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The Logies – Reality TV Nominations

No surprises with the nominations for best reality TV series, however I am a tad surprised Natalie Bassingthwaite did not get a nomination for the Gold Logie, but she was nominated for a Silver Logie for Most Popular Presenter.

The nominations for MOST POPULAR REALITY are:
Dancing with the Stars, Seven
MasterChef Australia, TEN
So You Think You Can Dance Australia, TEN
The Biggest Loser Australia, TEN
The Farmer Wants a Wife, Nine

I think it is a no brainer that Masterchef Australia will win.

Matt Preston’s year just keeps getting better with two nominations for Most Popular Best New Talent: Male, and Most Outstanding Best New Talent: Male. I expect his Logies outfit to be memorable.


1 bella vita { 03.30.10 at 12:24 am }

The Logies! My fav TV event of the year! (been taping them since 1989!!!)

Thankfully Nat Blah didnt get the big gong, she would be spewing to see Esther Anderson (who?) and those unfunny comedians in the mix.

Congrats to Matt Preston, hopefully he’ll thank his cravats when he wins!

2 Wurstsemmel { 03.30.10 at 7:46 am }

No brainer indeed. Everything else in that category has been pretty much a yawn this year. Need to rework some of those shows to freshen them up.

I can’t see why Nat should get anything really. Highly overrated as a presenter.

Like Matt so will be good to see him win. Says something about the judges that he’s the only one up there.