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Masterchef Australia And My Kitchen Rules Finally Having A Cat Fight

Well you knew it had to be simmering but finally the lid has exploded off the pot (cooking euphemism fully intended) and Masterchef Australia and My Kitchen Rules are having a cat fight.

 An article in The Australian states the Ten Network is so infuriated by the similarity of Seven’s My Kitchen Rules to Ten’s MasterChef franchise that it is considering taking legal action against Seven to protect the integrity of the lucrative brand.

Also the article said:

MasterChef producers say privately that My Kitchen Rules has been slavish in its copying of the original, right down to the colour palette used on set, the theme music and the way the two judges interact and comment on the preparation while the action takes place behind them.

Ten’s chief programmer, David Mott,  fired off the first salvo saying:

 “I take my hat off to Tim (Worner, Seven’s head of production and programming),” Mott told industry publication Mediaweek. “Normally Seven is a little bit more original than that. Success has many fathers and I think that Seven should thank us for the idea. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

“When you look at My Kitchen Rules there is no question they have done a good job of it. When you look at their show and MasterChef , though, it’s like having a short stay at the Coogee Bay Backpackers and then moving into the Park Hyatt. People will soon realise that MasterChef is the real cooking show.”

Seven hit back saying:

“David Mott’s obsessed about Seven,” the spokesman said. “He’d love nothing more than most of our programs and our ratings — and not his own network’s.”

The article continues:

 My Kitchen Rules looked a lot like another cooking show, Britain’s Come Dine With Me, in which contestants hold dinner parties in their own homes and then vote for one another.

But then it surprised everyone by turning into a kind of MasterChef, complete with its own big kitchen “face-off” and its similar storytelling technique.

Something we have  been saying on this blog for some time (see previous post My Kitchen Rules A Hybrid Of Come Dine With Me and MasterChef Australia

Also eagle eyed commenters on www.realityravings  also picked up the similarity in vernacular, particularly noting the MKR judges used the Masterchef term “step away from the benches”

Masterchef Australia judge Gary Mehigan also waded in on the debate saying in  “It’s just that when George (Calombaris) and I are standing up there, instead of saying ‘please step away from your benches’ – because now they’re using it on MKR – we’ve got to come up with something else.”

MasterChef was a different show to MKR, he said.

Come Dine With Me appears to be staying out of it at this stage.


1 Culinary Boner { 03.29.10 at 4:11 pm }

These TV execs are a precious bunch of wussy, self-important whingers, aren’t they? When it comes to dealing with the fact that they have competitors, they are almost as bad as the bozos in the print media. Most other execs deal with the competition by focussing on improving their own product. Catfight is a very good description Raver. Although, no doubt, this is all about PR for MCA. Which makes you wonder why Seven got sucked into Ten’s game.

2 CG { 03.29.10 at 6:32 pm }

Good point, Boner. This is just free publicity for MC-2.

3 bella vita { 03.29.10 at 7:12 pm }

Channel 10 would always crack the shits if MRR ended up rating well…yes it found its feet in the end, but the Masterchef franchise has nothing to worry about. People like seeing and following the people through a series and MRR really didnt offer this.
There is room in the industry for both types of shows.

Also..kudos to Matt Preston who has been nominated for 2 logies…betcha Georgie is grumpy about that!

4 Wurstsemmel { 03.30.10 at 7:50 am }

Sounds like a beat up to create publicity for MCA to me.
Much ado about nothing.

Sure, MRR did borrow heavily from MCA. The drama about the ‘step away from your benches’ is funny considering a lot of the hackneyed old cliches George was throwing around, borrowed from the lamest of self-help motivational books.

5 Sourkraut { 03.30.10 at 10:38 pm }

At last ! something to bring a tear to this flinty heart…..BOO HOO HOO for Channel 10. My p…les bleed for you!