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So You Think You Can Dance – And Now There Are Eight

There was no big surprises in the bottom two.  It was a no brainer that the injured Jessica P, would be there, and I think it has been shown week after week, that Jess S has not been connecting to the voters.

However I was surprised that Jess S went ahead of Jessica P this week, whose dancing was the worst of the lot last night. It must have been frustrating for her as she got some good reviews last night. Matt Lee gushed at her and said he would work with her anytime.

I was a bit surprised at Keiran being in the bottom two ahead of  Nick. Have we got another Hillsong scandal brewing?

Matt’s solo was ordinary, and really does not have the body to dance shirtless. It was his time to go, however he probably wasn’t happy about the TV Week this week as this would not have help garner him votes.

The new partners next week are:

  • Phillipe and Carly;
  • Nick and Jessie;
  • Robbie and Ivy; and
  • Keiran and Jessica.


1 sora { 03.25.10 at 11:21 pm }

NICK was not in the bottom??

poor kieran
AUSTRALIA hates Ballroom Dancers

2 par3182 { 03.25.10 at 11:54 pm }

Robbie and Ivy are back together after just one week apart – that’s odd. Does that mean Robbie could get Jessie again for top six and then both Ivy and Jessie in top 4, avoiding Carly and Jessica completely?

I couldn’t find my remote fast enough to switch off when Matt appeared shirtless – he deserved to be booted for that affront to eyes everywhere.

3 alicat { 03.26.10 at 8:15 am }

Bottom 2 girls was no surprise; I thought it was a clear indication of Jess’s lack of connection with the audience that she went home, as Jessica can’t have received too many votes for her dancing this week. Gotta say my opinion of Jess went up after her speech; she was very kind and positive. I reckon she’ll have a bright future, but I’m not upset she’s gone. Jessica looked all kinds of beautiful last night; I loved her hair and the blue dress she was wearing when she was put in the bottom 3. Just gorgeous.

I was dyinggg when they had Robbie vs Phillipe up there in the judging – so glad both of them made it through! I was super disappointed that Kieran was in the bottom 2 and not Nick. I hope it’s not a case of the teenyboppers voting for the good looking kid (I tend to think that’s more the cause than another Hillsong debacle). Kieran has been consistently brilliant and did not deserve to be there, but maybe this will give his fan base the shock they needed to start voting. Kieran’s balletic solo was my favourite of the night; absolutely amazing. I was not disappointed to see Matt go.

I thought Jason Gilkison’s tango routine was spectacular! I think it was Ivy who was on the table at the end and just dropped back into Nick’s arms… absolutely amazing, talk about total trust. The choreography was just incredible though. And I loved Phillipe escorting Natalie onto the stage… hahaha 😀

Next week’s pairings look really good actually. I’m glad Jessica and Kieran are together, the two ballroom kids, and I think Phillipe and Carly will be great as well. Robbie and Ivy together again = epic awesome 😀 And even Nick and Jessie looks like a good match. Can’t wait to see how it pans out 😀

4 heartfelt { 03.26.10 at 9:53 am }

I’m not sad to see either Jess S. or Matt go. Jess is a good dancer but she’s not the whole package. She didn’t connect with the audience and her solos were the same thing over and over again. Matt had a limited shelf life from day one. Not versatile enough, which I’m finding is the case with all of the ballroom dancers. Also, his ego was very distracting. I’m not sure at what point the lovable larrikin gave way to the irritating attention seeker but it did. Good riddance. If anything Kieran is probably the most versatile of the ballroom dancers but the “ballroom” way of holding his body and executing his moves still dominates every routine. I find this is the problem with all of the ballroom dancers. I can’t believe Kieran was in the bottom 4 and I hope it doesn’t happen again. I feel that next to leave will be Nick and Jessica and not before their time. Obviously they have a lot of people voting for them to keep them in the competition after their very lacklustre performances.

I still say Robbie is the whole package. He is a flawless dancer that seems to resonate with the audience. I think he has a huge fan base. If the rules were fairer and more well thought out then Robbie would win this competition on his beautiful dancing ability alone. Unfortunately it is a flawed system and the dancers must rely more upon the votes from their fan base. Luckily, I feel that Robbie has a sufficient fan base to get sufficient votes to keep him in week by week.

5 akris { 03.26.10 at 10:14 am }

I only caught the last 5 minutes when they were already choosing their new partners.. but reading here now I can’t believe Kieren was bottom 2! Although I have to admit Kieren was my number one until Robbie kept amazing me week after week.. still he deserves to be top 2 boys..

6 Reality Raver { 03.26.10 at 12:36 pm }

Sora – I think Keiran’s hip hop and being partnered with Jess S probably landed him in the elimination.

Par3182 – I thought it was a bit strange that he was able to dance with Ivy again when there have been people he has not danced with. Maybe it is random. LOL re: Matt – shouldn’t there be some law that if you are going to dance shirtless you have to have a six pack?

Alicat – I guessed the Phillipe/Robbie bottom two thing was a trick. Agree re: the Jason Gilkison routine. I really like Phillipe’s ability to get into character. I also thought the Keiran/Ivy or was it Jessie’s dance on the table towards the end mesmerising.

Heartfelt – I thought Keiran’s solo was by far the best. Agree re: Jess S’s solo’s being all the same, however maybe I am just not aware of the nuances of lyrical hip hop.

Akris – I think he needs to get a good partner and routine, dancing with an injured Jessica may see him bounced.

7 Anonymous { 03.26.10 at 1:56 pm }

Eh, I disagree that Jessica P was the worst of the night. Carly was far worse, imo. Actually, that was the biggest shock of the elimination show for me – the fact that Carly avoided the Bottom Two entirely.

She just lacks so much artisty, and talk about contrived… Not to mention saying she wanted to die because Renee wasn’t there. God, harden up and get on with it.

8 akris { 03.26.10 at 4:50 pm }

Anonymous: I was fishing around for the first time in the official forums and it seems that Carly is quite popular.. top 3 girls for sure.

what I thought was interesting was that they predicted that Kieren would be bottom 2.. whereas it seems a lot of us here are Kieren fans and was mostly surprised that it wasn’t Nick.

9 Reality Raver { 03.26.10 at 4:54 pm }

Possibly a different demographic – ? younger

10 Dakota { 03.26.10 at 6:42 pm }

I was quite happy with the bottom two but only because I thought Jessica would go. Was a bit upset that Jess went, but to some degree I can understand why. It should have been Jessica though. IF she doesn’t do a better job next week, she won’t have the sympathy vote to pull her through.

At the risk of receiving ire again, I really have to say that even though I felt that Nick & Matt should have been the bottom two guys (or Phillipe in there perhaps if I had to choose one more), the reason I commented on Nick the other day was because he’s hot LOL. And I know what you all say, but Matt’s pretty cute. If I didn’t know anything about Matt or Nick from the media and just watched SYTYCD on its own, they’d both be fairly hot IMO. I know, I know, i’m prob tragic lol.

I’ll live with Jess S’ exit if Jessica goes next week, otherwise as long as Robbie, Kieran & Ivy make it to the final 3 i’m happy with whichever way it happens lol.

11 Anonymous { 03.26.10 at 7:09 pm }

akris – Wow! Seriously? I don’t visit the Ch Ten site so I had no idea how popular she was… All the dance teachers I know can’t stand her bc of her weak core and just general lack of anything musical/artistic/dynamic etc.

Gah, I was hoping she would leave next for sure, but now I’m praying she doesn’t make it to the Final. Talk about positively reinforcing bad dancing/technique… We had enough of that last year with Penny!

12 joysant { 03.26.10 at 7:42 pm }

I just realised the commentary below this website says “for those who have reality tv as their guilty pleasure” ha ha! What on earth am I going to do on Wednesday and Thursday nights when SYTYCD is over? Go Robbie! We are loving you!!!! Love Joy :-) x

13 Reality Raver { 03.26.10 at 10:17 pm }

Joysant – watch masterchef Australia?

14 akris { 03.26.10 at 10:30 pm }

I just watched it… I don’t care who leaves next as long as Robbie, Kieren and Jessie H are top 3… how sad did Kieren look??

how much did the judges gush over jess… maybe her personality just isn’t radiating to the tv audience??

I agree with Alicat… i think it’s more of teenyboppers voting for the goodlooking dancers rather than it be a Hillsong scandal.. Probably also why the judges chose him to stay over Heath last week.

Reality Raver: Ditto to Masterchef… can’t wait!

15 Anonymous { 03.27.10 at 6:34 am }

“I also thought the Keiran/Ivy or was it Jessie’s dance on the table towards the end mesmerising.”

That was Jessie.