* the Robbie/Jessie reactions hahaha! Robbie’s face was hysterical coz obviously he knew he’d be with Jessie after it was just down to him and Matt, but he still did the whole surprise face… hahaha brilliant. Did it mention anywhere what their genres would be for this week? I can’t remember, but I REEALLY hope they get something contemporary/lyrical/awesome. Phillipe looked so stoked to get Ivy, I reckon they’ll be smoking hot together. Jess doesn’t look like she has any connection with Kieran (surprise surprise). Carly and Matt don’t like either of them so I don’t really care. And… who else is left? Oh, Jessica and Nick. Hmm suppose the fact that I forgot about them speaks for itself… -_-

12 alicat { 03.19.10 at 2:07 pm }

Neil – hmm possibly. I’m not sure, I think both Nick and Heath have been mediocre compared to some of the other dancers in the comp, so either of them could’ve gone. That said, Robbie appears to be the out-and-out favourite with everyone, including young girls, so I’m not sure if you can say that was the only criteria in deciding who went last night. Plus I reckon Nick and Heath are both pretty spunky! But who knows… possibly…

13 akris { 03.19.10 at 2:48 pm }

Neil: I kinda thought that too.. hence why Jess S was picked over Renee.. not necessarily for girls but people to look at.. slack but i think that’s the case.. and Heath is gay right?? Hence why they might want Nick to stay.. I think Heath should’ve stayed over Nick.. He’s a better partner.. and Nick choked on his solo last night…

*alicat* high five!

14 Anonymous { 03.19.10 at 3:25 pm }

Just been thinking about this more… I don’t think the selections have anything to do with appealing to the audience, but more about diversity… If Phillipe and Jess went last night, there would be no hip hop dancers in the Top 10.

15 josie { 03.19.10 at 9:46 pm }

Im ok with the results and I actually liked Jess’s(hip hop jess)solo the most. I think you guys are reading too much into the Jess not holding hands with the other girls situation.When they were walking down the stairs they were all holding hands.

I agree RR about Robbie. I dont think he’s got it in the bag yet either. The public love the underdog so Im a bit worried he might have peaked too early. Personally I think he’s the best dancer and the fact that he’s one of the youngest makes me like him so much more. He should at least make the top 4.

16 Okie { 03.20.10 at 7:44 am }

Ok this season of sytycda has not been gettin the ratings it wants Listen when nick came out for his dance and Phillipes the crowd went off but when Heath came out there was only a few claps
so they sent him home so people will keep watching. I never really liked the way renee danced so personally I’m glad she went but I don’t think she was the weakest. Completely agree about the top 4 wooo can’t wait for finale….also loveeeeee this website I come on after each episode and read all the comments as well as the writing so thank you all you guys for that until next week haha xxxx

17 Alicia { 03.20.10 at 2:18 pm }

these are the genres they got next week !

Robbie & Jessie H (Contemporary & Hip Hop)
Nick & Jessica P (Contemporary & Quick Step)
Kieran & Jess S (Lyrical Hip Hop & Samba)
Ivy & Phillipe (Contemporary & Jazz)
Matt & Carly (Jazz & Hip Hop)

18 akris { 03.20.10 at 6:57 pm }

Thanks Alicia.. wooho! Jessie H and Robbie got contemporary… hip hop will be interesting… has Robbie done hip hop before??

19 Anonymous { 03.20.10 at 8:02 pm }

Akris, Robbie had Boogaloo when he was with Mikhaela.

I’m most looking forward to Kieran & Jess S and Jessie H & Robbie! Hope Rafael Bonachela is choreographing for them…

20 ali { 03.21.10 at 10:47 am }

I agree about Jess S,
her solos dont do much but the judges go onto say that was the best solo you have ever done, its is actually like she is protected from getting out, my only guess is that shes a brent street dancer, but im not sure.

This weeks show should be goood, i hope that Matt deosnt bring carly down, and phillipe and ivy in contemporary should be really gooood !

21 akris { 03.21.10 at 1:01 pm }

Ali: I don’t know for sure but i think i can safely assume she is a brent street dancer.. wouldn’t that be how she would’ve met Hilton from Season 1?

22 ali { 03.21.10 at 6:58 pm }

yes im quite sure she is from Brent Street

23 Anonymous { 03.23.10 at 1:27 pm }

I love Jess’ first solos. She isn’t my fav, but I think she deserves to stay. I think she has been cast in the Rhiannon/Kat role for S3. I definitely think she’s the superior dancer of those three.

Saying that, I think there is a bit of Brent St studio favouritism that goes on with SYTYCD, or even Sydney in general. But it isn’t consistent, I mean they cut Christian Patterson before even letting him into the Top 20.

24 CeeCee { 03.25.10 at 6:30 pm }

I think Jess S is a protected species. When she auditoned this year, when they gave her her ticket to Sydney, Jason C hugged her and said something like, I’m so glad you came back to audition, I hoped that you would…Then theres the Jess did the best solo comments and Matt’s Jess, I couldn’t take my eyes off you comments. I’m glad the voting is now up to the public because I think Jess S would of (underservingly))won if it was left in the judges hands.