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Trashy Jersey Shore To Premiere on MTV on Tuesday at 9.30pm

Jersey Shore created controversy when it screened in the US at the end of 2009.  It was criticised for stereotyping Italian Americans.

The premiese of the show is watching 20 something preening buffed boys and not so bright girls who share a beach house for a summer in a New Jersey, at you guessed it Jersey Shore.

I saw one of the promo’s see above and it looks like what a reality show would be like if they filmed schoolies week at the Gold Coast.

TV Week has a run down on the cast:
Vinny 21:

This self-confessed “mamma’s boy” is excited to hit Jersey Shore’s clubs now he’s come of age and he’s not exactly picky about what kind of girls he’ll reel in. “If you’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re 45 years old, I’ll dance with you,” he boasts.

Pauly D 28

Cheekily referring to himself as “your girlfriend’s favourite DJ”, Pauly is all about tattoos, piercings- he has one in a rather private place – motorbikes and bucketloads of hair gel.

“My hair’s a process,” the bouffant boy explains of his daily grooming routine.” I blow dry it, I got a special gel that I use, a special comb…”

J-Woww, 23

“If you don’t know me then you hate me and you wish you were me,” says J-Woww, aka Jenni, by way of introduction. The surgically enhanced aspiring designer – who made all the clothes you see her wear on the show – is raunchy and raucous, and while she’s coming into the house with a boyfriend back home, that doesn’t stop her getting cosy with on of her fellow roomies!

Ronnie 23

Pumped up, protien powder- obsessed Ronnie starts out wanting to score with as many ladies as possible but his attentions are soon focussed on just one girl in particular – Sammi. And while he gets into a few fights with various Jersey residetns over the season, he claims, “we didn’t go looking for problems, but problems came to us.”

Snooki 21

Also affectionately know as Snickers, Schnickers and Schnookums, Snooki has become the breakout star of the show stateside.

With her Amy Winehouse-esque beehive and wild child ways, the 144 cm pocket rocket, known to her parents as Nicole, has a feisty exterior but, underneath, is a sensitive soul looking to be loved. “I’m not a strong person like I look,” Snooki says.

The Situation 27

Having bestowed his own nickname on himself because of his impressively ripped abs, The Situation – real name Mike – has as much confidence as he does muscle definition.

He instantly develops an attraction to Sammi but could jeopardise the budding romance thanks to his wandering eye.”Don’t hate the player,” he says in his defence. “Hate the game, baby”

Sammi 22

Sammi says she got her nickname becasue she’s “the sweetest b*tch you’ll ever meet”. And while she insists she’s “not looking for Mr Right”, she captures the attentions of both Mike and Ronnie in the house and creates something of a love triangle.

I am so intrigued by the show I am going to upgrade my Foxtel package to watch it.


1 Culinary Boner { 03.30.10 at 3:17 pm }

Sounds like MTV has worked some sort of Pinnochio-magic on the world of Beavis & Butthead to bring them and sundry classmate caricatures to life. Given this show, unlike the animated environs of Highland High and Burger World, comes to us minus a decent comedy script, I’ll be giving it a wide arc.

2 Sara { 03.30.10 at 4:33 pm }

I saw some episodes when I was in the States at the end of last year. This show is super trashy but also super addictive. I will def be IQing this one as well!

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