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So You Think You Can Dance – The Top Ten – The Great, Good, and The Ordinary

Now this is when it gets interesting on SYTYCD Australia, as this is the week we find out who has been carrying whom for the last few weeks. There were some seriously good routines, which may even get me to pick up the phone and vote for once.

Matt and Carly – Jazz- Cameron Mitchell – Orianthi According to you

Does anyone else think Cameron Mitchell looks like a younger John Michael Howson?  Carly needed to harden the fuck up all that crying is probably is going to cost her votes. Carly out danced Matt in this routine. I thought he was particularly non charismatic tonight. But over all I thought the lift was good and strong.

The judges loved it. Matt Lee thought that they had both been previously been outdanced by their other partners, so they were able to shine tonight. I am not sure if the subtext was your both ordinary dancers, so when you dance together you are not ordinary.

Robbie and Jessie – Hip Hop – Jason Bird and Katie Cesaro,  Radiohead

I don’t like hip hop that much, but I loved this. This pair were mesmerising in this piece. Bonnie Lythgoe was weepy (rolls eyes) she was so emotionally engaged with the routine.

Matt Lee said they dance with the most maturity, considering they are  the youngest in the competition.

I think the judging panel just had a simultaneous orgasm watching it.

Jessica and Nick – Paul Malak – Contemporary –  30 seconds to Mars – Kings & Queens

Jessica was having some back and pelvis problems, so this elicited the usual “this is the life of the dancer” comment from Jason Coleman.

Jessica did seem  little gingerly in her attack of the routine, and one of their lifts was botched. I am not sure they should tell us about dancer’s injuries, as I think this will not help her with the votes. Also it put me on notice that she was likely to stuff up.

Matt thought the injury had hindered the routine. Jason Gilkison thought Nick was a lumpy partner.

Keiran and Jess – Samba – Gossip “Pop Goes The World”

I thought Jess popped in this routine. However the pouty lips got a bit annoying at some stage. I thought she also made Kieran look sexy and masculine.

Jason Gilkison loved Jess, however Jason Coleman thought Jess was under. However he liked Kieran in the routine.

Ivy and Phillipe – Contemporary – Sher Manu – Counting Crows

They keep on saving the costume allowance with Phillipe, again he is shirtless. He is officially the Dimitri of this competition. And gosh the whole routine was hot. Helped that they are probably the two most attractive dancers in the competition. Phillipe could be a surprise top four if he gets lucky with choreography and partners.

Again the whole judging panel had a simultaneous orgasm and gushed about the routine.

Matt and Carly – Hip Hop – Supple – Chelley I Took The Night

I really liked this routine which was apparently vogueing, which is back in fashion.  I did think at times Carly looked a bit like a gymnast, rather then a dancer. But overall Carly danced it  well except she does dance with her mouth open.

I agree with Jason G I think it start strong and faded in the middle a bit.

Jason C thought it was not vogueing but more jazz.

Robbie and Jessie – Sarah Boulter – Contemporary – The Strokes

Now I thought this triumvirate were going to produce something akin to finding the holy grail. But to me they didn’t. I absolutely hated the costumes and thought it detracted from the routine. I liked the routine but it did not have the emotional impact on me like their first one did.

But maybe I did not “get it” as Jason Coleman kind of hinted that the lay person at home may not.

Nick and Jessica – Quick step – Leeanne Bampton – Gin Wigmore –  Under My Skin

Again this was stilted, I think Nick should have been the one to go last week and Heath stayed in. He was underwhelming.

Jason Gilkison thought it was a pretty good job, but Jason C did not think they used the music, and he wanted Jessica to be better in the routine.

I think this pair will be walking the plank tomorrow night.

Keiran and Jess – Hip Hop – Juliette Verne – Alicia Keys  Put It in A Love Song

I wan’t quite convinced by Keiran’s pelvic thrusts, and I thought Jess overworked her face, but she danced it really well.

Jason Coleman loved Jess in the routine, and thought Keiran was not great. Which was basically what all the others thought.

Phillipe and Ivy – Jazz – Project Moda – The Pointer Sisters – Neutron Dance

I don’t think I am a fan of Project Moda, for one brilliant routine, they do about four mediocre ones. I thought Phillipe shone more in this routine than Ivy. I thought he has more natural facial expressions. WhereasI thought Ivy was too bubbly. Yes, yes I realise the story of the routine was they were the life of the party, but it was just too manic.

Jason G thought the routine was quite light. Jason C said it did not grab him. I think he was underwhelmed by the choreography rather then the dancing.

I think Jessica and Nick will be eliminated tomorrow night. The other couples in the bottom three will be Matt and Carly, and Keiran and Jess.


1 par3182 { 03.25.10 at 12:26 am }

isn’t it a bottom 4 now (2 boys/2 girls)?

when robbie said his one wish in the competition was to dance with jess he pretty much guaranteed himself the win – that sweetness combined with his skills are a winning combination

Cameron Mitchell looks like a younger John Michael Howson


2 Olly { 03.25.10 at 2:47 am }

Is it just me or is there something with Jess and the rest of the dancers? You mentioned at last week’s elimination that Jessica and Renee were holding hands and Jess didn’t.

Tonight her and Keiran barely touched or hugged at all after their routines. They both stood apart as if they wanted to get away from each other. And Jess just stood there like she didn’t wanna be there.

Or am I imagining it all?

3 dina { 03.25.10 at 6:49 am }

I also believe that from now onwards, it will be bottom 4. I feel let down for Robbie/Jessie. I was expecting to be blown away by their contemporary routine, unfortunately the piece by Sarah Boulter was just too edgy and to be honest, scary. Did you hear the audience go silent after they finished? Even Robbie looked a bit bummed out. However, the dancing was flawless.
Phillipe/Ivy, their number was eliciting cheers mostly because of its intimacy and hotness and not for its intricacy and details. They were very lucky to score a routine that worked on their physical attractiveness together. Ivy was oozing sexuality on that stage, whereas Phillipe didn’t do much dancing actually. He was more like the supporting role for Ivy to roll onto and to lift her.
Based on performances last night, Nick and Jessica P should go, but I’m not sure about Nick. The guy seems to get alot of cheers from audience and the way he was so caring and supportive toward Jessica last night might actually garner him some votes. I think it might be Keiran and Matt for bottom 2 guys.

4 akris { 03.25.10 at 9:30 am }

Olly I totally agree regarding Jess S and Kieren.. Especially during the judges comment in the first dance.. at one point they were about a metre from each other AND Jess had her hands in front of her.. it looked very very awkward.. i just wanted the judging to be done with.. I’ve been a negative fan of Jess S the last few weeks.. so last night i thought her Samba was below below par.. she just seemed stiff in it, BUT she killed the Hip Hop and did make Kieren look not so good.

Totally agree Philippe is a big threat for top 4 taking Kierens spot.. Which i think is a bit unfair as Kieren has been more consistently good with difficult choreography.. with that said.. last night with Ivy and Philippe.. Hot hot hot!! (Agree with Dina.. it was more about looking hot and supporting Ivy for Philippe though) I also really loved Jessie H and Robbie in Hip hop.. but very disappointed with the second one, they were brilliant dancing it in, but it was too arty or weird for people to want to vote.. hopefully everyone remembers their Hip Hop.

5 Bee { 03.25.10 at 2:20 pm }

Olly – not just you. Even my boyfriend who doesn’t watch-watch the show picked up and commented on it.

Whenever Ivy dances with her hair out, it just makes me think of hairography (yes I am a gleek).

6 alicat { 03.25.10 at 3:21 pm }

Ooh last night… I think your title of the great, the good and the ordinary summed it up really well, RR :)

Carly & Matt’s first routine, I *loved* the story. I thought it was such a wonderful concept and they’re both really good actors (although let’s face it, crying’s not a huge stretch for Carly :P) and the way the mood of the piece changed throughout the storyline was just beautiful, so hats off to the choreographer as well as Carly and Matt. That said, it was another week of Matt not resonating for me (surprise surprise). I also caught the subtext of Matt’s comment, wonder how that affects them when they’re both up there. Anyway, good routine, but may be forgotten in the shadow of the piano. 😀

Okay my biggest question for routine #2 – is Jason Bird that guy from that band Scandal’us from Popstars Season 2 years and years ago?? He looks SO familiar hahaha. Yeah I was super stoked to see Jessie and Robbie dancing together and was apprehensive to see them get hip hop, but God bless the choreographers by giving them the chillaxed version of hip-hop. I really liked the style, LOVED the music, loved the opener when Robbie slid in to sit next to Jessie. I didn’t think they meshed that well as a pair – Jessie tended to hit her moves a bit harder than Robbie, so it kind of unbalanced it for me a bit – did anyone else think that?? But all in all, a really awesome routine for a genre that’s usually the kiss of death for all non-hip hop dancers. Also I’d never noticed any particular closeness between Robbie and Jessie before; it’s nice to see the friendship there between them. And when he got choked up talking about how his one wish was to dance with Jessie…! Nawww :) He’s just such a sweetheart. Go Robbie 😀

Jessica and Nick I did not like at all last night. Except for Nick’s hair. They gave him Anthony Callea hair, which looks a ton better than his usual emo swish. I think they were disadvantaged from the video, as I don’t think people will be on edge watching dancers if they don’t already know they’re injured. I thought it was really sweet that Nick carried Jessica to the doctors instead of having a team of medics do it – he seems like a nice guy. But yeah their dancing was just so under compared to everything else last night. LOL@Nick the lumpy partner hahahaha 😛

Kieran and Jess’s samba – this was great but I was distracted the whole time by Jess’s mouth. She was either pouting or going “aahhh” the whole time. This annoys me hugely when Carly does it, and it detracted from the whole routine when Jess did it (yet the judges had the gall to criticise Robbie over having his mouth open… hmmm double standards much… but I digress). Kieran is one of my favourites and is consistently good, and so this is where it’s really obvious to me that I don’t like Jess in this competition. Because she is so evidently a solo dancer, or someone who shines in group routines. At no stage of this competition has she lent herself to her partner to bring out the best in him. Instead she’s either very good or very bad, and either brings him down or steals his spotlight. She’s an amazing dancer, but her lack of skills as a partner (compared to someone like Ivy, who consistently brings out the best in her partner – thank goodness the judges finally mentioned that) give her a really low rating in my mind. She’s a great dancer, but I wish she’d go; thank goodness Kieran won’t be stuck with her next week because he’s too good to be brought down by a bad partnership.

Ivy and Phillipe… mmmm hahahaha 😀 Loved it! I have Phivy Fever. The routine was beautiful and emotional (in spite of the uber cheesy video package showing a clearly staged “bonding moment” between the two). Ivy’s extensions are up there rivaling Jessie in my opinion; she’s becoming better and better each week. I loved the chemistry between the two; I love Phillipe’s diversity as a dancer – Phillipe is very nearly ousting Kieran as my pick for second boy in the top 4 with Robbie. Absolutely stunning routine.

The Carly and Matt vogue was well danced except again yeah distracted by Carly’s massive mouth. I reckon it was a bit hard of the judges to have a go at Matt for not taking care of Carly during the lift, when it was clearly choreographed to have her rolling backwards over him – how the hell was he meant to catch her?! She did land heavily, but I think it was the choreography’s fault, not Matt’s. I can’t remember anything more about this routine though.

Yeah, biggest letdown of the night was Sarah Boulter not using the Robbie/Jessie combo to dance a fabulously emotional gushy routine that always resonates strongly with audiences. It was a big risk – I personally liked the routine because they committed to it so completely, but I’m a girly girl and would’ve preferred emotional gush. Again, I was surprised the pairing didn’t pop, although I have no doubt the routine won’t be forgotten. Still, it was a well danced routine.

The quickstep routine actually made me laugh at Nick, he was that cheesy! I really am not a technical dancer so things like the quickstep don’t really give me too much to comment on. But again, I didn’t feel it was a memorable routine. I love that Jason Gilkison did a bit of dancing! That was awesome. But I feel bad for Nick and Jessica and think they might be heading home.

Kieran and Jess’s hip hop was a case of what I’ve already said above – Jess outdancing Kieran and not really giving him anything in return. I loved the costumes; they both looked amazing. Jess is a brilliant dancer but does she connect with anybody?? Watching those 2 during the judges’ comments was like those stereotypical movie scenes watching a guy and girl driving home from a bad date, sitting as far away from each other in the car as possible. Ugh, I don’t like it – I much prefer when the dancers are friends. It’ll be interesting to see how the viewers vote this week – I’d prefer to take criticism from Jason C (“Vote for the dancING not the dancERS”) just to get rid of Jess than to get rid of Jessica who was probably the worst dancer on the night. But that’s just me.

Phillipe and Ivy’s last routine was hysterical! I loved Phillipe looking all sad at the start – it was good to see him showing off his playful side 😀 They were both cute and danced it well, but it won’t be remembered compared to their piano routine.

Bottom girls for me – Jessica and Jess, with (please please please) Jess to go. Bottom guys – Nick and Matt, and I don’t care who goes because they’ve both been lousy of late.

I also think the James Bond-esque group routine is going to be awesome, although I’m doubtful that Jessica can pull off Lena Lamont! Hahaha 😀 Love Jason Gilkison :)

7 Olly { 03.25.10 at 8:25 pm }

Alicat – yes you’re right about Jason Bird! He looked so familiar as soon as I saw him but I dared not mutter the word ‘Scandal*us’ out loud 😛

Glad to know that I’m not the only one to notice the frostiness between Jess and other dancers. I was watching back and it was hilarious watching Kieran standing there so awkwardly not knowing whether to hand her the mike. He looked like a scared puppy.

8 Reality Raver { 03.25.10 at 10:56 pm }

Ohh Alicat well spotted about Jason Bird and Scandal Us.

Blurry photo but here is a link.

9 Romby { 11.11.11 at 3:42 am }

Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote infaormtive articles.

10 vbwhoiqdzyv { 11.11.11 at 7:06 pm }

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