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Reality Tidbits – Ricki-Lee In Court, Project Runway, The Amazing Race ETC

Ricki-Lee Coulter To Face Court On Driving Charge say Ricki-Lee will be face court for driving an uninsured and unregistered vehicle.

Project Runway Season 6 – Exit Interviews

Ari Fish was the first designer eliminated from Project Runway, here is an elimination interview from Blogging Project Runway and Reality Wanted where quite frankly Ari sounds like a twat.

And let’s face it Michael Kors was right it did look like a soccer disco ball.

Padma Lakshmi Not Interested In Reconciling With The Father Of The Baby

However he is more interested in getting more “liberal visitation rights” says Celebrity Gossip

Latest Amazing Race Still Has No Screening Date On Seven

TV Tonight quite rightly points out that Channel Nine are rocking it with Survivor Heroes V Villains, as it is now uptodate with the US, and Channel Seven are being slack and have not announced an premiere date for the latest series of the fabulous The Amazing Race.

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1 Injera { 03.30.10 at 12:41 pm }

Yeah, Ari was one of those contestants who brought a bit of drama, and will probably be missed in the initial stages for that, but… there are many Nobel prizes. The Peace prize is just one, right? Unlikely you’d win that for discovering that there is “an end to Pi”!

I’ve given up on Survivor. My Russell-intolerance can’t allow me to enjoy it – let me know when he’s gone. I hope Amazing Race hits us soon, cos I’m having trouble avoiding spoilers.